A Close Shave

When one usually steps into a car takes safety for granted.  Most people don’t even think twice about jumping into a car to go from one place to another. Being in a car, whether driving or riding is a daily routine for almost everyone. A beautiful sunny September day was a day I will never forget, a day that changed my life.

It was a day like most other long and stressful work days.  I was ready to get home, make some dinner and get ready for a ladies night, but that never happened.

        I picked up my cell phone to call my mum as I did on most days after work. We chatted for a few minutes and then ended our conversation.  I turned on the engine and turned right out of the parking lot, than drove off to the next stop sign.  While looking both ways I noticed a white van which was still in the far distance so I took the left turn.  As I turned I was faced with a truck, which turned out to be a commercial truck.  All I remember hearing was the crashing of mashing metal.  Needless to say my beloved car that I had worked so hard for appeared to be destroyed in just a few seconds.

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        All of my airbags were squeezed, my front windshield was smashed in and the driver's window was broken. Watching all this I was totally lost from control. I looked around for a minute, heard voices talking to me, then I felt an insupportable pain in my right hand.  As I looked down at my hand I noticed that it appeared to be separated from my wrist and I could barely lift it up while one of my legs was twisted under the pedal breaks.  Few minutes later I heard a gentleman behind me telling me that everything was going to ...

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