I am currently working as a nursery nurse (practitioner) in a preschool with children aged 34 years. I am going to describe this job role and how the role relates to the DfEEs (Department for Employment and Education) four part framework.

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Rebecca Withers: PI: C335403X                 Supporting Learning in Primary Schools (TMA 1)

I am currently working as a nursery nurse (practitioner) in a pre-school with children aged 3-4 years. I am going to describe this job role and how the role relates to the DfEE’s (Department for Employment and Education) four part framework. The four levels of support are:

  • For pupils
  • For the teacher
  • For the school
  • For the curriculum

Nursery Nurse

For Pupils:

I currently work in a pre-school with children aged 4 years. I assist the children with basic hygiene including promoting the importance of hand hygiene and other simple tasks such as doing up their coat or putting on their shoes themselves. I am responsible for a key group of 17 children and I am therefore responsible for ensuring that the time that the children spend in my care is interesting and beneficial to them in terms of their learning and development. This is done be ensuring that activities are age and skills appropriate and are engaging for the children to take part in or complete whilst also ensuring that the children are challenged. This if often easier in smaller groups as you have more time to devote to each child then if you were to have a larger group. I support the children by ensuring that I am nearby if they need any gentle guidance however its important I don’t try to take over as the children need to learn from their own mistakes. I am also currently working 1:1 with a polish child who does not speak any English. I am using techniques such as flashcards and repeated pronunciation so help her learn her first basic words in English. It was a huge achievement when she was able to say the word toilet without any need for prompting.

For the Teacher:

I work alongside the teacher to deliver a beneficial learning environment and follow any instructions given to the best of my ability. I assist with completing any relevant planning and ensure that any important information is passed on to them when necessary. I also liase with the teacher and nursery manager and together we think of strategies to deal with issues such as tackling difficult behaviour. Finally I monitor the children’s learning through completing observations and provide feedback on activities that are carried out.

For the School:

I oversee that the classroom’s are kept neat and tidy and ensure that there are always resources available and if I notice that they are running low I inform my senior so that more can be ordered in. I attend regular staff meetings highlighting and areas that may need to be worked upon and suggesting new ideas or having mini training sessions, therefore enhancing my performance and development. I also comply with the nursery’s policies and procedures and I read through these every two months and if they are updated. I ensure that I build a good relationship with the parents/carers of the children I am caring for and that any important information regarding their child is passed on to them when they are dropped off or picked up. Therefore allowing them to trust me and are aware that their child’s time at nursery that day was happy and engaging. I appreciate the other team members that I work alongside and support them with anything they may need.

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For the Curriculum:

I follow the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum and the four main principles of this curriculum underpin everything in which we do in the nursery setting including the way in which we practice, our policies and procedures and the way in which we complete our observations and planning. The four principles of the EYFS are:

  • A unique child + positive relationships + enabling environments = learning and development

I ensure that these four principles are followed by providing engaging activities for the children to complete which challenges their knowledge but it also age and ...

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