Drama - Research Exercise on The Playbox Theatre Company.

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Drama 12CAT- Assignment #2: Research Exercise

Claudia Buttazzoni

The Playbox Theatre Company was founded in 1976, by Carillo Grantner, Graeme Blundell and Garrie Hutchinson.  Known in 1976 as Hoopla!, Playbox’s original home was the Grant Street Theatre.  In 1977, Hoopla! not only found a new home at The Playbox Theatre, Exhibition St, Melbourne, but also a new name: The Playbox Theatre Company.  It was to call The Playbox Theatre its home and main venue, for the next 7 years, until a fire burnt the venue down, forcing Playbox to perform in various different venues.  Among these venues were such theatres as: St Martin’s Theatre, The Studio Arts Centre and various other venues around Melbourne.  It would be two years before Playbox found, what is to this day, its permanent place of residence.

In 1986, John Elliot, head of Elders IXL, which owned Carlton and United Breweries, donated the late 19th Century Barrett Brothers & Burston Malthouse in Sturt st, South Melbourne, to Playbox.  Over the next four years, what is now known as The CUB Malthouse, was constructed and Playbox had it’s first production there in March 1990, but the theatre wasn’t officially opened until August of that year.         

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Playbox developed a mission statement, in 1990, when it took up residence at The CUB Malthouse that positioned the company in terms of :

“Aiming to secure the long-term future of Playbox as a national company dedicated to the creation, interpretation and presentation of theatre which reflects Australia's cultural traditions and diversity and its place in the contemporary world - especially in the Asia Pacific region”.

It has been, and continues to be, the goal of The Playbox Theatre Company, to introduce, promote and give a start to, new Australian playwrights.  They are able to boast the responsibility for fostering the careers ...

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