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In this assignment I will be identifying and explaining the engineering business functions including organisational and operational structures, planning within business structures, factors driven by product development and explaining the difference betwee

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Business Management Introduction In this assignment I will be identifying and explaining the engineering business functions including organisational and operational structures, planning within business structures, factors driven by product development and explaining the difference between manufacturing and service industries. I was also be explaining the inter-relationship between the different processes and functions of an engineering organisation while considering the company I am employed by. Task 1 Organisational and Operational Structures By Function The chart above shows the basic layout of a by functional structures. According to businesslink.gov.uk there are different department for each of their specialised area and can report separately to the head of department. This structure allows each group to focus on their own speciality while also understanding the role of others. However some disadvantages of this structure are that they can have closed communication therefore other department does not understand how their work affect others. This structure can also have problems on co-ordinating due to lack of understanding each and others jobs. By Product The chart shows the layout of a "by product" structure. ...read more.


This plan is mainly used for thing like setting a certain amount budget for unique projects. Strategic plans Strategic plans are the plans that anticipate the future trends and overall plans for developing the basic plans of an engineering company. The top managers set these types of plans. A good example of strategic plans is to create a new factory based on the predicted demands of the customer. Strategic plans usually last for over 3 years. Tactical plans Tactical plans are the type of plans that break down a specific strategic plan into short term action and plans. Task 3 Market Driven Development Market driven development is the type of development that is mainly based on the main demands of the market. It focuses on the demands of local regional and international market. It uses local producers which are also supported and contracted to meet its demands. This ensures the local producers to have buyers at a high price. Technology Driven Development Technology driven development is the type of development that focus on the providing the consumer their product using technology. ...read more.


A customer order sheet was given, which contains the customer requirement for two different weeks. 2. After one of the 'simulated' working week, the customer requirement hasn't been met. The reason for this is that the team is still getting used to producing things efficiently to meet the customer requirements and that there is no fixed system of manufacturing the customer requirements. 3. The contribution that I have made to the group is that to have multi skilling. Instead of having to wait for one of the group member to finish their given task, why not help them do the unfinished task to make the production faster. 4. The improvement on the team had a big impact on the production of the goods. We manage to meet the customer demands and made sure their happy with the product. We manage to apply Lean thinking by reducing the amount of time we have to wait for a certain part of the component to be produced. We have done this by multi skill people to help speed up the production of the component. ...read more.

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