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University Degree: Other Languages

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  1. Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene

    Spenser wholeheartedly approved of Grey's cruel political measures in Ireland, as the aim justifies the means. The poet considered them essential for the continuance of English control and the Protestant religion. The Lord's repulsive methods promoted a discord with the queen's distinctive retarding manner, which resulted in Grey's recall in 1582. From that moment, Spenser stepped down from his appointment, yet remained in the public service. Due to Spenser's experiences in Ireland, he wrote in 1596 A view of the Present State of Ireland (published posthumously in 1633), in which the Irish plight is described and possible solutions are put forward (Jokinen, A., 2006:2,3).

    • Word count: 1697
  2. Song - John Donne

    The poet shows his determined perspective regarding discovering true love over time. The first stanza submits a sense of absolute impracticality; as it states states; "Go and catch a falling star," and as it is known by all it is not achievable to "catch a falling star". Falling stars are a cause of great destruction and hence the poet compares a falling star to the nature of women. He shows that the nature of a woman is similar to a star; both are destructive and will cause damage.

    • Word count: 1182
  3. Jekyll and Hyde

    Both a medical as a detective case are appropiate in this context and are clearly available to Stevenson since as we see he uses both cases. The psycholical disease and the detective investigation case. In the story, Henry Jekyll,is such a man of good status. He is a doctor who is rich, clever and successful in life. Loved and respected by all. But although he has it al, he always had a desire to forfill certain pleasures. Pleasures which a man of his postition in society cannot have.

    • Word count: 1283
  4. Thoughts about the book Ian McEwan: Enduring Love

    14. Freud's super ego, ego and unconscious in the novel 1. We cannot blame the author that the title is misleading for the first reading: the novel is really about an enduring love (as later I will state I think it is more than that) - without conditions, devoted, constant love. Every healthy human felt this, as love is like this. The novel uses "enduring" in its ordinary meaning: it writes about an ill person's feelings, how it could be in a positive meaning persistent, accepted by the society, the love lived in normal setting in its real meaning enduring.

    • Word count: 1335
  5. Hollywood and Presidential Power in Wag the Dog

    And why shouldn't we? Isn't it our right to know what's going on in the world and to not have the struggle of trying to separate fact from fiction? Unfortunately, we may think this is our right, but we do have to take a more critical look at the information departed from the media. In the movie the war is created when allegations of s****l misconduct are directed at the president 11 days before the election. Conrad Bean (Robert De Niro)

    • Word count: 1195

    If there is a brief stopping of the air stream with an obstructed release which causes some friction, it is an affricate. It is possible to draw the following chart for the consonants in English Bilabial Labio- dental Inter- dental Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal Stop Voiceless p t k Voiced b d g Affricate Voiceless Voiced Fricative Voiceless f ? s h Voiced v � z Nasal (Voiced) m n ? Approximant (Voiced) w l , r y/j According to this chart, the consonant "t" is classified as "voiceless, alveolar, stop".

    • Word count: 1680
  7. The character of the Cardinal in The Dutchess of Malfi. Though the character of the Cardinal has been vividly sketched out by Webster, but there is one weak point in his characterization. It is that his motivation for his savagely ill-treating his sister

    The reality that he is a dark intriguer who keeps an army of spies and shady characters as his tools is known only to his intimate acquaintances. Delio talks of what people say about the Cardinal: "He's a brave fellow Will play his five thousand crowns at tennis, dance, Court ladies, and one that hath fought single combats." All these delineate a fully self-centered and sensuous person, who will indulge into any base and inhuman activity to attain his selfish aims.

    • Word count: 1742
  8. Elizabethan theatre

    The 'Theatre' was built in a similar style to the Roman coliseum, but on a smaller scale. It was based on the style of the Greek and Roman open-air amphitheatres. So this was the shape of Burbage's "Theatre" which had been erected by him on the model of animal-baiting arenas. Thus we observe, at this stage however, that the Elizabethan Theatre was more akin to a circus than to a playhouse with which we are familiar. The Elizabethan amphitheatre was designed to hold the capacity of 3000 people. Similar amphitheatres were built to house blood sports, such as bear beating in the 'Bear Garden' and bull beating in the 'Bull Ring'.

    • Word count: 1923
  9. Alfred Harmsworth

    His interest in the publication of newspapers starting in 1894. The Evening News was almost in bankruptcy when it was purchased by Harmsworth. With some modifications in terms of presentation, the newspaper said it had now reached the 394.447 sales. With all this success Harmsworth decided to publish a new journal based on the type of newspaper published in the United States. Thus arises the May 4, 1896 the Daily Mail. The Daily Mail was the first newspaper in the UK for a new type of readers, a type of players that needed something simpler, smaller and more readable than what had previously been available.

    • Word count: 1009
  10. Compare and Contrast; The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz to Defend and Betray

    Anne Perry is the noted author for the series starring Detective William Monk. She was born in England in October 1938. She started to write the Monk series in 1990 and published Defend and Betray in 1993 ( Davis). She now lives in London, England where she continues to write. The archetype, the quest of the protagonist can be found in both of the novels. In, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, the protagonist, Duddy Kravitz, has reached one goal in life, to own land. " I'm gonna get me some of this land one of these days.

    • Word count: 1797
  11. Gilgamesh v. Monkey

    It immediately attracts the attention of the divine forces of intelligence, called Thousand-League-Eye and Wind-Knowing-Ears" (Study). In both the story of Gilgamesh and the story of Monkey, each hero travels on a journey that could be known as a journey of life. It is appealing to note that both characters begin their journey by demonstrating the 'bad' side of their particular character. Both heroes initially oppress their followers, but as they travel this life journey they both develop into superheroes that help their people rather than oppress them. Both characters are also seeking fortune and salvation on their journeys, yet the tone of both stories could not be more different.

    • Word count: 1002
  12. Home Burial

    When he asks why a man cannot speak of his "lost" child, she counters first by saying "Not you!" and then by doubting that any man can. She abruptly announces that she must get some air. He tells her not to take her grief to "someone else this time," sits so as not to seem domineering, and, calling her "dear," says he wishes to ask her something. When she replies that he does not know how to ask, he requests her "help," grows bitter at her silence, and generalizes: Men must give up some manliness when married, and further, two who love should to be able to discuss anything.

    • Word count: 1450
  13. Mending Wall

    For example, Frost's lines "they have left not one stone on a stone,/ But they would have the rabbit out of hiding" could be clarified as "they would not leave a single stone on top of another if they were trying to drive a rabbit out of hiding." In addition to using New England idiom, Frost enhances the informal, conversational manner of "Mending Wall" by casting it in continuous form. That is, rather than dividing the poem into stanzas or other formal sections, Frost presents an unbroken sequence of lines.

    • Word count: 1476
  14. Define the grammatical function hierarchy, and discuss any evidence that motivates it.

    recognise which is definable over the sentence structures of a language, regardless of the extent to which it is important for the grammatical principles of that language.1 The notion of a grammatical function hierarchy (also referred to as the agreement hierarchy, and both names will be used in this paper) therefore deserves further exploration, along with any evidence that might motivate it. Andrews first attempts to define various types of grammatical function, using the terms core, oblique, and external. In his view, these constitute successive layers of clause structure and therefore provide the foundations for the grammatical function hierarchy.

    • Word count: 1738
  15. Many approaches to translation have started out from the idea that there are 'translation equivalents' which can be identified between languages. Is the notion of translation equivalent a useful one? In what ways is it problematic?

    His retort to the company that had asked for the translation was that they had asked for the document to be translated into English, not into American. Such distinctions, then, even what might be perceived like this one to be 'small' distinctions, therefore clearly hold some importance. The above rather suggests that an equivalence of intent is important (i.e. both parties understanding everything involved in the translation, including purpose, intent and impetus) as well as a linguistic equivalence. However, even the aim of the translator - to produce a text that at least roughly conveys the meaning of the original

    • Word count: 1971
  16. Jakobson proposed a three-way distinction between intralingual, interlingual and intersemiotic translation. How does this broader framework inform our understanding of 'translation proper'?

    He outlines these three systems by giving them quite distinctive names: interlingual, intralingual, and intersemiotic translation. Intralingual translation (translation within a language, or rewording) poses a problem straight away in that synonymy is by definition not completely equivalent, as a synonym often only partly expresses what is meant originally and may not apply in all cases. Equally, Jakobson acknowledges that even in interlingual translation total equivalence is largely impossible, even with a larger pool of words from which one can choose.

    • Word count: 1945
  17. Tom Jones

    The readers already can tell from this that something is amiss. This is also funny to us. The reader can picture what Allworthy's reaction is to this baby sleeping in his bed. The reader is already left wondering who this baby is and who are the parents. This is only just a taste of the plot of Tom Jones. As the novel continues we get more hilarious scenes as well as a thick, rich plot. For example, in book seven, when Tom has a bandage around his head and his coat is bloodstained because he got into a fight with Ensign Northerton.

    • Word count: 1270
  18. 'The Hero keeps our sympathy from the beginning to the end of the play'

    "How is it that the clouds still hang on you?" Claudius asks hamlet this question it appears he is concerned about him, Hamlet replies "not so, my lord, I am too much in the sun" Shakespeare has used the metaphor of too much in the sun meaning he is too much in the spotlight of events as a form of sarcasm on Hamlets part towards Claudius. In Hamlets first appearance Shakespeare makes it difficult to not feel a sense of sympathy for him for he seems very alone for his father has died, his mother has remarried his uncle and he is away from university.

    • Word count: 1354
  19. animal farm

    Rather than expose them to the wider group, they are kept in isolation and given their own instruction. It becomes clear that this is not education but rather indoctrination (to brainwash someone into believing a particular opinion). The puppies emerge later as Napoleons private army and take the farm by force by means of violence. The dogs represented Stalin's secret police that chased and killed Trotsky in the revolution. George Orwell uses his novel to illustrate the corruptive nature of absolute power, and the hold it is allowed to gain through the use of propaganda, fear and the distortion of language.

    • Word count: 1878
  20. How the narrative style and structure of the Joyce's The Dead contribute to key themes in the novel

    The use of this narrative form, the constant changes in perspective and opinion, leads the reader to question the cosy depiction of events and invites them to 'read' between the lines of what is actually being told. It is here that Joyce's narrative technique embraces a recurrent theme of Dubliners, gnomon, for Joyce leaves the reader to interpret for themselves what is missing from these accounts. He chooses to reveal by implication and silence, by standing back from direct comment or criticism of his characters, creating tension within the text through the implied use of multiple layers and meanings.

    • Word count: 1364
  21. Verslag van bezoek aan onderzoeker Remco Havermans, vakgroep Experimentele Psychologie.

    De mate van drang is, volgens Havermans, een voorspeller van verslavingsgedrag . Met andere woorden, de mate waarin iemand verlangt naar alcohol indiceert meteen ook zijn verslavingsgedrag. Drang vormt aldus de meest belangrijke emotionele en motivationele factor bij de instandhouding van verslavingsgedrag, en wordt meestal gezien als de voornaamste reden tot terugval. 5 Waar komt drang nu vandaan? Hierop gaf Havermans het welluidende antwoord: Pavlov, Pavlov, en nog eens Pavlov! Dit alom bekende experiment uit 1927 bewijst de geconditioneerde of geleerde respons, die ( ook bij de mens )

    • Word count: 1801
  22. Recensie van het artikel uit het boek Over literatuur en filosofie: grensgevallen en gevallen grenzen (onder redactie van Roland Duhamel) : Over Westers weten en Oosterse Wijsheid: Marguerite Yourcenar door Patricia De Feyter.

    Patricia De Feyter is werkzaam als docent Franse Letterkunde aan de Universiteit van Antwerpen, (zoals overigens het merendeel van de auteurs in het boek), en heeft menig studie en lofrede aan Marguerite Yourcenar op haar naam staan. Maar uit het artikel zal blijken dat zij niet alleen met een literaire bril kijkt naar het werk van de schrijfster, maar het ook interdisciplinair weet te benaderen en te beschouwen. Marguerite Yourcenar (geb. de Crayencour) had het geluk al van jongs af aan door haar belezen vader uiterst moeilijke, filosofische werken (zoals bijvoorbeeld Plato)

    • Word count: 1917
  23. Toelichting stellingname.

    Het verbieden van persoonlijke leningen zal ertoe leiden dat armere mensen beter af zijn. Het zal er immers toe leiden dat geldverstrekkers leningen aanbieden tegen betere condities, waardoor mensen met een lager inkomen en/of slechte creditgeschiedenis, eveneens in staat zijn om tegen betere voorwaarden een lening te verwerven.' Vraag 5-17 Moutains Springs Water Company produceert flessen met drinkwater. Interne adviseurs hebben bepaald dat zij dit doet volgens vergelijking 2.1. Daarnaast is bepaald dat een machine 100 uur per week kan draaien en dat die � 1.000,- per week kost.

    • Word count: 1040
  24. Betekenis van stofwisseling.

    Hormonaal stelsel: werkt op de basis van chemische die door de klieren gemaakt worden. Prikkelbaarheid: ons lichaam heeft het vermogen te reageren op wisselende factoren die van binnen en van buiten komen. Het leven bevat 2 verschijnselen: chemische en fysische Macro-elementen: elementen die we in grote hoeveelheden nodig hebben bv: h2,o2,c,n2 Micro-elementen: elementen die we maar in zeer beperkte hoeveelheden nodig hebben, te veel kan schadelijk zijn bv: Cu, Fe, Zn, Co, Si Thema 2: De celstofwisseling, de chemische samenstelling van levende wezens.

    • Word count: 1581
  25. Jeg vil i denne opgave forsge at analysere og fortolke Herman Bangs Frkenen fra 1883.

    Herefter bliver der gået i dybden med hvordan Frøkenen og Karen tilbringer vinteraften efter vinteraften sammen. Denne del af handlingen er scenisk fremstillet. ”Men hver Dag naar Lygten tændes (…) og hver Dag kommer Karen ind,”[4]. Midt på side 110 i originalteksten går fortælleren tilbage til en panoramisk fremstilling for sidste gang i novellen. Denne fremstilling slutter øverst på side 112 og herefter er resten af novellen fremstillet scenisk. Novellens komposition er opbygget som en zoombevægelse, der bevæger sig fra den store åbne gade, hvor læseren bliver introduceret til Frøkenens ydre omgivelser i form af vej og hus, til de mere intime og indre omgivelser i form af Frøkenens trygge rammer, nemlig husets indre og hendes baghave.

    • Word count: 1311

"The limits of my language are the limits of my world."

?Ludwig Wittgenstein

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