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University Degree: Italian

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  1. Assess the political and cultural impact of the Napoleonic Era in Italy between 1796 and 1815

    which was being pushed by the proprietors in order to further their sales. Nobles and the clergy were also suffering as attempts by the state sought to modernize society by the abolition of privileges. As an example, in Lombardy nobles resented their exclusion from important administration positions and in Tuscany there was a resistance against the Jansenist policy the rulers had adopted towards religious houses and popular religion. It was this state of unrest throughout the classes that caused Fran�ois Cacault, the French Republic agent in Italy between 1793 and 1796 to write that the French Revolution could count on the support of not just young idealists but also most of the middle classes.

    • Word count: 2209
  2. Relacje pomiêdzy Stanami Zjednoczonymi a Europ¹ - konflikty, stereotypy, perspektywy.

    Zmianie ulegly priorytety, cele polityki zagranicznej wszystkich pastw zaangazowanych w ten dramatyczny konflikt. Calkowicie ulegla zmianie rola dotychczasowych mocarstw swiatowych na arenie miedzynarodowej. Francja i Wielka Brytanie wycienczone i wyniszczone po dzialaniach wojennych stracily swoja pozycje miedzynarodowa. Co prawda po wojnie upatrywano jeszcze Anglie jako majaca mozliwosc odzyskania tego "tytulu" jednakze p�zniejsze zmiany polityczne w Europie a takze zmiany w podejsciu do spraw nie tylko w skali europejskiej, ale takze swiatowej ulegly ewolucji tak wiec "fotel" dla mocarstwa nr 1 w swiecie zostal zwolniony. Okres wojen swiatowych dal "szanse" USA na wybicie sie na arenie miedzynarodowej.

    • Word count: 2525

"Traveling is the ruin of all happiness! Theres no looking at a building here, after seeing Italy."

Fanny Burney

The Roman Empire once encircled the Mediterranean: it's not suprising that the world remains captivated by Italy to this day. Add to that the fame of the Renaissance and the Vatican, and you have enough allure to draw in tourists by their millions. But fewer are the hardy souls who immerse themselves in the culture. If you'd like to join the ranks of the truly fluent, a university degree in Italian could be perfect for you.

An Italian degree will require excellent communication skills. In particular, your writing will likely determine a healthy portion of your marks. If you need to brush up on your Italian composition, Marked by Teachers is here for you with our collection of Italian essays. Studying from worked examples will accelerate your learning process, and leave you well-equipped to write polished essays on command.

A typical Italian degree will involve lots of language instruction, oral practice, a year abroad, and modules on Italian art or literature. Graduates cango on to to further study, or pursue a broad range of careers includingbusiness, interpretation, and education.


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