How does photography affect us?

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Frankie Earnshaw

How does photography affect us?

Photography can be used for many different purposes, it can change our opinion on how we think and feel.

Newspapers, magazines, home photography, leaflets and posters all use photos in different ways.

Newspapers use it to inform us and make us feel like we are there when looking at them.

Magazines use photography to entice us to buy products and to show us images about famous people and their lives.

Home photography is used to capture a happy moment so you can remember it and show others.

Leaflets and posters are used to advertise and inform us about what they are trying to sell.

All pictures are encoded with messages. When we look at pictures we de-code them without realising.

Ever since you were young you have been taught to de-code messages. For example when you look at a picture of someone thin from Africa you associate it with being poor.

I have looked at a photo taken by Heinz Kluetmeier. In the photo, four men are running a 400-metre championship. The photographer has very clearly achieved a sense of speed. Their feet are blurred which makes you recognise the speed at which they are moving and the determined expressions on the runner’s faces clearly shows how they are pushing themselves to win.

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All pictures have signs, which signify something that we understand.

I have studied a picture by Martin Parr. He has taken a photo of a young girl with a cocktail drink in her hand and her mouth wide open. It has bright, clashing colours that signify a sense of fun and loudness. She also has a necklace saying, ‘whore’. I think she is trying to say that she doesn’t care what people think and she will have fun anyway.

You can tell from this picture that she has a fun and bubbly personality. She looks like ...

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