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The research subject of this diploma paper is European football sport terminology in modern English and translation of these terms into Ukrainian.

Extracts from this document...


MINISTRY OF SCIENCE AND EDUCATION OF RUSSIA SIBERIA POLYTECHNIC NATIONAL UNIVERSITY "The sport terminology translation hardship from English into Ukrainian" Prepared by Ivan Cherezov Prepared for: Mr. Salatov D. Siberia 2011 Table of contents Introduction I. Linguistic background. The sport terminology translation hardship from English into Ukrainian 1. Sport discourse 1.1 Sport metaphor 2. Language for specific purposes 2.1 Growth of language for specific purposes 2.2 Why sport English is a Language for Specific Purposes 3. Terminology and system of terms 3.1 The way the term appears 3.2 Term definition 3.3 Semantic features of a term 3.4 Morphological structure of sport terms in English 3.5 Ways of terminology translation 3.6 Sport terminology translation hardship 4. The analysis of the Soccer glossary II. Solution of the problem by means of Computational Linguistic. The creation of on-line dictionary of sport terms 1. The PHP programming language 2. The program product creation Conclusions References Introduction Nowadays a lot of scientists work on the issue of development and setting Ukrainian sport terminology and phraseology. It is obvious that this issue is very important. A lot of people go in for sports, are interested in it and use sport terms in everyday life. The implementation of Ukrainian system of sport terms for everyone to use it (for sportsmen, amateurs, fans) is of great importance. The English origin of terms complicates the establishment of Ukrainian sport lexicon. Such Ukrainian scientists as Balaban T., Vakylenko M., Kotukova O., Marks K., Shynevuch B. dedicate a lot of their efforts and time for this issue. Scientist try to find out the origin of the word and their equivalents in Ukrainian (they create these equivalents using transliteration, calque or descriptive methods). But the adequate translation hardship is not solved for today. The aim of this work is to investigate sport terminology in English and ways of its adequate translation into Ukrainian. The sport terms translation deals with all the terminology translation hardships and equivalent search with account of lexical, grammatical, stylistic and communicative information. ...read more.


3.4 Morphological structure of sport terms in English The first stage for term translation is the determination of the field the term is referred to and comprehension of its meaning in the source language and ability to translate it to the target language. Kovalenko A.J. determines two stages of terminology translation: defining the meaning of a term and translation of it to the target language. To make an accurate translation one should find out which type of term formation the given word belongs to. Kovalenko defines four main types: 1. simple - a term consists of one word: back - ????????, offense - ?????; 2. compound - a term consists of two words that are written as one word or with a dash: corner kick - ??????? ????, throw-in - ????????? ?'??? ?-?? ??????? ?????; 3. terminological expressions that consist of few components: cut down the angle - ???????? (???????) ??? ??? ????? ?'???, small-sided game - ???, ? ???? ? ???? ???????? ???? ????? ??? 11 ???????; 4. abbreviations: FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association - the official governing body of international soccer since 1904 which established the World Cup tournament; helps set and revise rules of the game, called the 17 Laws) - ????????? ????????? ?????????? ?????????. She also notes that all the terms are united into system of terms that are devoted to some peculiar field. Each system of terms is divided into groups that denote the class of objects, processes or characteristics. 3.5 Types of terminology translation Scientists differentiate few types of terminology translation methods. One of the easiest ways of translation is transliteration - a mapping from one system of writing into another, word by word, or ideally letter by letter. Transliteration attempts to be exact, so that an informed reader should be able to reconstruct the original spelling of unknown transliterated words; it is usually used for the simple type: dribbling - ????????, offside - ??????, ??????? ...read more.


In the 'Input search term' widow type a word or phrase to be translated. Click 'Search' or 'Enter' button. A new window with the term, its definition and translation appears (see Figure 2). Fig. 1. Home page Fig. 2. Word article Click 'Edit term button'. A new window where you can edit a term, its definition and translation appears (see Figure 3). In the window 'Term' the terms can be edited. In the window 'Definition' the definition of the term can be edited. In the window 'Translation' the translation of the term can be edited. Click 'Change term' button to save changes. Click 'Search' button at the top of the page to return to the main window. Fig. 3. Edit window Click 'Add new term to dictionary' button. A new window where you can add a new term to the dictionary appears (see Figure 4). In a 'Term' window type a new word or word combination (English only). In a 'Translation' window type a definition of a given word or word combination (English only). In a window 'Translation' type a translation of the given word or word combination (Ukrainian only). Click 'Add term' button to add the word or word combination to the dictionary. Click 'Search' button at the top of the page to return to the main window. Fig. 4. Add new term window Click 'List all terms button' for all the words in a dictionary to be displayed below (see Figure 5). Click 'Search' button at the top of the page to return to the main window. Fig. 5. List of all terms window Conclusions ................ The translator should pay great attention to the interpretation of the lexeme connotative meaning and emotional component while adapting sport terms. We should mind that a great part of sport terms belong to another language and it would be complicated to translate them without a background knowledge. Sport terminology investigation and usability is still topical as the problem of Ukrainian terms implementation is not solved yet because most of the terms are of Russian origin. ...read more.

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