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"Bad grades equals bad parents". Discuss this statement with reference to your own personal experience.

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"Bad grades equals bad parents". Discuss this statement with reference to your own personal experience. In my opinion, in most cases, bad grades do not mean bad parents. Examinations and studying is something which is done by the students themselves and not by their parents. Students are assessed on their abilities and not on the abilities of their parents. However, if parents do not take interest in their child's scholastic life there could be some sort of effect on their child's grades in the examination. In the very early stages of my school life, my parents (especially my mother) where important in helping me studying and organising myself. They also helped me learn things that I had to know by heart. ...read more.


In fact my parents did not effect the results of my O-Levels whatsoever. However, if parents' do not take interest in the studies of their children there can be some negative consequences. This might result in students' lacking interest in their studies. If they are not provided with the necessary material such as books and stationery by their parents how can they study? If children are not motivated to study by their parents in the early years of the primary school how can the children study later in the secondary school? From personal experience, and from what I noticed from my classmates in the previous years, I do not think students study because of their parents. ...read more.


Paying attention in lessons is not something which parents can impose on their children. After all, examinations do not reflect the two weeks study before examinations but also their attention during lessons. Personally, I believe that the solution to obtaining good grades is not studying but also attending and paying attention during lessons. I consider studying as a secondary thing. In my opinion, parents might have an effect on the grades of their children only in the very early stages of life. However, since examinations are done by the children and not by the parents their role is minimal. Later, especially from the secondary school onwards it depends upon the students themselves whether they want to study or not. Renzo Cordina Commerce 1a ...read more.

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