Foundation Degree in Early Years Childcare and Education

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Foundation Degree in Early Years Childcare and Education

The Individual in the Work Context

Module CCB1883

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My role within the work setting

My role within my work setting is the schools Health and Therapist Assistant. Up until three years ago, this role did not exist, so I have been extremely fortunate to be able to develop the role. The role requires skills that can be generalised, but there are different areas to my role that require different types of skills. My job description in appendix 1 shows the diversity of the role.

Appendix 2 shows the duties of the Health side of the role, the wide range of duties means that I need to have a good practical knowledge of procedures. It is vital that I only work within the parameters of my abilities, in the beginning; I would over step over the boundary and carry out tasks that were beyond my capabilities. Through my annual reviews and staff evaluations, new process and procedures were introduced, the most dramatic introduction that proved to be a good idea, was individual booklets outlining all the individual needs of the students using words and digital photographs, allowing any person working with the student to quickly see their individual requirements.

With the booklets being stored on disks, meant that any changes, such as feeding regimes or medication, could be updated and individual sheets replaced. It was really pleasing to get feed back from a parent that an international hospital used the booklet whist the student was receiving care there, and introduced the idea for all the non verbal and long term care patients. Due to legal reasons, a copy of a booklet can not be included in the appendix.

The MOVE programme, as mentioned in appendix 3 requires a large amount of input, I regularly use the knowledge that I obtain from my nursery nurse training, firstly I use my observation skills in the assessment stage and during the routine to identify any progress, regression or problems that my occur. Secondly, I use my child development knowledge, I often refer to people like Mary Sheridan, in identifying the all round development that the student is making, although the students that I work with do not meet the norms of development, but the progress through the stages is similar. I enjoy the structure of the programme, as it clearly sets out the levels, makes it easy for the students to be assessed and reassessed. I need to improve the recording of the programme, the amount of paper work that is involved with each individual student, the booklet that is included in appendix 3, is the amount of paper work that needs to be completed, I then type out each individual programme, this makes it easier when the programme needs to be updated and means that progress is recorded continually.

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Appendix 4 shows details of the Tuesday morning hydrotherapy sessions that I organise; it includes a brief summary about the session, the time table, the student’s objective sheets and recording sheets. This session has taken a great deal of setting up and has gone through a number of changes, due to staffing issues, pupil’s requirements and financial issues. The changes that have been undertaken has been an improvement to the sessions, they have made the sessions run smoother and caused less disruptions to lessons. I really enjoy these sessions, because I can really work intensely with the students, building ...

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