Will Netflixs localization marketing strategy prove to be successful in capturing the on demand video market segment in India?

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Will Netflix’s localization marketing strategy prove to be successful in capturing the on demand video market segment in India?

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1. Introduction

Society has evolved into a place where we rely on technology. Our lives revolve around our cell phones, tablets and Laptops. In this hurricane of gadgets and technology firms try to take advantage of this to provide us with a surreal experience. One such industry in technology field is entertainment. Firms are constantly trying to take advantage of the ever growing entertainment and technology industry, but one struggle that companies in this field is the marketing section. Firms fail to properly and efficiently market towards their intended target market.

Localization is defined as “Localisation is the process of adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market”. It is a marketing strategy which enables us understand the local consumer preferences and other locale- specific requirements to best satisfy the consumer needs and wants. The main purpose of a firm localizing is to create a user experience that successfully drives  the marketing strategy by connecting with consumers at a deeper level. Considering the growing market in India, netflix is try the gain the advantages of the growing market by localizing and meeting the local recquiremtrs of the  the country which will help them create a favourable condition in entering the market and establishing them.

Netflix is an american entertainment company, established in 1997, by Reed hastings and is the world’s leading on demand online video streaming service provider. And is one such company that is trying to take that advantage of the booming technology and entertainment industry. Netflix is an online platform which provides movie services to its customers;  along with this they provide latest TV shows and extra video content. It has over 100 million subscribers and has launched in over 190 countries. Netflix has been there in the entertainment  industry for more than 20 years. It has been recognized as a glocalized firm who has expanded globally and locally to meet the needs and the preferences  of the  consumers. Netflix was launched in india on january 6 2016.

Netflix usually offers TV shows and movies in english, the content from the US and Uk. In India most of the population prefers watching regional content than english content. Netflix in India has a very less customer base due to the lack of regional content and the pricing strategy. It also faces difficulty to compete against its rival firms such as Amazon prime, hotstar, Jio play who have great regional content that satisfies the taste and preferences of the consumers and prices and freemiums. Netflix is majorly recognized as a globalized firm, but whereas it rival firms such as amazon prime is both a globalized and a localized firm. 

Localization is an essential Business strategy and concept alike when dealing with MNCs. Global businesses must find a way to relate to consumers and in doing so it becomes imperative that businesses try to adapt to this. Given this understanding the Research question was derived to : “Will the Netflix’s localization marketing strategy prove to be successful in capturing the on demand video market segment in India?”

2. Methodology

2.1 Business tools which will be used

1.     SWOT and PESTLE analysis

2.     Ansoff matrix

3.     Marketing mix & Guerrilla marketing

2.2 Limitations

Due to the fact that the essay constitutes secondary research the data regarding year or financial data may be entirely accurate.

3. Business tools

SWOT Analysis- will enable to understand the key strengths and weakness of the business. PESTLE Analysis – will help understand the external influences on the business.

Ansoff matrix – this tool helps the business to develop its marketing strategy and provides information regarding how the firm’s products are efficient in the market5.

Marketing mix & guerrilla marketing- these tools provides information on how the firm sell its products.5

3. SWOT and PESTLE Analysis

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3.1  The conclusion for SWOT and PESTLE analysis 

As seen in the SWOT analysis above , Netflix is a highly popular movie and tv streaming service, they have a high customer base and brand recognition. But Netflix struggles to compete in the Indian market due less regional content and overall high prices , companies such a Amazon Prime take advantage of this situation and provide regional content along with low prices , thus reducing the customer base of Netflix. The above PESTLE analysis shows that company has high global reputation, with the advance technology to provide user ...

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