Technology Management Report - EcoRes is an independent project designed to reach the goal of energy saving in student accommodation sectors.

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A technology management report about Eco-Res project

- A technology roadmap


The object of Eco-Res project is to achieve a goal of energy saving in five years by taking technology measures in student accommodation. This technology management report will give a roadmap of where the future of Eco-Res project lie. The following parts will be included in this report:

• Current technology solutions in the energy saving area.

• How to make changes happen? The key drivers in the change management.

• What factors might stop in the process of Eco-Res project.

• Different types of changes and how to achieve them.

• The main risks might exist in Eco-Res project.

• Some strategy recommendations and other related information.

Overview of technology roadmap for the next 5 years

Currently, the energy usage in University mainly depend on the traditional energy source. For next 5 years, these goals should be achieved:

• Reduce energy consumption by students and staff living on campus by 30% over the next five years.

• Make additional savings greater than investment to develop further environmental activities over time.

. Technology solution indicating leader or technology follower

Eco-Res is an independent project designed to reach the goal of energy saving in student accommodation sectors. Technology solutions applied in Eco-Res project should enable students and staff who reside on campus to monitor and reduce their residential usage. In order to achieve the target of energy saving, some renewable energy technology should be used in Eco-Res project. Considerable technology solutions are listed below.

Solar photovoltaic technology converts solar radiation into electricity, and in this way, solar photovoltaic system can produce energy for daily life usage. Solar thermal technology mainly collect the heat from the Sun by solar collectors, and transfer heat by hot water. Solar power is a kind of green energy which can be installed easily and widely in student accommodation.

Wind power can be utilized by wind turbine. A wind turbine plays a role of converting wind energy into mechanical energy. Different type of wind turbine can be used according to different circumstances.

Another technology solution is LED installation. By installing LED lights, a large amount of energy bills can be saved. Cycle by cycle laundry equipment could also be considered as a technology solution.

Biomass is another technology solution can be considered. Biomass can either be used directed or convert into other energy forms. Garbage, wood, waste, landfill gases and alcohol fuels are the main resources of biomass.

. Type of change management required – key drivers

This section will summarize the most important drivers of change management. In Eco-Res project, the main change management drivers lie in strategic change, technology change, change forces and human resource.

Figure Nature of change (Balogun and Hope Hailey,1999)

This picture shows the type of change model. From the aspect of Eco-Res project, the main drivers of this technology change are increasing desire of energy (Incremental) and low energy efficiency (Transformation), therefore, Eco-Res project is an evolution.

Staffordshire University, adapted from Balogun and Hope Hailey,1999, Exploring Strategic Change, Prentice Hall.


Source: adapted from Johnson & Scholes, 1999, Exploring Corporate Strategy, p.511

From the change style model produced by Johnson & Scholes (1999), the Eco-Res needs transformational change, therefore, the direction style strategic should be applied to the project. The key driver to this change management is the “use of authority to set direction and means of change”.

Morgen Witzel (2003). Fifty key figures in management. Routledge, 2003. ISBN 0-415-36977-0p.96.

In technology change, it will be very necessary to respond to change according to Mousetrap Theory. According to the functional theory of Henri Fayol (Morgen Witzel, 2003), in technology change management, there were planning, organizing, commanding, co-ordinating and controlling. In technology management today, there should also have forecasting. By applying the functional theory to Eco-Res project, the key drivers can be summarized as follow:
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• Make a complete project plan for recommended technology solutions in Eco-Res project.

• Appropriate organization of Eco-Res project.

• Make a Gantt chart of Eco-Res project to command it.

• Arrange different specialized people on different role in Eco-Res project.

• By setting up milestones in the project plan to control the process.

• Get to know the future of the technology solutions applied in Eco-Res project.

958 – J. March & H Simon organisations (New York, John Wiles & Sons, 1958)

From the respect of internal pressures, Eco-Res ...

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