Lancome perfume Idleadvertisement analysis

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To begin with, the first thing we can observe from the photo advertisement shown above is the linguistic message included in the ad. The word “Lancôme”, depicted at the top of the image, is the name of one of the world’s leading beauty company, located in Paris, France. The location of this beauty brand can also be understood due to the mentioned word “Paris”, which can be seen right under the organization name, on the top of the advert. Moreover, the name of the new Lancôme perfume fragrance “Idôle” is written in large and well prominent letters, right in the middle of the photo advertisement. “Idôle” is a confidence, courage, and steadfastness, which are on the verge of sensuality, daydreaming, and femininity. The tagline “I can, we will” can be seen right under the perfume’s name. Idôle is a perfume for a generation that dreams of the unattainable. This is a fragrance for strong and outspoken women, who will become the leaders of tomorrow.

As per denoted message in this ad, we can see a breathtaking woman, an American actress, singer, and model Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. Sitting on the white horse, Zendaya wears a peach-colored dress which is blowing in the wind. The color of her gown is perfectly matching the luxury aesthetic of the image itself, as well as the golden rose palette of the Idôle bottle, which can be found on the right side of the ad. With her moisturized and dreamy curls, Zendaya’s face and body are turned directly into the camera. While her face expression is graceful and powerful, her gaze conveys confidence, and a willingness to pursue new horizons. Besides, by looking at the beautiful peachy sunset in the background, it seems that she is already in the process of paving a new path to the life of her dreams.

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In addition, by looking at the photo advertisement, we are able to see what the Lancôme beauty company tried to present in a connotate sense. The bottle of perfume has an unusually beautiful design – a rectangular flat bottle made of transparent glass of soft pink color with a metallic gold frame. It looks more like a piece of jewelry than a perfume bottle. The coral color of the dress is connected with the color of the bottle, and the background of the fascinating sunset. Coral is a color of warmth, freshness, energy, and feminism. Connotations of purple include power, royalty, ...

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