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History Extension Major Work Postmodernism . It is the feature of postmodernism and examples of texts or artistic pieces that encompass these techniques that is the basis of my essay. I have chosen to refer the techniques to art, novels, poems, music an

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Title Contents Synopsis 3 Essay 4 Source Evaluation 15 Pulp Fiction Analysis: 15 Fight Club Analysis: 16 French Lieutenants Woman Analysis: 17 History Extension Project Proposal 19 Enquiry Questions: 20 Preliminary Research: 20 Research Intentions: 21 Bibliography 24 Internet Sites: 24 Films: 25 Novels and Poems: 26 Video Games: 26 Synopsis There is a dynamic relationship between postmodernism's development through societal events and its affect on art and text. I intend to examine the techniques postmodernists use to compose postmodern works as well as the history behind these techniques. It is the feature of postmodernism and examples of texts or artistic pieces that encompass these techniques that is the basis of my essay. I have chosen to refer the techniques to art, novels, poems, music and films. I have chosen to focus most heavily on films as film has existed mainly in the postmodern era unlike the others. I also feel film is currently the most widely experienced form of textual expression as well as the most obvious way to express postmodern techniques. Film also contains within it the story of novels and music thus adding to its ability to express postmodernisms affect on text and art. The essay will outline the key techniques used by postmodernism to shape art and text as well as the history behind these techniques and their effect on society in general. My analysis will show the elements of postmodernism which challenge the social paradigms of the past and preach a new way of thought. I will address how not just the present is being affected by postmodern interpretation but also how our interpretation of history is being shifted due to postmodernism. It is through the analysis of these techniques and the history behind them that I will explore the ways in which postmodernism has shaped text and art and how its ideals have changed the paradigms of our society. ...read more.


The effects of postmodernism did not affect history as quickly as they did other areas. Unlike other forms of text the voices who recorded history were not questioned till the late 1960's and early 1970's. Following then the recording of history evolved through stages. These included a rejection of history written by the victors and a switching of perspective. During this time colonization was now invasion and events moved further from the "truth" in an attempt to remove bias by historians (from this came the Space Invaders 18 argument - is the alien an evil invader or is the human evil for killing an alien who is just looking for a new home?) . Since then historians have attempted to shift the pendulum back to the center however under the postmodernist belief that there is no "pure truth" history the pendulum will never quite be even. Examples of where pure, unbiased truth will never be reached include issues such as the white settlement of Australia and issues that involve prejudice to a group of people such as black suppression in America. Postmodernism demands that people be aware of themselves and their abilities and that society be aware of the limitations of man. In text this is seen through Self Consciousness by definition means "to be aware of one's self being and individual actions of thought". In literature self consciousness is used most commonly in poetry (although novels such as Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club 19 use self consciousness as well). Poems that use self consciousness include The Love Song of J. Alfred Purfrock20 by T. S. Eliot (this can be seen through the stream of consciousness experienced as the poem follows its character). In society self consciousness is seen through people's awareness that's they are limited because they are human. This is expressed in such ways as through postmodern history which recognizes that bias cannot be removed from our recording of history as all history is culturally conditioned due to the nature of man. ...read more.


I will look at postmodernisms effect on art, Literature, music, film and architecture. I will look at movements that have emerged since the postmodern era and what has driven them into becoming. After this I will begin looking at the effects of postmodernism on developing nations. I will look to see what the extent of its effects are if indeed there are any. I will examine if some nations with a strong sense of tradition are rejecting postmodernism and its ideals. Finally I will look at who is being affected by postmodernism and why it affecting certain groups of people. I will examine what the driving forces behind postmodernism are. In this I will find out who the postmodernists are and how they are expressing they're postmodern ideals. Methodology: The steps I have already taken in my research are outlined above in the preliminary research section. To start I will be looking at my Affinity diagram to see what factors need research and what sources of information are available as material to research from. I will look into what factors have influenced people to reject modernism and thus I will also be able to explain postmodernism as this research will also allow me to see what has been adopted in postmodernism. The next step I plan to take is to look further into the factors of postmodernism. I will achieve this by looking at more post-modern works and the meanings they portray. I will also look into the response of people to post-modern works. I'll find this information by searching the internet and libraries for reviews and critiques on post-modern works. I will also try to find out about public response in terms of sales of post-modern works (in particular grossing of films and music sales). Upon completing this research I will draw another Affinity diagram with my new information. This will allow me to draw a plan for my structure in accordance with my enquiry questions. Then I will start writing out my project. Bibliography Internet Sites: *www.Dictionary.com *www.Foxmovies.com *www.google.com Google Image search *www.Imdb. ...read more.

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