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University Degree: Teaching

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  1. Free essay

    The lumber room

    He was punished. The setting doesn't occupy any special part of the story - it is scattered throughout. However the lumber-room is of greatest importance - it combines both pleasant and unpleasant things: dust, dust and dump, plain black cover and objects of delight, a living breathing story, a hanging glowing in wonderful colours, the colouring of a mandarin duck. That just means that to some people one and the same thing or object may seem ugly, for others - beautiful. Nicholas is able to see the lumber-room's treasure. That's why the function of the setting is to characterize the protagonist.

    • Word count: 2346
  2. Descriptive Essay

    Later that day my husband called me to let me know that the roads had been closed because of the weather. He said he would be coming home until the next day. I realized that I would be home alone once again. After a long day at work, all I wanted to do was to go home and take a shower. When I got to my apartment it was pitch-black outside I could not even see what was in front of me.

    • Word count: 837
  3. Child Protection

    The school decides to call the mother to come in, after this there is only a small improvement. This may be due to their stepfather, who is aggressive and encourages the mother to ignore the school. When Amy draws inappropriate things, it is discovered that the stepfather has been sexually abusing her. Both Amy and Sophie are fostered after this. Amy suffered sexual abuse by her stepfather. Corby (2002) defines sexual abuse as where a child or young person is forced to take part in sexual activities, weather or not the child is aware of what is happening.

    • Word count: 2597
  4. Free essay

    Analyzing a website

    Websites can have many purposes and can offer many services for people online. One of these websites is Ralph Lauren. There are many criteria for a fruitful website but the three most exceptionally significant are appearance and the usability of the website. www.ralphlauren.com is a website that is visually appealed, elegant and professional website as it reflects the company's products and their services. One of the most important things in the appearance of Ralph Lauran website is the text in the page; the text is easily read according to the combination between the white background and the blue colored text and the background does not interpret the text also the layout is easy and the design is simple.

    • Word count: 747
  5. Modern Art Gallery

    To evaluate any art gallery and know whether it promotes fine art in Egypt or not there is two aspects must be evaluated which are the layout of the gallery and the paintings and painters in the gallery. First of all, I am going to talk about the layout. Outside the gallery there is a small cafeteria and there is a cash desk where you can buy tickets to enter the art gallery; the cost of the ticket is 50 piaster for Egyptians and 5 Egyptian pounds for foreigners and it is for free for the fine art students.

    • Word count: 1063
  6. Narrative Script

    NUTRITIONIST: There are two types of malnutrition. First is, under nutrition. This is the most common type of malnutrition. Under nutirion occurs when the body does not get enough nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. 16 The other type of malnutrition is overnutrition. Most people think that people can only be malnourished when their body does not get enough nutrients. However, that is not the case. When your body gets too much nutrients, you can also be malnourished. You can suffer from over nutrition. This is caused by overeating, having an unbalanced diet and micronutrient poisoning.

    • Word count: 975
  7. Free essay

    This small-scale research was undertaken to assess whether modifying the lesson timetable would have any impact on the learners attendance and achievement or in fact what if anything could improve attendance and achievements.

    Turner (2005:5) said: "Education is part of a wider social fabric of values, families and employment. What happens within education is, in part, dependant on what happens outside education, in homes, communities and workplaces." The college policy states, College expects all students to attend all classes punctually and to not knowingly miss class for anything other than illness or exceptional circumstances. This gives the students the best opportunity to be successful in their studies`. What is an exceptional circumstance surely the learners` thoughts on this vary? I believe that I cannot fix a problem without delving further into to it.

    • Word count: 4558
  8. Music video

    They may also become homesick from being away from their families, friends and homeland. Our music video aims to promote greater appreciation for OFWs and the fruits of their labor, and also to highlight what family members of OFWs go through. The target audience for our music video is students, specifically high school students; seeing that is very common for students to have parents or relatives that are OFWs. The video will have a story, with characters going through conflict, climax and resolution. The dramatic approach will be used in our treatment. The music video is the best way to present the topic.

    • Word count: 656
  9. The purpose of this collaborative study is to compare and contrast teaching methods and to reflect on others practice.

    The decisions were reached by consensus. The criterion that was chosen was as follows: 1, how does the organisational culture affect the process of teaching and learning? 2, what are the preferred teaching methods used and why? 3, what methods of assessment were used and why? 4, what resources were use and were they suitable? 5, how was the pace of the session managed and was it appropriate? ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE: Peer one works in a power and person driven culture.

    • Word count: 3551
  10. Establishing Criteria for Inclusion in Literary Cannon

    He is very quiet and self-aware, but does periodically come out of his shell showing considerable aptitude. Alex's preferred modality of learning is definitely auditory because he is able to process this information very effectively and retain what he has learned for future retrieval. He shows considerable difficulty with tactile modalities, which includes keyboards and certain types of paper textures, although he has learned to adapt by using a pen to turn the pages of a book. Alex also uses visual modality effectively by reading what is written on the white board and processes this information in the same manner he does auditory information.

    • Word count: 4635
  11. Educating Learners with Diverse Needs

    In doing so it provides us with the opportunity to learn from those things that history has proven to be fruitful experiences, such as breaking ground on new frontiers, utilizing scientific discovery to understand and explore the world we live in, and building relationships with our fellow man. For that reason consideration must also be given to those experiences that have proven disastrous to man as well in terms of war, man's inability to live harmoniously with his environment without destroying it, and those who coexist with him.

    • Word count: 1560
  12. Investigating Methods for Increasing the Literacy Rate in Middle School Students

    It is not that students cannot read the words; they simply cannot comprehend what they are reading. In an Alliance for Excellent Education report from 2003 over 3,000 students drop out of high school every school day in America (Fisher and Ivey, "Evaluating the Interventions" 180). Obviously there is a problem with either what we are currently doing in the classroom or the manner in which it is being presented. B. What are we Doing? In most schools explicit instruction of reading skills begins at the elementary level and is gradually phased out throughout the middle school years, with high school students receiving little if any instructional support that builds further reading skills.

    • Word count: 6312
  13. I am going to explore the personal and organisational factors that influence my teaching practice .I intend to do this by examining any factors I have picked up on that affect my planning and delivery and any challenges that may arise when referring stud

    Organisational cultures are a collection of beliefs and attitudes shared by an organisation or group. In my case I work in a small organisation which is governed by the college which in turn is part of a North East college. This can lead to many different group attitudes and beliefs. The immediate culture in which I work is I believe a power culture as described by Roger Harrison. Roger Harrison believed organisational culture could be separated into four types, thus being, a power culture, which concentrates power among a few. A role culture, people having clearly delegated authorities within a highly defined structure.

    • Word count: 2635
  14. Diversity and Language. In my 3rd year of QTS, we were asked as a group to produce a book or text which can be used in a primary setting to meet the learning and language needs of all pupils, including learners of EAL. After a lot of thought we decided to

    Coming from an Asian background, the different meanings regarding literacy is something which I can understand and relate to. I came to Britain at the age of 5, I had no knowledge of the English language but was unconsciously aware that it was important to learn and understand the English language if I was to accepted by the wider British society. To become fluent in English I had to do what the Bullock report condemns, and that is to leave my home language and at the threshold because the teachers were all predominantly white and could not understand what I was saying when tried to communicate in my home language.

    • Word count: 2361
  15. Various Factors affecting growth and development

    the 1960s a drug called Thalidomide was given to many women to help contain a healthy pregnancy but instead caused babies to be born with severe limb defections. * Drugs- drugs such as cocaine and heroin can cause the foetus to grow slowly and become underweight, babies will be born addicts which as a result suffer from painful withdrawal symptoms * Smoking- this reduces placental blood flow which causes the baby to receive less oxygen. Babies who are born to mothers that smoke are more likely to be premature or underweight.

    • Word count: 912
  16. Student Diversity and Classroom Management

    Some of the disorders that are included in the definition include, "Perceptual disabilities, brain injury, minimal brain dysfunction, dyslexia, and developmental aphasia" (Heward, 2009, p. 173). "These learning disabilities can cause a person to have trouble learning and using certain skills. The skills that are most often affected are reading, writing, listening, speaking, reasoning, and doing math" (MedicineNet, 2011, p. 1). One thing that needs to be remembered is that no two students that suffer from a learning disability are the same.

    • Word count: 1766
  17. Understanding Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

    Mental Retardation According to the Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, mental retardation is defined as a, "Level of intellectual functioning that is well below average and results in significant limitations in the person's daily living skills" (Mental Retardation, 2011, p. 1). It can also be said to be an intellectual disability, caused by a birth defect that gives the carrier of the defect lifelong problems. Some of these birth defects can affect the nervous system, the brain, and spinal cord. Examples of these defects include Down syndrome and fragile X syndrome.

    • Word count: 2231
  18. Learning Disabilities, Communication Disorders, and Giftedness

    Middle school students will respond to routines and will behave more appropriately when they know what is expected" (Davis, 2010, p. 1). The downfalls of this strategy are that it focuses on the success and behavior of the teacher rather than the specific needs of the students. It fosters discipline and order, predictability, and regularity, but it isn't flexible for unexpected events or students needs or differences. Wong's classroom management strategy promotes a classroom environment where the students feel comfortable, safe, and open to share their opinions, make mistakes and explore their interests.

    • Word count: 2003
  19. Volumetric analysis

    : To determine the concentration of the unknown . Methods : 1. About 0.3 g sodium oxalate (formula weight = 123.99) was weight and it was transferred it into a 100-mL volumetric flask. 20 mL distilled water was added ,followed by 50mL dilute sulfuric acid (2.5 M),and then it has been top up with distilled water until the calibration mark. 2. Between 0.8 to 1.0 g of potassium permanganate was weight and was transferred in a 250-mL volumetric flask,50-mL distilled water was added to the flask ,it was shaked to dissolved the solid,and then distilled water was added to the calibration mark.Some of the solution was placed in the burette.

    • Word count: 1721
  20. Gravimetric Determination of Nickel

    The precipitates are crystalline and can be produced with good characteristics of filterability and washability. Dimethylglyoxime gives a bright red precipitate of Ni(C4H7O2N2)2 with nickel(II) solutions. The precipitate is soluble in free mineral acids (even as little as is liberated by reaction in neutral solutions) in solutions containing more than 50% of ethanol by volume, and in hot water, The precipitate is collected and dried,and then is then weighted. METHODS : 1. 25-mL of nickel (ll) sulfate solution was titrated into each of the two 400-mL beakers. 2. 5-mL of dilute hydrochloric acid (2 M) and the solution was dilute to 200mL with distilled water .The solution was heated to 60-80 � C . 3.

    • Word count: 1200
  21. Calibration of 25 mL pipette

    mL-1 = 24.9916 g Discussion and conclusions: 1.To get the correct weight of the bottle,I have repeat the weighing until two consecutive readings do not differ by more than 0.005g. After calculated the result,I get less than what I expected.From the result that I gained from this experiment,it is slightly different from the theory. Supposely I should get 25.00-mL but I got 24.99g. The calculation assumes that the pipette has not been decently cleaned, that was droplets are formed on the inner surface of the pipette after draining the liquid.

    • Word count: 992
  22. Hamlet Qoutes

    "O God a beast that wants discourse over treason, Would've mourned longer,. O most wicked speed, to post with such dexterity to incestuous sheets." However, Gertrude seems happy with Claudius and finds him attractive. She tries to persuade Hamlet to accept Claudius as his father" Good Hamlet cast thy knighted colour off and let thine eye look like a friend on Denmark" She is a shallow, amiable character. She thinks only about her body and external pleasures. Despite her genuine caring attachment to Hamlet, she is still willing to let Claudius exclude him from the throne She is living under Claudius' shadow echoing his commands and some of his words.

    • Word count: 1023

    The main components of ontology are concepts, relations, attributes, instances and axioms. For integration and extraction of meaningful information from accumulated biological databases. We have to define these components; such components can be interpreted as meta-data (domain specific, task specific or generic). The metadata provides a way to reduce both cost of integrating new data sources and the cost of access to integrated data sources. In result integrated data are easier to understand and allows complex queries and the number of site boundaries. This paper is structured as follows: In Introduction, earlier research of biological databases integration approaches used by database warehouse managers and database consultants.

    • Word count: 3563
  24. The Value of stories for Children

    origins to develop their understanding of word meanings; * Identify and comment on the structure and organisation of texts; * Explain and comment on writers' use of language, including vocabulary grammatical and literary features" (DfES, 2006:52). Strand 8 also states that most children learn to: * "Read independently for purpose, pleasure and learning; * Respond imaginatively, using different strategies to engage with texts; * Evaluate writers' purposes and viewpoints, and the overall effect of the text on the reader" (DfES, 2006:54).

    • Word count: 2743
  25. Governments should provide legal and financial support to minority language

    of that State. We can find some information about languages from internet and academic books. Now there are totally about 6000 kinds of languages. United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization have defined three classes of minority languages, endangered language, severely endangered language and critically endangered language. There are 632 endangered languages, and 502 severely endangered languages and 538 critically endangered language in the world. More than 750 kinds of languages have disappeared in the world. In the end of this century, there will be 3000 kinds of languages disappeared in the world.

    • Word count: 1066

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