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University Degree: Fine Art, Design Studies, Art History, Crafts

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  1. Fashion Technology; Anthropometrics - Traditional scanning VS. Body scanning

    Traditional measurements Traditional measurement relies on the use of tools and equipment such as a tape measure. To measure the right point landmarks or circumferences at specific locations are used, which are specific points on the body are defined based on anatomical structures. These points are used to define body dimensions (Azouz et al, 2004) There are a couple of disadvantages we can name when we talk about traditional measurements. One of the biggest is that two persons can never measure the same (Moenssens, 1971). Assessment of the reliability is defines operationally as the extent to which a measure is reproducible over time.

    • Word count: 2305
  2. Essay with Tutor's comments. I will compare two artists plates, outlining the key differences between them Plate 1.3.24 Cezannes Jug and Fruit (1885-87) and Plate 1.3.30 Zubarans Still Life with Lemons, Orange and a Rose (1663).

    This contrasts with the composition of Zurbarans plate painting[J5]. He as he has used a different type of composition in that all the items within the picture are lined up in a row horizontally, and all scaled in the same way. ? [J6]The way that Zurburan has grouped and aligned the objects in the picture gives a more organised feel to the picture, compared to the more rustic and relaxed look of Cezanne's picture which he has created by not grouping in the same way.

    • Word count: 2857
  3. In the painting titled Domestic Happiness, by Lilly Martin Spencer, she brings out a very warm, heart-felt sensation of what it means to be a family and what the family is like.

    We also notice that the background colors are the darkest around the father. This makes us think that maybe the father is not always bringing happiness into the family contradicting the initial appearance of such a happy family. The very colorful and very busy pattern on the father's clothing suggests that he has many different roles to play in his life. He is not just one simple man. He has many different jobs and perhaps his life is so busy that he does not always get this special time alone with his family.

    • Word count: 1986
  4. What is Ceramics? Pottery is made by shaping clay into specific objects and introducing them into a kiln which would bring them into a process of extreme heat in order to give the clay a better aspect such as being harder, and an enhanced shape.

    The method mostly used is hand building which is also called handwork. It is in fact the earliest and the most individualized method for shaping and forming. Some use hands by using coils of clay, flat slabs of clay, or from b***s of clay. Others use all three methods for shaping by hand. Hand building includes the use of wheeling as well with a runny mixture of clay and water which softens the clay and makes it easier for the potter to shape the piece of pottery.

    • Word count: 1507
  5. 'The Photograph does not necessarily say what is no longer, but only and for certain what has been.' Discuss

    Camera Lucida: Notes on photography was by no means the first work of note Barthes had carried out on the subject of photography but quickly became a key text on the criticism of the photographic image. As Geoffrey Batchen frequently asserts in his collection of essays about the Barthes text, Photography Degree Zero (Batchen, 2009) it is widely accepted that Camera Lucida: Notes on photography is (be it rightly or wrongly) one of the most influential and widely read books on the subject of photographic critique.

    • Word count: 2197
  6. What is creativity? What are the criteria that we can use to call someone or something creative?

    Throughout the majority of investigation into the subject there has been a series of recurring themes. The focus of research throughout the range of scholastic disciplines has been drawn toward links between academic achievement, multi-linguistic ability, intellect and cognitive function as common definitive traits. To appreciate why such efforts have been, and continue to be, applied to the research of creativity it is also important to comprehend the positive aspects of creative endeavour and the advantageous corollaries associated with such.

    • Word count: 1821
  7. The Evolution of Pop Art

    Among the young, new values awoke, and protest movements sprang up. Pop art mostly opposed abstractionism, represented by Jackson Pollock. It was said that Pollock's work terminated all connections with visible reality. Young artists blamed him for making art a mean of amusement for higher ranks of society. The biggest influence on Pop Art had Dada movement: Dada is the groundwork to abstract art and sound poetry, a starting point for performance art, a prelude to postmodernism, an influence on pop art, a celebration of anti-art to be later embraced for anarcho-political uses in the 1960s and the movement that lay the foundation for Surrealism.1 In Dada, there were no system, rules, just "accidentally" created art.

    • Word count: 1913
  8. The Annunciation. In this essay, I will compare and contrast two of such paintings to demonstrate how El Greco evolved artistically over time

    As a result, EA is a work that is influenced by Venetian Renaissance artists, and to some extent, the 'mannerist' movement, which rejected classical elements in favour of subjective expressionism. However, in 1576, El Greco had not yet had a chance to synthesize all these influences and make them his own. On the other hand, the latter The Annunciation (c. 1596-1600)2, or LA, was painted some twenty years later in Toledo where El Greco had reached artistic maturity and crystallized his technique by specializing in highly imaginative religious paintings, which auspiciously coincided with the fervent religiosity of the Spanish Counter-Reformation.

    • Word count: 1204
  9. AA100 - What does the Passage Tell Us about Plutarchs View of the Relationship between Antony and Cleopatra?Outline what you Think are the Main Differences between Czannes Jug and Fruit (1885 87) and Zurbarns Still

    In the passage, Plutarch states that 'she invited her friends to come and watch Antony's fishing abilities. However, she asked one her attendants to swim down and attach a salted Pontic herring to his line. Once he pulled it up, everyone laughed at him' (lines 10 - 23). This can be interpreted as if Cleopatra made an exhibition of Antony as he wasn't any good at fishing, and made a mockery of him in front of her friends. Plutarch does not believe that there were genuine feelings between Antony and Cleopatra.

    • Word count: 965
  10. What would a costume designer need to consider when designing for Ohatsu from Chikamatsu Monezamons play, Sonezaki Shinjuu, as performed in the kabuki style?

    Sawemono characters such as Ohatsu and Tokubei are outcasts from society and remain so throughout the play (Grestle 12). This means that unlike the rich costumes characteristically of the historical plays, the protagonists of love-suicide stories would dress in the style of the day (Cavaye 80) with simpler costumes (Corts); expressed through fewer layers in the kimono (Kuritz 112). Additionally, a shinjuu play is composed of only one dan (an act) and three maki (a scene) and thus does not take up the traditional twenty-four hours called for by kabuki performances (Grestle 114).

    • Word count: 2267
  11. Artists of the early 20th century Modernist era often denied any influence by African sculpture in their work, yet there remains clear evidence that this influence did not just shape the aesthetic stylings of Western art, but helped to establish African a

    sculpture became truly credited as a powerful influence among European artists, helping to form an avant-garde in the development of modern art. Spearheaded in France by School of France colleagues Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso, who blended brush styles derived from the post-Impressionist works of C�zanne and Gauguin with the stylized vision of the human figure shown in African sculpture. The resulting pictorial uniformity, vibrant colour palette, and fragmented Cubist shape helped to define the early modernist period, adapting such qualities to their own efforts and moving beyond the naturalism that had defined Western art since the Renaissance.

    • Word count: 3045
  12. OU The Arts Past and Present - Assignment 3. Commentary on an article on Faraday and analysis of two poems about cats.

    Faraday,s basic concern was the dissemination of greater scientific knowledge to the masses. The Times editor highlights Faraday's humble origins, and his 'purity of spirit' . He was disdainful of money, and a completely 'self-made man' (Falconer with James, in AA100 Assignment booklet, 2008, p89). His reputation was so great because he represented all the qualities admired by his contemporaries, whatever their class. His vision, determined a new scientific age of progress and development. If 'his eye was fixed upon truth itself and not upon (the)

    • Word count: 1333
  13. The Neo-Gothic Revival in modern photography. The intention of this essay is to define my own work and place it within a critical context. I will be looking at art history and how it has helped to shape and define modern media.

    Characteristics of Gothic architecture display overtones of steeples, flying buttresses, stained glass windows, gargoyles, pointed arches and towers. Gothic architecture is common to most surviving cathedrals, churches and abbeys all over Europe. Artists during this time included Luis Borrassa, Simone Martini and Gentile da Fabriano. They were all major figures in the development and influence of Gothic art. Figures within their paintings sometimes appeared elongated with supple and sensuous qualities, with an overall stylistic courtly elegance, and a naturalistic rendering of detail. Fig 1. Fig 2. Fig 3. During the 18th Century was the birth of the Gothic revival.

    • Word count: 2697
  14. The aim of this art history essay is to discuss the ways in which primitive, African art affected the style and subject matter of the Cubist art movement.

    Primitive art was not greatly known outside the African continent but other artists were also beginning to notice these cultural differences. So with the new perception on painting from multiple viewpoints and the opportunities of new cultural experiences, the cubists became extremely enthusiastic about re-inventing 20th century art. 1(Georges Braque recalled that 'n***o masks... opened a new horizon for me. They made it possible for me to make contact with instinctive things, with uninhibited feeling that went against the false tradition [late western illusionism] which I hated').

    • Word count: 1733
  15. Documentary Photography. Focusing mainly on a comparison between photographers and their styles, this essay intends to investigate the efforts carried out by the photographers of the Farm Security Administration.

    Designed to combat rural poverty during the Great Depression, the FSA helped the poorest segments of farming society, by providing work relief to the unemployed. Farmers and their families were resettled in large government-owned farms; this was the much-needed support the people were desperate for. The FSA was noted for its small but extremely influential photography program that realistically represented challenges endured. "Producing some 270,000 images"1 selected ones appeared in popular magazines and newspapers providing educational material for the public; the FSA adopted a goal of 'introducing America to Americans'2.

    • Word count: 2408
  16. How are consumerist ideals represented through the pop art works of Richard Hamilton, Claes Oldenburg, and Andy Warhol?

    After the Second World War, England was hit hard by the great economic depression, however ten years on, and it was a very different story. The age of affluence gave people disposal income for the first time in their lives, this age also saw the development of new exciting technology. People were no longer confined to pain staking long hours in factories, due to new inventions making their jobs easier, this meant that mass production was quicker and bigger than ever before- through the age of affluence, a consumerist society was born.

    • Word count: 2813
  17. Free essay

    Discuss the process of female objectification through the works of Olympia [1863] by Manet, Les Demoiselles dAvignon [1907] by Pablo Picasso and Violin dIngres [1924] by Man Ray

    Manet uses Olympia's lavish jewellery to denote her place within society; she wears a gold bracelet (symbolising her wealth) however it is the earrings Olympia wears which help to reveal her to be a prostitute. Although the earrings themselves also symbolise riches, in the start of the twentieth century within Europe, this was considered to be a sign of a common woman. She also wears an orchid in her hair, which symbolises sensuality, along with one of her slippers carelessly tossed to the ground, which give further indication to her profession.3 The most ironic object however, is the pearl drop

    • Word count: 2833
  18. The works that will be compared and contrasted in this essay are Gavin Turk's Habitat, a nylon sleeping bag cast in bronze, and Martin Parr's photograph Cigarette Box, from his collection Dakar.

    Consumerism is a topic that both artists are keen on presenting in their works. On top of the moral aspect, there is a certain beauty and glamour that the works possess, Cigarette Box's bright colors create a sense fashionability, while the use of bronze makes an ordinary, worn sleeping bag an object that requires our respect as the viewer. One of the more obvious differences between Habitat and Cigarette Box are the forms they are presented in. Habitat is at first glance an ordinary, nylon sleeping bag. From previous experience with sleeping bags, you would suspect it provides the usual softness and security a sleeping bag is made for.

    • Word count: 1053
  19. Les Valeurs Personnelles. The artwork chosen for this paper is Les Valeurs personnelles painted by Ren Magritte in 1952. It was done in oil on canvas, measuring 31 1/2 x 39 3/8 in.

    Uninterested in traditional European art, Magritte found his inspirations from the works by Jean Metzinger and Fernand and experimented with Cubism in his early works. Later, his work experience as a designer of advertisements and as a fine artist under the contract with the Galerie le Centaure in Brussels, together with his interest in the work of Giorgio de Chirico, made him work more distinctly on surrealist paintings, and form connections with fellow Surrealists such as Andre Breton, Max Ernst and Salvador Dal� from 1927 to 1930.

    • Word count: 862
  20. Creative Expressions essay - film and arts media provide efficient means of unraveling the stereotypes, history, and truths of Aboriginal people.

    As seen in Yalgoo, Dowling emphasizes the connections back to land and country (Snell, 2004). Specifically, she illuminates the theme of injustice and sorrowfulness felt by Aboriginal people without the acknowledgement of native title claims, which features her Great Uncle George and Nana Molly. Both lost most of their family, language, and culture due to oppression from the white society. Thus, Julie Dowling depicts Uncle George and Nana Molly holding hands across Yalgoo, a place of endearment whilst suffering injustice, as a gesture of hope that one day they both will come back to where they belong.

    • Word count: 1864
  21. Pop Art. I decided to cover the topics Pop Art in Great Britain and Andy Warhol. In the section Pop Art in Great Britain I also included some of my favourite works by British Pop Artists and in the end I added some of the most famous Warhol`s works as we

    A way that makes us become aware of certain things, about which we normally wouldn`t think about at all. In my opinion it has a lot to do with philosophy and psychology and this is the reason, why I am so interested in it. I did not know a lot about it, before I started writing this essay and I have to say it was an ideal opportunity to widen my horizon on this topic. I decided to cover the topics Pop Art in Great Britain and Andy Warhol.

    • Word count: 3454
  22. 'The More You Know The More You See' with reference to Michelangelos 'The Creation of Adam'

    (Condivi 1553.) In the fresco, God is depicted as hanging weightlessly in the sky, surrounded by a group of angels. We can see the cloak encompassing the group in a rich, deep red. On further research I have discovered that many professionals in the medical field have commented on the images similarity to the mid-sagittal view of the human brain. Even the limbs of the angels bear a likeness to the pituiatary gland and brain stem. Meshburger was perhaps one of the first to comment on this when he said that 'Michelangelo had encoded a special message' into the painting.

    • Word count: 1198
  23. The way in which the human form is depicted in different cultures can vary greatly on which values that culture holds in highest esteem, whether it be the importance of fertility, authority or family.

    (Guth. 1987. p2 ) In one of the most well known depictions Kobo Daishi (Kukai) as a Boy (Chigo Daishi) (fig.1) the child is depicted as youthful and innocent, his hands held together in prayer. This pose shows his devotion to his spirituality, his culture and his country, even at a young age. His hair is parted in a youthful style and his is skin clear and pale, these are all features to enhance his image of youth and beauty. But why has this image so popular and appealing to the Japanese culture? And what is it trying to portray?

    • Word count: 1532
  24. Pop art

    A TV "var�zserej�t" Cs�szi az �n. "m�diaesem�nyekben" l�tja: olyan kiemelkedo jelentos�gu musorokban, melyeket vil�gszerte, sokszor egy idoben tekint�nk meg, s amelyekre m�g �vtizedek m�lt�n is visszaeml�kezhet�nk, mivel a TV-nek k�sz�nhetoen mintha mindannyian r�szeseiv� v�ltunk volna annak - ilyenek p�ld�ul a holdra sz�ll�s, Charles herceg �s Lady Di esk�voje, vagy az olimpiai j�t�kok. De idesoroln�m p�ld�ul az �venk�nti Oscar-d�j �tad� g�l�t is; a TV �lo k�zvet�t�se r�v�n egy�tt izgulhatjuk v�gig Hollywood nagyjaival a legismertebb filmes esem�nyt, s megval�sul az, ami a nyomtatott sajt�n kereszt�l elk�pzelhetetlen lenne.

    • Word count: 2441
  25. How did ideas about race and about the primitive influence the response of Western Europeans to art from Benin from 1897 onwards?

    (Reading 2.4, AA100 Book3, 2008 OU) The preconceptions about race and what the 'n***o' was and wasn't capable of bring us onto the art world of the early 20th century and the Avant Garde's 'primitivism' movement. Ambitious and radical artists had long been searching for a way to break free from the confines of the European post-Renaissance tradition with its representation of accurate figures in coherent space (P61, AA100 Book3, 2008 OU) using classical academic technique. Artists such as Monet and Cezanne had found a way to break free from these confines through impressionism, a form of art which captured

    • Word count: 1160

"I do not want art for a few any more than education for a few, or freedom for a few."

-William Morris

If your favourite thing in the world is to feast your eyes on something beautiful, whether it takes the form of an oil painting, a handsome teapot, or a well-designed app, then you might want to consider a university degree in fine art, designstudies, art history, or crafts. Students of these fields will learn something of the history and theory of art and design, and will usually create their own finished products as well.

Writing will be an important component of these degrees, especially for those that lean towards theory. If you need to brush up on your essay-writingskills, give Marked by Teachers' collection of creative arts and design essays a try. After studying our teacher-annotated examples, you'll find it easier to set your ideas down in a clear, elegant manner.

Students of these subjects can stay in academia, or pursue careers in art teaching, media and marketing, to name a few.


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  • Compare and contrast Qasr al-Hayr al-Gharbi and Khirbat al-Mafjar.

    "In conclusion, both of these examples of 'desert palaces' display clearly the ideas behind Umayyad secular architecture, those being the use of other cultures' influences, and the idea of luxury. Their architectural styles were developed further by the Abbasids who followed them, and eventually reached as far as Islamic Spain, showing great influence on all Islamic architecture to follow."

  • With reference to practitioners individual philosophies of dance training and your own practice, select an exercise sequence and analyse how this can be achieved.

    "From all of the above information it is possible to conclude that dance technique classes do incorporate more than athletic ability, it is just in varying degrees. Although there are many other techniques and teachers, it is quite possible to say that performance and artistic values are taught in some way in all classes. The idea of a class is to develop a technique of some form, which can then be incorporated into choreography, which is then performed as an art. The emphasis in a class may not be on the beauty of the body, the inner feelings or the sparkle in the eyes but without artistic sensitivity and apresiation the art of dance cannot be enjoyed."

  • How we consume signs, compare the Coca-Colas advertisements and graphic design of two countries; one is UK, the other is Taiwan

    "In conclusion, "Gestures, dress codes, traffic signs, advertising images, newspaper, television programmes and so on are all kinds of media which use visual signs" as stated in Media Semiotics.7 From the cases study of both the UK and Taiwan, even insight the drinks settle are the same, the Coca-Cola company can make different advertisements, signs, slogans for each country sassed on their different social custom, religion and living habits. Following those rules all companies can create interesting signs to attract consumer's eyes and make their goods become well-liked. Illustrations Fig.1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 5 Fig. 6 Fig.7 Leicester Square 2004 Fig. 8 Fig. 9"

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