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Reflection on E111 Course. The major achievement of this course is my understanding of the in my role and responsibilities in dealing with children's learning. In TMA 01 I wrote that it is my job to support the childrens learning (TMA01, 2010

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Role and Contribution The aim of ECA is to reflect upon my experiences of the course E111.When I first completed TMA 01 my roles and responsibilities were to assist the teacher in dealing a Primary Two and Three class. I have seen my this position develop as my confidence and knowledge grew throughout the year, as my understanding and perception of the ways child learn have changed. ( ST2 ,p13-19 )The ECA will show my development as an Assistant. Now I feel that I am more valued and play an important part in the education of young people in our school. During the term of the course, the pupils I have been asked to support have become specific in their learning and teaching needs. This is due to my development of my own language skills and the re-evaluation of techniques used to develop children.[KS4.3] I have learned many new techniques and theories during my time on the course , allowing me a greater understanding of the complex issues of the teachers role, curriculum and the child.(ST 1, p18-23)[KU1.5]. During my completion of the TMA's I have developed an understanding and perception of the ways in which children learn .It has also played a significant part in my developing relationships with professional staff ,to ensure that learning takes place at every chance. From the initial stages of the course I began to challenge my existing thoughts and beliefs regarding primary school education. On reflection I found this very difficult and particularly unsettling, as it made me question my own practice when working with children. ...read more.


Then they would present it to their peers. I spoke to their parents an gained the commitment for them to give the children limited information that would allow them to investigate further. This would allow full parental involvement in the project and the ability for the children to socially construct their knowledge . (ST3,p20) Scaffolding is the way in which that assistants supports children during an activity by giving the correct amount of support and then carefully decreased the amount of support to facilitate more independent learning. The Open University states that the adult supporter can play a key role and must be the correct step to allow the child to gain success but challenging enough to motivate and lead the child forward. The Open University claims that"As a teacher you do not wait for readiness to happen; you foster it or scaffold it" (Bruner1996, p120in ST7, p34) When looking at bilingual learners the main aim is to ensure all the children benefit from the session. Some of the materials must be differentiated to meet and extend their needs accordingly. I use many different types of resources to meet the needs of the children realising that they all learn in many different learning styles. i.e. kinaesthetic, auditory, visual, and tactile, as is discussed in (ST3, p27 ). Following the completion of the course, I now believe that my activities and learning experiences need to be interesting and allow the child to be actively involved. With the child involvement and parental collaboration encourages the children to achieve better progress.(ST18.p28) ...read more.


In TMA 01 I wrote that 'it is my job to support the children's learning' (TMA01, 2010) without really understanding what that meant. But now I understand that I can adapt my practice and scaffold (ST3, p18) the children's learning in their Zone of Proximal Development (Newman et al.,1989) when I help them to work things out for themselves at the optimum moment (ST3, p.27). Piaget (1928) argued that 'children learn from their own spontaneous exploration' (Cable & Eyres, p9), but I disagree not all children benefit from this flexibility as with the case of Peter. In the school setting Peter required constant support to access the curriculum. In summary, the ECA has given me an chance to reflect on my time spent on the course E111. I am now aware that my role in Primary schools must evolve and that I must continue to professionally develop within the early years educational field. (ST19, p21-25)The education system in Scotland demands that all educators must embrace Continued Professional Development. Learning Teaching Scotland state that educators must be; "Embracing CPD and continuous learning can help practitioners to bring new approaches, concepts, technologies and insight to the classroom or learning environment. As an individual, your enthusiasm for learning is transferred to the classroom, improving the educational experience for pupils and having an impact on their achievements." (LTS website). My short term goal is to access a BA in Primary Teaching with an option to teach Modern Languages. The first part of the journey will start in 2011 with the Access course followed by an application to the University of Stirling for a place on the B.A in Primary Teaching with specialism in Modern Language. ...read more.

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