This is a technical report on how the adoption of the recommendations of the Egan Report may improve the construction technology and the construction process of projects.

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  1. Acknowledgement                                                        3                                                        

  1. Brief                                                                        3

  1. Introduction                                                                3

  1. Background to the subject                                                3

  1. The current position                                                         4

  1. Case study 1 (Scottish parliament)                                        5
  1. – Project overview                                                6
  2. – Reason for increased costs and late delivery                        6
  3. – Recommendations                                                7

  1. Case study 2 (University of East London)                                8

7.1- Project overview                                                        8        

7.2- Recommendation                                                 9

  1. Conclusion                                                                 9

  1. Bibliography and reference                                                10

1. Acknowledgement

Sincere thanks goes to Napier University for providing good library and computer facilities.

2. Brief

This report is an overview on the recommendations of the Egan Report, particularly on the ‘integrated project process’. With the help of demonstration projects the report also analyse how these recommendations may improve the construction technology and the construction process of similar future projects.

The demonstration projects used in this report are found in Scotland and in England.

  1. The Scottish Parliament building
  2. University of East London

3. Introduction

The Egan Report was published by Sir John Egan on the 16th of July 1998. The aim of the report is to emphasise the findings made by the construction task force. The construction industry is regarded as one of the major indicators of the state of a country’s economy. Too many building fail to deliver performance expected by the client, performing poorly in terms of flexibility of use, operating and maintenance cost and sustainability. The UK construction industry spends around £1 billion each year in rectifying defects and failures. Some one these cannot be foreseen and are therefore unavoidable, however others may be prevented through consideration of the recommendations of the Egan Report.

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4. Background to the subject

The finding made by the construction task force stated that Britain as a whole is a continual underachiever in the construction industry. That statement induced fear and uncertainty among the industry and its clients. Inefficiencies and flaws were brought to light in order to reinforce key feature from a plan of action which has been devised in order to strengthen the construction industry. The old way of doing things was based on the following approach:

  • Sequential
  • Competitive
  • Contractually confrontational
  • Conventional

And led to unpredictability of out-turn costs ...

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