Abortion Ethics

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Abortion Ethics

        Every year, fifty million abortions take place worldwide.  Abortion, the methodical closure of a human pregnancy, remains a highly debatable issue in modern society. This controversy is philosophically based on the origins of two ends, pro-life, and pro-choice. Support for abortion comes from pro-choice perspectives, claiming that all women deserve free rights, whereas opposition comes from pro-life viewpoints, declaring that one has no right to deprive a fetus from its future of value.


The future of value approach justifies the wrongness of killing by claiming that aborting a fetus deprives it from the future goods it may have experienced had it not been killed.  Abortion in this perspective is seen to be as a misfortune since the fetus will not experience the good things life has to offer in the coming future.  Some arguments state that the wrongness in the killing is based in the fact that a human is being executed. However, “being human is merely a biological characteristic”(Marquis, 422). Being human, by itself, does not justify the wrong in the killing since, as a biological characteristic, it is the equivalence of being a cow.  Other arguments tend to take the personhood of the fetus as the center of the wrongness of killing, thus identifying a “person” to be a human that carries psychological characteristics. Nonetheless, psychological characteristics are seen as biological properties too, disallowing them to, as a sole, pinpoint the immorality of killing. Let us say that it is wrong to kill one since he/she consists of psychological characteristics, with this in account, its is ironically proven that it is more of a misfortune to kill an old man rather than a fetus since an old man consists of more characteristics than a fetus, however, this isn’t necessarily true. The future of value analysis is victim-centered, locating the injustice of

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killing from the fetus’ perspective. The wrongness of killing isn’t located in the present, which is instantaneous, but in the future of the victim itself. Superior to other pro-life arguments, the future of value view shows why it is wrong to kill a human but not an elephant or any other animal.  It is by fact, that all humans have a solid desire to live, and since it is a moral duty to respect the desires of others, we must regard the desires of all humans to live, thus proving why it is wrong to kill a fetus. Another ...

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