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University Degree: Fine Art, Design Studies, Art History, Crafts

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  1. AA100 - What does the Passage Tell Us about Plutarchs View of the Relationship between Antony and Cleopatra?Outline what you Think are the Main Differences between Czannes Jug and Fruit (1885 87) and Zurbarns Still

    In the passage, Plutarch states that 'she invited her friends to come and watch Antony's fishing abilities. However, she asked one her attendants to swim down and attach a salted Pontic herring to his line. Once he pulled it up, everyone laughed at him' (lines 10 - 23). This can be interpreted as if Cleopatra made an exhibition of Antony as he wasn't any good at fishing, and made a mockery of him in front of her friends. Plutarch does not believe that there were genuine feelings between Antony and Cleopatra.

    • Word count: 965
  2. Les Valeurs Personnelles. The artwork chosen for this paper is Les Valeurs personnelles painted by Ren Magritte in 1952. It was done in oil on canvas, measuring 31 1/2 x 39 3/8 in.

    Uninterested in traditional European art, Magritte found his inspirations from the works by Jean Metzinger and Fernand and experimented with Cubism in his early works. Later, his work experience as a designer of advertisements and as a fine artist under the contract with the Galerie le Centaure in Brussels, together with his interest in the work of Giorgio de Chirico, made him work more distinctly on surrealist paintings, and form connections with fellow Surrealists such as Andre Breton, Max Ernst and Salvador Dal� from 1927 to 1930.

    • Word count: 862
  3. Daguerreotype. The most popular type of daguerreotype in America became the portrait, which was represented strongly through the works of Southworth and Hawes. With every photograph made, these men tried to express the inner life or soul of their characte

    "Young America" written by Trachtenberg and Stauffer, talked about the rise of daguerreotypes in Antebellum America. During the Antebellum period, the daguerreotype became the preferred way to represent a person or nature in photography. The most popular type of daguerreotype in America became the portrait, which was represented strongly through the works of Southworth and Hawes. With every photograph made, these men tried to express the inner life or soul of their characters through different effects and expressions of emotion. Through their portraits, Southworth and Hawes were also able to express the differences in gender roles within society.

    • Word count: 764
  4. Machine Imagery in Twentieth Century Art

    Artists during this time were significantly influenced by the new age of machinery, and mechanization (the idea that machines will replace human labor.) The use of machine imagery to depict the human figure is found in many styles such as Cubism, Futurism, and Suprematism . Cubism's use of fragmentation and grid like patterns paved the way for other styles and introduced ways to form the human body into mechanical parts. The French artist, Fernand Leger, channeled Picasso and Braque's style of cubism in his painting, n**e Figures in a Wood.

    • Word count: 739
  5. Dissertation Proposal

    His painting of religious scenes brings in Humanist thinking by making the figures themselves all the same size and importance as each other. Gothic paintings of this era tended to have the most important figure larger than the rest and getting smaller by order of hierarchy. The figures become more flesh like with the rules of aesthetics from the Greeks classicism. All these qualities are an important factor to the Quattrocento and through applying an iconographical theory I want to see how paintings reflect the culture of this period.

    • Word count: 937
  6. Narrative: A History of Southern Miss

    With a history of over one hundred years of excellence, Southern Miss has come quite a way from its beginning in 1910. Originally named "Mississippi Normal College", the university began as the first state supported teacher's training school. Starting out with just five original buildings, 120 acres to work with, and a class of just 227 students overseen by 17 faculty members, Southern Miss began its journey. When looking upon campus during this time, one would see the classic architecture of College Hall, which continues to serve as a main academic instruction building.

    • Word count: 955
  7. Charlie Chaplin

    Chaplin wanted depict the world of the Jews in Jewish ghettos and do it in an amusing manner. He did this by depicting himself as a Jewish barber in the ghetto who is mistaken for Adenoid Hynkel whose is the dictator of the country of Tomania (Germany). My favorite scene in The Great Dictator was when he was Hynkel in his main office and held up a balloon of a globe.

    • Word count: 418
  8. Topdog Underdog

    The "rest" itself becomes very Brechtian as actors must take musical pauses in which the audience can process the action that is occurring on stage. These unnatural pauses are not only alienating in their use but also mimic the operatic style used by Brecht to classify his work as blatant fiction. Theatrical "rests" set up images for the audiences in which to analyze Parks' portrayal of African American life much as Brecht's gestures allowed audiences to analyze his portrayal of the lower classes.

    • Word count: 527
  9. Geogre Lucas and The Tale of Two Trilogies

    Soon to be known as Star Wars: A New Hope, this film set the bar for blockbusters. It also, with the help of Jaws, created the summer movie genre. George Lucas made science fiction cool. He also innovated special effects for movies, eventually created Industrial Lighting & Magic, also known as ILM, which works on most big budget blockbusters yet today. In the first movie, Lucas used miniature spacecrafts for many of the space battle scenes. Nowadays, miniatures are hardly ever utilized in movie special effects, they are replaced with entire scenes being created digitally on computers. There is no need to build small scale models of environments, when they can be created in the digital world.

    • Word count: 826
  10. Analysis of one of the work's of Otto Dix.

    All we are given is a myriad of dismembered bodies tangled together in a criss-crossing of barbed wire fencing. It all seems too dreamlike that it indeed has to be real. Dix managed to capture this contrast through a technique known as aquatint. To achieve this particles of rosin are dusted onto the etching plate and, through heat, are fused onto it, the acid then biting the plate between them to give an even tone. Dix intended to create four main tones, those being white, black and two tones of grey. The contrast is phenomenal, the white concentrated in the centre comes across as a toasty warm glow, a somewhat macabre statement as the light illuminating the corpses could only be coming from a b**b blast or a small fire created from one.

    • Word count: 695
  11. drama review

    also a Doctor of Philosophy whom is slowly dying of cancer and Esme (Armstrong & Picot) their daughter, hippie and love of Jan's life. The Action shifts between Cambridge and Prague and follows Jan on his return to Prague to continue his career as a journalist. No matter of his intentions he is taken for dissention of his love of Rock and Roll. Ten years later after the fall of the Iron curtain Jan is reacquainted with Max and his family in England. The acting in this production was patchy to say the least. Both Picot and Zappa shine and bring a real sense of legitimacy to their roles and scenes with them were generally enjoyable to watch.

    • Word count: 765
  12. For this essay I have selected the Statue of a Wounded Amazon, height 80 1/4inches, and Aphrodite holding a Winged Eros, height 49 3/4 inches, as my subject to compare and contrast.

    This marble statue depicts a wounded Amazon. She has been stripped of her weapons and horse, and wounded underneath her right breast. She wears a short, sleeveless chiffon unfastened at one shoulder and belted at the waist with a makeshift bit of bridle from her horse. Despite her misfortune the warrior appears calm and shows no signs of pain or fatigue. She rest her right arm on her head, this is usually a sign of sleep or death. Of this marble copy, the lower legs and feet have been restored with plaster casts from other marble copies; however the facial features and curls are of the original bronze.

    • Word count: 589
  13. Noel Greig's Trashed was inspired by a Muslim girl's experience - she had visited an uncle in New York in August 2001 and he died in the Twin Towers. The play is set in the shadow of terrorism and addresses a clash of culture, class, religion

    No�l's latest play for Theatre Centre was a brilliantly crafted, compelling contemporary drama. Global politics shone through individual lives people from very different backgrounds learned, painfully, what divided them and what, surprisingly, they had in common. Inspired by the lives and stories of Theatre Centre's Young Apprentice Writers, Trashed was set in the context of shared loss in the 9/11 disaster and the tensions between America and the Muslim soul.

    • Word count: 449
  14. The Hostile Hospital

    4. Out of that extreme distress of spirit came Neruda's poems [...] which cast private experience in a hallucinatory flow of images, part surreal, part prophetic, and the voice Neruda was making confidently his own. 5. From that transforming experience came the vision for his next undertaking, a cluster of poems in which he explored and revealed how Latin America had come into being, invoking not just its exotic geography but also its drastic history, its social & political realities, its dictators and its injustices.

    • Word count: 640
  15. Melvin Udall utilises a number of defence mechanisms in dealing with his feelings of anxiety. Repression, being the primary defence mechanism, is utilised a great deal by Melvin. He seeks to eliminate all forbidden id impulses

    Melvin Udall utilises a number of defence mechanisms in dealing with his feelings of anxiety. Repression, being the primary defence mechanism, is utilised a great deal by Melvin. He seeks to eliminate all forbidden id impulses by his use of repression. Repression is also a common feature of many other defence mechanisms that are used by Melvin. Projection is one of the most frequently used defence mechanisms by Melvin. We see, in many cases throughout the movie, Melvin projecting his feelings of inadequacy onto other people. He does this by insulting them with racial remarks, s****l remarks, and general slander.

    • Word count: 712
  16. Queensland University of Technology

    Graham's unique style of modern dance reflected the modern art of her time. The Martha Graham style is widely recognised for its trademark "contraction and release", the controlled falling to the floor, stag leaps and a developed imagery that accompanied her movements. Furthermore, there is a particular area of Graham's career that is not as well known, this being her work with actors, musicians, and in particular her collaboration with other unique artists such as Isamu Noguchi - a renowned sculptor, designer, architect, and craftsmen - Robert Wilson - a towering figure in the world of experimental theatre and an explorer in the uses of time and space onstage - and Aaron Copland - one of the most respected American classical composers of the twentieth century.

    • Word count: 707
  17. Dorthea Lange (1996-1965) utilized her camera and her skills to document the American condition primarily documenting the human condition prior to World War II. Lange did not consider herself to be an artist, but a simple documentarian

    This is a picture of Dorthea Lange was taken prior to WWII in California in 1936. This picture is entitled, "Ditched, Stalled, and Stranded," and was taken in the San Joaquin Valley of California in 1935. This study of the human condition has to speak to you. In totality is just a picture of a guy in his vehicle. However, when you look at how the man fills the frame with his presence and the blank look of desperation on his face you begin to feel the genius of Dorthea Lange.

    • Word count: 823
  18. One of the main pieces of work that came from Rauschenberg and the E.A.T. group was 'Revolver.' This was Rauschenberg attempting to link with the general public. 'Revolver' displays elements of motion and time

    One of the main pieces of work that came from Rauschenberg and the E.A.T. group was 'Revolver.' This was Rauschenberg attempting to link with the general public. 'Revolver' displays elements of motion and time. Silk-screened on five rotating Plexiglas disks and are set on a pedestal for the viewer to operate. The Plexiglas disks can be adjusted to move one at a time or together; in opposite directions or in the same direction, at the discretion of the viewer. E.A.T. contributed much more to the art world than just the pieces they facilitated. E.A.T.

    • Word count: 913
  19. Teaching objectives:1.Knowledge: (1) Enable Ss to master what have learned yesterday further. (2) Enable Ss to learn a new expression "How do you spell it?" (3) Enable Ss to learn the grammar in this unit.

    Teaching method: situational method. Teaching procedure: Step1: Revision(7mins) 1. T uses some real things to make some dialogues with 5 Ss or the whole class. (4mins) (1) T: What's this? S1: It's a book. T: Is this your book? S1: Yes, it is. It's my book. (2)T: What's that? Ss: It's a backpack. T: Is that his backpack? Ss: No, it isn't. It's her backpack. (3) T: Hello, x*x! S2: Hello, Miss Qu! T: Is this her dictionary? S2: Yes, it is. It's her dictionary. (4) T: What's this?

    • Word count: 682
  20. ". . . The pre-war suffrage movement paved the way for votes for women"

    It can be said that the actions of the Women`s Suffrage Movements undoubtedly played a major role in woman gaining the vote in Britain in 1918. However many historians hold debates regarding whether the actions of The Woman`s Suffrage Movement were soley responsible for the achievement of the vote in 1918. This essay will discuss the importance of the Women`s Suffrage Movement whilst also examining other contributing factor to women gaining the vote. It is useful to establish the social political and economic position of women in the years leading up to 1914.

    • Word count: 522
  21. Renoir. "Why shouldn't art be pretty? There are enough unpleasant things in the world." This quote was from Renoir when asked why he paints what he does

    While viewing his paintings made me think about being happy, I wanted to find out more about them. By doing some research on Renoir, I found that he played a key part in what is know as the "Impressionism Movement" (Artlino). Pierre-Auguste Renoir was an artist during the middle 1800's and early 1900's. I have a few copies of his painting around the house and wanted to look further into his style for this study. His early works helped to push what is called Impressionism. The impressionist style of painting is characterized chiefly by concentration on the general impression produced by a scene or object and the use of unmixed primary colors and small strokes to simulate actual reflected light ( Web museum).

    • Word count: 880
  22. Language is a system of arbitrary symbols and grammatical signals which meaning is attributed and used for the expression or communication of thoughts and feelings.

    Grammatical structure is the manner in which words are combined to form larger, meaningful units such as sentences. Undoubtedly, spoken language such as German, Spanish and English are examples of language because they are used for communication in society and they have grammatical rules for speaking and writing. Algebra and mathematical functions are also type of language since they have rules for expression of mathematical meaning. For example, '4/5' has a meaning, but '4/0' is not mentioned for mathematical meaning. Furthermore, the order of symbols in algebra has an effect to the meaning. For instance, 'x = 5x - 2' compares with 'x = 2 - 5x'.

    • Word count: 549
  23. Introduction To Kinesiology.

    ROTARY (ROTATORY)-axillary rotation is around certain point. Lever rotates around the axis ex) elbow flexion 3) CURVILINEAR-combination of translatory and rotary movement PLANES OF MOVEMENT & THEIR AXES-there are 3 plains of movement 1) Frontal or coronal-separates back and front and moves around z-axis. Ex) add and abd of hand, lat rotation of trunk. 2) Sagital-separates space b/w left and right. Moves around x-axis. Ex) Flex and ext the knee 3) Transverse or horizontal-separate tope from bottom. Moves around y-axis. Ex) rotation of head, trunk, hand DEGREES OF FREEDOM-number of elements in system that are free to vary. 1)

    • Word count: 750
  24. Photography - We aim to portray the world at night.

    They will show not only industrial uses for lighting, but also recreational such as outside clubs and bars. There will also be the safety aspect, looking at car headlights and the use of lighting to improve safety on pavements and walkways such as streetlights and pelican crossings. Edward S. Curtis, Photographed the Navaho Indians in the early 1900's. The photographs depicted the American Indian's isolation and their way of life. They were very striking photos with bold highlights and good composition. The same characteristics would work well with nighttime photography because when it is dark it also seems desolate and people feel isolated and vulnerable.

    • Word count: 763
  25. Oceanic art.

    Traditional symbols are an essential part of much contemporary Aboriginal art. Aboriginal peoples have long artistic traditions within which they use conventional designs and symbols. These designs when applied to any surface, whether it is on the body of a person taking part in a ceremony or on a shield, have the power to transform the object to one with religious significance and power. Through the use of ancestrally inherited designs, artists continue their connections to country. Body decoration using ancestral designs is an important part of many ceremonies.

    • Word count: 813

"I do not want art for a few any more than education for a few, or freedom for a few."

-William Morris

If your favourite thing in the world is to feast your eyes on something beautiful, whether it takes the form of an oil painting, a handsome teapot, or a well-designed app, then you might want to consider a university degree in fine art, designstudies, art history, or crafts. Students of these fields will learn something of the history and theory of art and design, and will usually create their own finished products as well.

Writing will be an important component of these degrees, especially for those that lean towards theory. If you need to brush up on your essay-writingskills, give Marked by Teachers' collection of creative arts and design essays a try. After studying our teacher-annotated examples, you'll find it easier to set your ideas down in a clear, elegant manner.

Students of these subjects can stay in academia, or pursue careers in art teaching, media and marketing, to name a few.


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  • Compare and contrast Qasr al-Hayr al-Gharbi and Khirbat al-Mafjar.

    "In conclusion, both of these examples of 'desert palaces' display clearly the ideas behind Umayyad secular architecture, those being the use of other cultures' influences, and the idea of luxury. Their architectural styles were developed further by the Abbasids who followed them, and eventually reached as far as Islamic Spain, showing great influence on all Islamic architecture to follow."

  • With reference to practitioners individual philosophies of dance training and your own practice, select an exercise sequence and analyse how this can be achieved.

    "From all of the above information it is possible to conclude that dance technique classes do incorporate more than athletic ability, it is just in varying degrees. Although there are many other techniques and teachers, it is quite possible to say that performance and artistic values are taught in some way in all classes. The idea of a class is to develop a technique of some form, which can then be incorporated into choreography, which is then performed as an art. The emphasis in a class may not be on the beauty of the body, the inner feelings or the sparkle in the eyes but without artistic sensitivity and apresiation the art of dance cannot be enjoyed."

  • How we consume signs, compare the Coca-Colas advertisements and graphic design of two countries; one is UK, the other is Taiwan

    "In conclusion, "Gestures, dress codes, traffic signs, advertising images, newspaper, television programmes and so on are all kinds of media which use visual signs" as stated in Media Semiotics.7 From the cases study of both the UK and Taiwan, even insight the drinks settle are the same, the Coca-Cola company can make different advertisements, signs, slogans for each country sassed on their different social custom, religion and living habits. Following those rules all companies can create interesting signs to attract consumer's eyes and make their goods become well-liked. Illustrations Fig.1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 5 Fig. 6 Fig.7 Leicester Square 2004 Fig. 8 Fig. 9"

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