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University Degree: Other Languages

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  1. Campaniile anti-fumat de-a lungul anilor n prima jumtate a secolului XX, fumatul a devenit un obicei larg rspndit, ferm nrdcinat n cultura american.

    �n ciuda prezentei tot mai mare a fumatului �n cultura populara, istoricii au afirmat ca niciodata eforturile de marketing ale companiilor producatoare de tutun nu au legitimat pe deplin imaginea de fumator, spun�nd ca nici nu intentionau asta. De fapt, calitatea seducatoare a tigarilor a fost adesea folosita ca o strategie de marketing subtila, evidentiind o asociere cu pacat, sfidare si rebeliune. Reprezentarile vizuale ale fumatorilor au subliniat frecvent placerea vinovata a fumatului cu asocierea comiterii unui act ilegal. Imaginile de fumatori pe care le voi prezenta mai jos ilustreaza modul �n care campaniile anti-fumat au contracarat acest fenomen prin folosirea a trei strategii principale: 1)

    • Word count: 2416
  2. Consider the peculiarities of the narrative structure of Geroi nashego vremeni and its significance for the readers understanding of the protagonist.

    It will be argued here that the siuzhet of the novel has its effect in two main ways: through the use of narrative voice and through the non-chronological order that allows contrasts to be drawn more easily. The book begins with the travel-writer, who retells the story told to him by Maksim Maksimych. His narrative pretensions and intentions are obvious both implicitly, in the strict adherence of the opening paragraphs to travelogue genre clich�, and explicitly, in the narrator's admissions that he sought to obtain a certain kind of story2 - the kind suitable for the writings of a traveller

    • Word count: 2417
  3. They smell your breath lest you uttered the words I love you. Discuss the battles of the poet and censor in the 20th and 21st century Iran.

    Therefore, censorship is both proscriptive and prescriptive. The Press Law of 1985 places a duty on every Iranian citizen to "serve the prevailing Islamic value system and promote the public good" All published books have to undergo exhaustive examination by the Ministry for Culture and Islamic Guidance (MCIG), which is part of the Council for Cultural Revolution. The MCIG's requires all publications to "guard the positive outcomes of the Islamic revolution, and to struggle to strengthen and expand these outcomes", and bans any material which "profanes and denies the meaning of religion", "propagates prostitution and moral corruption" or "insults or

    • Word count: 2361
  4. Can translation be considered as a social and discursive process in which equivalence is negotiated between the two cultures?

    If translation is in fact a social and discursive process, then attention must be paid to the key actors involved in any translational course of action. Since by this idea of translation as a social and discursive process, it is assumed that a translation is negotiated, produced and subsequently used by more than one party; it is vital to identify each of these clearly so that a translation method can be outlined. With a number of people involved, the production of a translation can be a potentially complicated issue.

    • Word count: 2668
  5. The Great Expectations Of Feminine Archtypes

    These four women helped Pip come to the realization that life is not all about being a gentlemen or have a lot of money. Using these archetypes, it is evident in Great Expectations that when a man comes to a choice, the female influence is a factor when he chooses what road he would want to pursue. A female has her way of showing her predominance on how that dream is to unravel. In the opening chapters, the character of Mrs. Joe is introduced. After Pip is orphaned, he is taken in by his older sister whom he calls Mrs.

    • Word count: 2208
  6. The Tale of Two Women

    For her safety, she is sent out of the Europe due to the invasion of n**i Germany. She boards the St. Louis on its way to Cuba but is denied entry and is forced to stay in a refugee camp in Quebec. There, she meets Anton and successfully seduces, marries and moves to America with him. Although, Sophie was safe from, the Holocaust, she was cast into a marriage that was based on silence. She never spoke of the loss of her family, and eventually opened up to Anton after her affair with an Italian, Stefano. Anton and Sophie's relationship carries on throughout the novel but it has its share of obstacles, from their constant silences, Anton's memories from the burned Hiroshima, and Sophie's contraction of lupus.

    • Word count: 2478
  7. Changing the Environment

    The World Health Organization project tens of millions more cases of malaria and other infectious diseases. "The spread of infectious diseases will be the most important public health problem related to climate change," states Jonathan Patz, a John Hopkins microbiologist who is working on the issue at the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (Stone). Dr. Paul Epstein of the Harvard Medical School says, "If tropical weather is expanding, it means that tropical diseases will expand. We're seeing malaria in Houston, Texas" (Allen). While insects are reproducing, carrying these diseases, three-fourths of all birds species are decreasing (State of the World).

    • Word count: 2611
  8. Beloved - Escaping from the Past in Unity

    Her back a little too straight?" (Morisson, 152). These questions foreshadowed how, as long as "124" continued to be prideful, the community would keep their support withdrawn from the family that lived within. As a result, Baby Suggs, Sethe and the rest of the family were left to deal with their trials alone. Hence, Baby, who at one time found her strength in the community, lost that sense of belonging. Her strength then died leading to her giving up the fight.

    • Word count: 2839
  9. Explain what is meant by the terms 'domestication' and 'foreignisation' in translation theory.

    Foreignisation can also serve to make the translator more 'visible' by highlighting the foreign identity of the source text and protecting it from the ideological dominance of the target culture, which is one of Venuti's concerns, and this could be read as a positive or negative consequence of the approach (just as could the consequence of domestication on the visibility or invisibility of the translator, whereby translation should have such a fluent, transparent and 'invisible' style that the target text's foreignness is minimised).

    • Word count: 2272
  10. What are the principles of X-bar theory? What is its justification in syntactic theory?

    The constituent parts comprise phrasal categories and lexical categories, the former consisting of noun phrases, verb phrases and prepositional phrases, and the latter consisting of noun, verb, adjective, and adverb, among others. Phrase structure rules, when written 'conventionally', consist of an equalised structure whereby the elements on one side of the arrow are equivalent to the elements on the other side, such as: S -> NP VP NP -> Det N1 N1 -> (AP) N1 (PP)1 The elements on the right-hand side, as is perhaps self-evident, are sub-categories of the elements depicted on the left-hand side of the equation.

    • Word count: 2091
  11. It is often said that poetry is what is lost in translation. But translation problems in general can arise as much from unwanted additions as unwanted losses. Discuss and illustrate.

    the relatively faithful preservation of the original text). However, poetry is most certainly what is lost in the sense that it does have to imitate, or accurately reflect, the original text (although this too could apply to any prose or dramatic text also), and therefore while the original expressions from the original language are lost, the original sentiments and imagery should remain. Certain genres of poetry can also be what is lost in the sense of being or reflecting or epitomising cultural loss, such as in genres like the pastoral.

    • Word count: 2510
  12. Media jako element gry politycznej w pastwie demokratycznym

    Kontrola medi�w to jeden z najwazniejszych cel�w nowo powstalej jedynowladzy. Przyklad�w nie trzeba daleko szukac. Wystarczy przyjrzec sie sytuacji polskich srodk�w przekazu we wczesnych latach powojennych. Opisuje ja w swojej ksiazce autor "Polityki prasowej 1944-48" Mieczyslaw Ciecwierz: "Ministerialne Kolegium Propagandy omawialo najwazniejsze zagadnienia zwiazane z dzialalnoscia wszystkich srodk�w upowszechniania informacji, okreslalo dla nich zadania i kierunki propagandy wynikajace z prac rzadu, komisji poselskich i innych osrodk�w wladzy. Omawialo projekty rozbudowy prasy, radia, bazy poligraficznej, sprawy dotyczace organizowanych konferencji prasowych, dzialalnosci cenzury i r�znych trudnosci wydawc�w. Ustalenia przyjete na tym forum przekazywano nastepnie wojew�dzkim kolegiom propagandowym."2 Sytuacja opisana powyzej jest jednym z dowod�w na to, ze sprawowana w�wczas wladza byla wladza o tendencjach totalitarnych.

    • Word count: 2192
  13. Al ver voordat het televisie toestel zoals we het nu kennen beschikbaar werd voor de normale consument, waren er experimenten met het medium, meestal in de vorm van het elektronisch verzenden van beelden.

    Het tijdschrift The Electrical Engineer zet daarentegen in hun artikel "Next, please!" grote vraagtekens bij de uitvinding van Szczepanik. Ze zien de trend van krantenkoppen over "seeing at a distance" of "seeing by electricity" vooral als sensatiezucht van kranten en een manier van uitvinders om investeerders geld uit hun zak te trekken. Ze zijn dan ook niet overtuigd van de werking van het genoemde apparaat en halen andere wetenschappers aan die volgens hen beter in staat zijn een werkend apparaat te ontwikkelen, namelijk Hertz en Adams.

    • Word count: 2538
  14. Security Pattern In Asia Pacific. Pada variable security pattern ini Tavares membaginya dalam tiga tahapan yaitu conflict formation, security arrangements, dan security community.

    Namun, menyatakan Asia Tenggara sudah di tahapan ini bukan berarti tidak bermasalah jika dilihat dari beberapa konflik-konflik kecil di antara masing-masing Negara dan stagnasi yang dihadapi oleh ASEAN sebagai salah satu pengaturan keamanan di Asia Tenggara memberikan masalah tersendiri dalam melihat tahapan yang terjadi di RSC tersebut. Sementara itu, di RSC lain seperti Asia Timur, hamper dapat dipastikan bahwa tahapan yang terjadi di kawasan ini masih termasuk dalam conflict formation. Ketegangan dan persaingan militer yang terjadi antar Negara yang dinamikanya terjadi sejak lampau memberikan satu kerentanan tersendiri bagi stabilitas RSC Asia Timur pada khususnya, maupun kawasan Asia Pasifik pada umumnya.

    • Word count: 2148

"The limits of my language are the limits of my world."

?Ludwig Wittgenstein

If you want to study a European language, but the most dominant languages do nothing for you, don't fret. Almost any European language can be studied at the university level, it's just a matter of finding the right university and department. So whether you're fascinated by Danish culture, or you want to be able to read Mihai Eminescu in the original Romanian, you will be able to find the right degree for you.

If you want to be successful in any language degree, your spoken and written language abilities will need to clearly demonstrate your mastery of the subject. If you need to fortify your writing skills a bit, visit Marked by Teachers collection of modern foreign languages essays. The student papers and teacher annotations will provide all the insight you need to make your papers downright doskona?y.

After the lectures, language labs, and a year abroad, European language graduates often go on to careers in interpretation,education, translation, and marketing.


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