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University Degree: 1950-1999

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  1. Is there a distinctive Conservative ideology?

    Throughout this essay I shall attempt to reveal whether there ever was an ideological guideline to Conservative politics and shall demonstrate whether or not the term 'ideology' is suitable to conservatives as it can be argued that their political party was merely an adaptation of the political needs of the time. The development of Conservatism is thought to have derived from the Anglo-Irish political theorist and organist Edmund Burke, as the tradition of Conservative ideas claim to originate from three fundamental principles: Firstly, traditionalism as it is the key ideology that conservatives base themselves upon.

    • Word count: 1535
  2. How did Margaret Thatcher transform Britain?

    the pound had to be withdrew from currency fix, as the conservative government were not capable of keeping sterling above its agreed lower limit.4 Yet despite this, some historians argue that with the introduction of ideologically driven monetarist and deregulatory policies by Margaret Thatcher, the UK was 'transformed from an insider system to the shareholder oriented outsider system, which it is today.'5 Education is also another factor to be discussed. In 1998 the 'Education Act' was put into place, which allowed parents full control over their child's education and gave financial accountability to the schools, as Thatcher had a 'passionate

    • Word count: 1872
  3. Post-war consensus was a myth. Discuss.

    Indeed, it can be seen from Attlee's own writing that nationalisation had always been an aim of the Labour party, as portrayed in his 1937 book The Labour party in perspective where he called for "the state ownership of all major industries"4, however, historians such as Marr have pointed out that there is a distinct difference between the Labour party's ideology and what they could practically achieve, which indicates that, as a political party, they were being ruled by their hearts and not their heads.

    • Word count: 2065
  4. Briefing paper on why the new President of the EU should definitely come from Germany.

    the gap of EU nations by America, whence commencing the first unification of the EU together on 9th May 1950 by French President Robert Schuman, in his Schuman Plan followed the treaty of Paris in 1951, for the ECSC which will be explained further on,. Germany can stand geographically as the impartial friend to all EU members in the heart of the continent; speaking for its citizen s e.g. in 2009 Germany maintained the highest number of seats for MEPs in the European Parliament at "99 members,4".thus maintaining their superior role in Europe through representation of their people.

    • Word count: 1677
  5. How relevant was the legacy or intrusion of the British Colonial Government in the Nigerian civil war between July 1967- January 1970? The investigation focuses on the developments from three main time periods: the pre-colonial era, the colonial era and t

    These three main groups had a pre-colonial history of tribal and religious conflicts. This was compounded by intra-regional rivalry between the major ethnic groups in each region on one side and the minority groups who were against the ascendancy of the major ethic groups. The islamic Fulani had established their authority over a medley of states creating the empire of Usuman dan Fodio and his descendents. Consequently, the north was made of states that had Islam as the predominant religion.

    • Word count: 3335
  6. A history to overcome

    Queensland case (World News Australia). The Native Title Act 1993 includes rights to: live on the region, access it for traditional purposes, hunt and fish, and teach customs on the land (Native Title). The intervention took this land away from the Indigenous population and is currently holding it with five year leases. Because of this, as well as other factors, most do not own their own land or housing. Sixty three percent of Indigenous people rent compared to twenty seven percent of the rest of Australia's population (Aboriginal Land).

    • Word count: 1099
  7. To what extent was nationalism in Africa and Asia in the early 20th centaury a mass movement

    Pan-Arabism is the concept, which calls for the creation of a single Arab state. This idea was held my vast amounts of contemporary Arabs who strongly believed the Arab world should united under one state as it would be much more economically and military capable1. Arab nationalism in the 20th centaury started off not as a popular mass movement but from a small number of individuals with the aim of spreading this idea amongst there people with the intention of turning it into a mass movement.

    • Word count: 1439
  8. How far was nationalism the determining ideology for state formation in Europe in the period 1790-1919?

    In 1790 there were still lots of feudal states, many of which crossed cultural national borders. Empires that consisted of many nations were common place and there were many similar regional self governing states that were politically un-united. Italy in the 1790s was a melting pot of many small states, some of which were controlled by larger foreign powers such as the Bourbon Kingdom of Sicily and the Hapsburg controlled Lombardy and Venetia. Some were small kingdoms with local rule such as the House of Savoy's Kingdom of Sardinia and other small duchies of Central Italy and the Papal States.

    • Word count: 2759
  9. Free essay

    The Algerian revolution was the culmination of the Algerian War of Independence (19541962) and led to Algeria's independence from France. It was a hugely significant milestone in the decolonisation of North Africa.

    In this essay we will attempt to look at all the aforementioned factors and others which, through the Algerian Revolution, have left great impacts upon the nations involved, the region and the world at least indirectly, it is through this that we shall than be able to derive the significance of the Algerian Revolution. One of the most resounding elements of the entire conflict within the region was the extent and ferocity of the violence which took place. The battles, massacres and stories of torture still set a precedent for the humanitarian atrocities which have been afflicted in times of

    • Word count: 1834
  10. Historical Approaches to studying the themes of 'Society' and 'Economy'

    Indeed, what is interesting to note is that the study of economics is often defined as a 'social study'1, highlighting the fact that historians will apply very similar methods to the two fields of study. Whilst when looking the perspective of society it is possible to see that there are fairly clear boundaries to the way in which it is considered (i.e. through Anthropologists and Sociologists), the study of economy does not appear to be so rigid in its approach.

    • Word count: 1608
  11. Music and art are better indicators of emergent social change than legal decisions or changes in government policy(TM)

    I use the word indirect as it was an influence which was not a deliberate move on Elvis's part. He did not intend to be political or to have any such influence on the civil rights movement as he rarely spoke out against the situation which African-American's were in and preferred to remain as a figure who's presence was for purely entertainment purposes. However, even though he may not have intended to have an influence it appears that he did, through his music, by combining black and white elements of sound into a revolutionary form of music known as 'rock an roll'.

    • Word count: 2043
  12. The Vietnam War

    S. National Guard discharged weapons into the crowd of people gathered. This caused the death of four students and injuries to nine other students, some of which were students not even involved with the demonstration. This confrontation at Kent State became the fuel of the antiwar movement of the 1970s. Furthermore, In The Vietnam Era 1963 -1965 (2005), is was found the Kent Anti War episode reached across the nation and Jackson State College in Mississippi had a similar occurrence. Protesters took over a woman's dorm and on May 14 1970 without provocation, police started discharging their weapons killing two students and wounded 12 others.

    • Word count: 1220
  13. Analyze the contribution made to the different Cuban musical genre by the various ethnic groups which have populated Cuba.

    They all have contributed in many ways to the Cuban culture but most importantly they also affected the Cuban music which is one of the most important part of this culture. The Amerindians The native Cuban people were the Taino, Arawak and the Ciboney, who were known for there style of music called areito. ''When Christopher Columbus arrived in Cuba in 1492 one of the cultural expression he found was the ''Areito'' a simple yet sweet music made by the native Taino people.

    • Word count: 1890
  14. Persian Gulf War Analysis

    We must also use a comparative justice approach on the matter in order to further prove a war as just. While there are clearly rights and wrongs on all sides of a conflict, in order to override the supposition against the use of force, the injustice that has been suffered by one party must drastically outweigh that suffered by the opposing party. There have been some theorists, such as Brian Orend, who have omitted this term by deeming it as fertile ground for exploitation by pugnacious regimes.

    • Word count: 3491
  15. Document Analysis Document: Wales(TM)s gallant exit from the world cup, The Times, June 20th 1958

    When considering Johnes' book in comparison to Williams in order to make it a fair analysis, the on chapters that will be considered in the review are chapters two and three as they cover a chronological period from the late Victorian era until the mid twentieth century. This is done because this is the main period covered in Gareth Williams book which does run until about 1975 but focuses mainly between 1905 to 1950. Chapters one is still taken into account and also chapter four of Johnes book which is entitled 'the television era 1958-2000 will also be touched on

    • Word count: 1576
  16. Why did Britain win the French and Indian War of 1754-1760?

    There are many causes for the outbreak of war in 1754 the main one is pointed out by Daniel Marston who states 'the causes of the Seven Years War are rooted in the outcome of an earlier conflict, the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-48). The Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, which brought this war to an end, had done nothing to assuage the anger of Austria over the loss to Prussia of the wealthy Province of Silesia. Nor had it been able to contain the conflicting colonial ambitions of France and Britain, which provoked continued skirmishing well beyond the official cessation

    • Word count: 2507
  17. Out of this furnace

    This story still stands as a fresh and extraordinary accomplishment. The reader follows the family as they make their way in America. The story begins in the 1880s with the ingenuous career of Djuro Kracha, the first generation immigrant of the family from Austria-Hungary, who sails to the US to find work and start a new life. He began as a worker in a steel mill - at ten cents an hour. George truly was full of the hope and promise that America's freedom and riches represented to immigrants from around the world.

    • Word count: 880
  18. Three Lives of Mississippi

    It relates the story of an atrocity committed on our doorstep." In the civil rights movement, 1964 was the year of Freedom Summer. On June 21, Mississippi, one of the last bastions of segregation in America and a bloody battleground in the fight for civil rights, reached the low point in its history. Three young civil rights workers-a 21-year-old black Mississippian, James Chaney, and two white New Yorkers, Andrew Goodman, 20, and Michael Schwerner, 24-were murdered near Philadelphia, in Nashoba County, Mississippi.

    • Word count: 524
  19. The Causes of the Korean War in 1950

    The central issue here would be to determine whether the Korean War was kick-started primarily as a civil conflict or as a result of the decision of one of the Cold War factions, hence attributable to the ongoing superpower confrontation. The Korean War was, in fact, a culmination of a civil strife, regional tensions as well as a Moscow-induced, therefore, superpower confrontation. In order to decide which best describes the outbreak of the war, we will examine the motives behind the different direct and indirect parties of the war.

    • Word count: 2407
  20. The achievements and contributions of Merce Cunningham

    and his gaining of acceptance. A personal account shall also be included to discuss the impact Cunningham has created. To now evaluate the authenticity of the aforementioned sources, they have all been found to be of a reliable nature, with consistent information. All of the sources were found in Middlesex University Learning Resource Centre in Trent Park and through research, it has been found that there is a vast amount of information available on Cunningham. Every source used, except Bremser's Fifty Contemporary Choreographers, had a contents page and index, allowing ease of accessing information inside.

    • Word count: 3010
  21. Alberta-China Economic Relationship

    Alberta is actively pursuing partnerships in Shanghai, Zhejian and Guandong to further business interests in science and technology. Trade between Alberta and China started with agriculture, and China is now Alberta's fourth largest agricultural export market. Alberta is also working with China to improve China's dairy and livestock industries; opportunities include seeds, rains, oilseeds, beef, canola, other food products, equipment, and agriculture consulting services. Education is a major factor in the relationship between Alberta and China and has received an increasing focus in recent years.

    • Word count: 1887
  22. EssayAssessTheContributionOfTheUnitedNationsToDisarmament

    This requires discussion of the relationship between security and disarmament, and of the conflict between the maintenance of state sovereignty and verification of disarmament. Six weeks after the Charter was signed, the US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and in the wake of this tragedy the United Nations' focus in the disarmament field shifted immediately from conventional arms to the evidently more destructive nuclear arms. It developed the agenda of limiting the development, proliferation and deployment of nuclear weapons, but failed to contribute significantly to successes in this field.

    • Word count: 2257
  23. How does the life of Sidney Poitier illuminate the greater significance of the African American experience

    In a career spanning four decades, including over forty starring roles and nine directorial roles, Poitier successfully and consciously broke down racial stereotypes in Hollywood in order to bring proud, defiant and powerful African American characters to the screen. Poitier's struggle to be accepted for his raw talent is one of the great African American success stories as he became not only one of the most respected African American performers in the world but recognised as a classic Hollywood star regardless of race.

    • Word count: 2850
  24. To what extent does Gorbachev deserve credit for the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe?

    Gorbachev came to power in the firm belief that reform was needed within the Soviet Union in order to prevent its collapse, however he did not appear to have either a clear plan or a strategy to achieve this.1 Unlike his predecessors, Gorbachev was an advocate of peace and sought not to solve the USSR's problems through force, but believed in a diplomatic and political solution to his country's ills. In 1985 he was quoted as saying, "Security...could only be resolved by political means, not military face-offs"2.

    • Word count: 2837

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