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Examine these approaches to behaviour management in light of your reading of the theory and background research underpinning the Steer Report (2009) and the Ofsted report of Academy X.

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐CANTERBURY CHRIST CHURCH UNIVERSITY TEACH FIRST PROGRAMME WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Written Assignment Title: Examine these approaches in light of your reading of the theory and background research underpinning these reports. Analyse how your future development as a classroom practitioner has been (and continued to be) informed by blending these reports with you own further evidence on behaviour management. Trainee Name: Professional Tutor: Submission Date: 1st November 2011 Word Count: 2000 Plagiarism Statement I confirm that this is my own work and that I have read and understand the programme?s regulations relating to plagiarism (details on Blackboard under Policy and Protocol). Trainee: ____________________________________ Date: __________________ Reflect on the practical approaches that are offered in two officially endorsed documents: 1. The Report of the Practitioners? Group on School Behaviour and Discipline, chaired by Sir Alan Steer (2005) updated 2009 (in particular chapter 4 (p 36), Chapter 5 (p49) and Appendix A (p72) 2. School Ofsted Report or alternative local document selected in discussion with your professional tutor e.g. school classroom management policy. Examine these approaches in light of your reading of the theory and background research underpinning these reports. ...read more.


School trips are another method of achieving such goals and are something that I plan to get involved with in the coming months. Breaking down these cultural barriers will greatly impact the ways in which students come to value school and their education, in turn positively effecting behaviour in the classroom. Relationship with Curriculum: ?much poor behaviour has its origins in the inability of the child to access learning, rather than as a result of an unchanging character defect.?(Steer 2009: 43) Work set must be ?relevant, engaging and appropriately differentiated? (Capel, Leask, Turner 2009:139). To make the work engaging, relevance and differentiation are crucial. Firstly, when the material is relevant to the students their access is greatly enhanced. In getting to know my class I have been able to tailor my units of study to their interests, using them as a vessel for a range of activities. Also, in sharing success criteria and measured outcomes, students are exposed to the tangible benefits lessons offer. This means they know exactly what they are working towards and what exactly they will be gaining. Clark has stated, in line with this, that ?attributing meaning to school learning are important detriments to of behaviour? (Powell and Tod 2004: 17). ...read more.


Speaking to parents has also proved useful in repairing damaged inter-student relationships. I had two students in my year 9 class who?s relationship was affecting the learning of the class. A phone call home to both parents all but dissolved the situation. Of course, alongside this I put into practise various strategies, most notably (and recommended by Steer and Academy X) the use of a seating plan. My seating plans are still constantly changing as I seek to find the best possible equation to foster learning within a framework that discourages disruption. Often, I will sit students of different abilities together. I have found this successful as the students are able to assist each other, building their interdependence with one another. Peer assessment also fosters this ethos which adds to a positive learning environment for the students. Overall, I feel as though the Steer Report and the Ofsted Report for my school have been a vital tool in aiding my progression as a classroom practitioner. It is through theoretical research that behaviour strategies are loosely formed but then through experience that they are refined. There is no precise formula for classroom management but through persistent research and implementation, always within the context of my school, my practise is and will continue to be greatly enhanced. ...read more.

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