Self-reflection Essay. For TMA 01 I had to look at myself and my setting. As I was in a senior position. I found this task very interesting as I learnt many things that come with a senior role within a Nursery

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        Since starting the E100 course in October 2010, I have learnt a lot from all areas of children’s care, learning and development but also a lot about myself and how I deal with each situation. This course has also taught me a lot about my setting and also other settings such as Sure Start Children’s Centres (SSCC), childminders, schools and nurseries. Each assignment has helped me learn new things about working with children, if I haven’t learnt anything new; the assignment has helped me have a new outlook on how I approach the situation or task which has developed my knowledge and understanding. I have shown below throughout this assignment what I have learnt during the course and each TMA.

Myself, my setting and my learning

For TMA 01 I had to look at myself and my setting. As I was in a senior position. I found this task very interesting as I learnt many things that come with a senior role within a Nursery, as I had just been appointed to the role I was still learning. This TMA definitely helped me learn what was important for my role. Especially managing staff, I wrote in TMA 01 about my role in keeping teamwork and healthy relationships in the work place, I referred to this comment back in my TMA and I feel this perfectly sums up how staff within the Nursery should behave, ‘Successful teamwork requires a group of individuals to share the daily working experience in a positive and proactive manner. Over time the members of a team develop ways of working with each other, responding to the needs and idiosyncrasies of colleagues, recognising strengths and weaknesses, and valuing the complementary contributions that each makes to the team effort.’ (2010, page 47, Cable, Miller and Goodliff.)  I have continued to manage staff by encouraging management to do Employee of the Month, this has proved successful as staffs are keen to keep busy and see who has worked hardest throughout the month, and staffs are rewarded with different gifts. This definitely keeps moral up! (KU8)

I now feel very confident in managing staff, I know that because I have respected them during my time as ‘third in command’ they respect me back and we work co-operatively as a team to make the environment a happy place for children to thrive and learn as all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) are met to encourage this learning. ‘Children really do thrive when their physical and emotional needs are met.’ (

I’ve had to think about the way in which we plan, although it’s easy for me to do on a day to day basis, I had to think about how I would explain to another member of staff or through the TMA like I had to in TMA 01, this has made me think of how I can make the planning easier so more time is spent with the children helping them to learn rather than at the side of the room completing paperwork. To do this we had a Nursery meeting to see if any other staff members had ideas or had previous experiences of easier ways to plan, unfortunately this proved to be unsuccessful. After many discussions about how we could deal with this situation, the management agreed to give each member of staff two hours out of the room to complete such work and any other paperwork such as rotas, development records. This has worked out really well and this is still continuing and staffs are always up-to-date with paperwork.

I also had to think about which part of the community the Nursery serves and how we make sure we are always being diverse. Whilst doing this part of my TMA I realised the Nursery wasn’t advertised in the local area, I took it upon myself to make sure the Nursery was part of the community by advertising the nursery at the local SSCC, putting leaflets in other places in the community such as the library and the museum, making sure they were in all parts of the community so parents and carers from different backgrounds were seeing the adverts and aware of our services. Since this has been done, we’ve had a few enquiries saying where they’ve seen our advertising – This proved to be successful!

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Looking at children’s learning

I found watching the DVD very informative, not only for my assignment but for ideas to bring into the workplace. After analysing my findings of the selected DVD sequence ‘Larks Children’s Centre’. I decided to bring the idea of increased play based learning into the setting. The staff that I have been managing have been keen to accept this change. The children seem much happier and more secure, choosing their own activities to have in the open plan layout of the room.

In my TMA02, I mentioned that each of the rooms in ...

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