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Rounders fielding skills lesson plan.

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PHYSICAL EDUCATION LESSON PLAN Class: Year 8 Date: 28/06/2011 Activity: Rounders Focus: Fielding No.of Pupils: - Sequence: - Location: Field Time: 1 hour Response to Evaluation of Previous Lesson / Learning: The pupils will have experience from previous lessons on the basic skills of rounders including throwing, catching and gameplay. This lesson will focus on the types of skills needed for fielding within the game of rounders; including the long and short barriers NC Key Concepts: Competence Performance Creativity Healthy Active Lifestyles NATIONAL CURRICULUM KEY PROCESSES Learning Outcomes : This lesson will enable All pupils to: Develop Skills in Physical Activity ALL: Will develop fielding skills focusing on the long and short barriers; this can transfer into other sports within physical education Some: ...read more.


Teaching Points Differentiation EVIDENCE OF LEARNING/ PUPIL PROGRESS (assessment opportunities,) 5 mins 10 mins 15 mins 10 mins 10 mins Change and Register Warm up- Jog 1 lap Some stretching Throw, catch and roll: spilt players into teams with a tennis ball in their teams they must have a successful sequence of throw, catch and roll to gain 1 point More stretching Pairs: Long and short barrier techniques Practice the short first partner rolls the ball out and player must retrieve the ball Adapted game: Split group into 4s or 6s 2 games have a small goal at either end pupils must roll the ball to each other and only stop the ball using either a long or short barrier Point giving for successful ...read more.


Make the ball release much faster 2. Relays in teams of 6 if all pupils are doing well * Make the pitch smaller so pupils work under pressure * Add 2 balls into the game * Make the pitch bigger for those who need more space * No bat pupils could throw the ball Start recap the basic technique and raise the pulse some pupils can name muscles and demonstrate a stretch Pupils understand the difference of use for the long and short barrier and can demonstrate the technique of both Pupils can use the long and short barrier within a game type situation Pupils can use the long and short barriers within a game ?? ?? ?? ?? H:\PE\PE\MMANTLE\CURRICUL\CSK - whole document.doc ...read more.

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