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University Degree: 2000-2099

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  • Marked by Teachers essays 2
  1. Marked by a teacher

    Is History a Nightmare

    5 star(s)

    Cohen argues that Marx viewed the 'productive-forces' as the main force of history.4 The primary 'causal-relationship' is that between the 'base' and 'superstructure'; once the productive forces have developed to a certain stage the 'relations of production' becomes fetters on further growth and are 'cast aside'. In this respect, the 'relations of production' and the 'superstructure' are 'functional' to that of the 'productive forces'.5 The extension of seemingly self-developing productive forces over 'nature' determines the pace of 'history', giving it a 'dream' like quality.

    • Word count: 3676
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Is History a Science

    4 star(s)

    irrelevant.2Elton states that the debate with history isn't in its definition, he suggests the argument that history is simply the 'search for truth' and it is 'whether in fact such a thing as historical truth' can exist is the real cause for debate when discussing the method of history.3 The role of the historian is another subject. There are various shared skills of which all historians deploy. At its utmost simple, the responsibility of the historian is to read past accounts or records and report on what he or she may find there.

    • Word count: 4745
  3. History Extension Major Work Postmodernism . It is the feature of postmodernism and examples of texts or artistic pieces that encompass these techniques that is the basis of my essay. I have chosen to refer the techniques to art, novels, poems, music an

    By linking techniques to social events it will be demonstrated how postmodernism has developed due to societal events and in turn affected text and art. Essay We wish to create worlds as real as, but other than the world that is (John Fowels)1 The 20th Century gave birth to postmodernism but postmodernism through its affect on text and art has shaped and influenced modern society. Throughout history there have been schools of thought that shape how our society has evolved.

    • Word count: 5648
  4. What did the Cronulla riot of December 2005 and its aftermath reveal about Australian society?

    The use of text messages by the rioters was seen as the most practical form of communication between members of the mass conflict. Text messages varied with a few simply stating "Bash a leb day" and with others stating " This Sunday every Aussie in the Shire get down to North cronulla to help support leb and wog bashing day"3. Attention was also brought to these text messages by large newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph and also the Sunday morning herald who saw it fit to print articles featuring these text messages with headlines such as "Let's claim back our shire" and "Cronulla fights back"4, only days before the riots had actually occurred .

    • Word count: 1910
  5. Politics is power - the Iraq inquiry. A good example of power within politics is the Iraq inquiry, which is looking at the events, which occurred in the run up for the invasion to the present date

    (bbc.co.uk, 2009) All this for a war, which currently seems illegitimate. There have currently been 6 people give evidence since the start of the inquiry, ranging from Sir Christopher Meyer (ambassador to the United States from 1997 and 2003) to Tony Blair's foreign policy adviser, Sir David manning, who said 'absolutely prepared to say he was willing to contemplate regime change if [UN-backed measures] did not work' (guardian.co.uk, 2009) This shows that Even before the Un measures had been tried out, that Tony Blair was prepared to go to war, this was 11 months before the Iraq invasion, this goes against the Un charter as going to war due to regime change was unlawful.

    • Word count: 1148
  6. Decision Points by George W. Bush and A Journey by Tony Blair. Are political diaries and memoirs useful contributors to the historical record

    These are complimented by contemporary media reports from both sides of the political spectrum, namely left and right, from America and Britain as well as academic periodicals, which were written at a time when the question of invading Iraq was not concluded. To enable a thorough investigation, a series of sub-headings will be utilized under which the memoirs of both leaders will be listed with the important aspects of the build-up to war under further subheadings, with the various arguments made by others complimenting some of the key issues raised by George W.

    • Word count: 6412
  7. European Union

    Enlargement has been a key question in Europe as the EU pushed to the east in 2004 by admitting Poland, Hungry, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus, and Malta. These countries face many problems including high unemployment and weak economies, but perhaps the largest concern is security. Now the new admitted countries comprise the EU's eastern border with Russia and the Baltic states. It is imperative for these new members to have a unified border control policy to protect the EU.

    • Word count: 2165
  8. To what extent were ethnic tensions the primary cause of the Rwandan genocide?

    r****t thinking can be seen in the Belgians' employment of the Hamitic myth to explain the perceived three ethnicities within Rwandan society. The pygmy Twa, comprising approximately 1% of the population were hunter-gathers and were viewed as the least evolved. The darker short and stocky majority Hutu were seen as coming from Bantu stock, and the Tutsis, with their lighter skin, taller bodies and air of refinery were deemed to have come from northern Africa, probably from Ethiopia or Egypt.

    • Word count: 5956
  9. The main issues in Indigenous Australia

    I will argue that lives of Indigenous Australian people today is still unequal compared to those of the non-Indigenous Australian people and that the Australian government has a great role in this process. However, the Australian government does not appear to be alleviating the situation contributing to a better life for Indigenous people. When the British settlers arrived in Australia in 1788, they assumed that the land was empty because there was no indication of ownership or identifiable signs of government.

    • Word count: 1804
  10. Indigenous australia

    2 The idea of Terra Nullius does not provide indigenous people with legal recognition of their customs, laws, languages or their rights to land and natural resources. Put simply, Aboriginal people did not exist within the eyes of the law. It was not until the High Court's Mabo versus Queensland decision in 1992, that Australia's legal system acknowledged that Australia was not an empty land and that the indigenous people were in fact the first inhabitants of the Australian continent.3 Not only did the groundbreaking Mabo case, initiated by Torres Strait Islander Eddie Mabo, lead to the suspension of 'terra

    • Word count: 1691
  11. Is Reality For Historians

    Europe: forming a 'universal historical category'.5 Blickle's scholarship challenged the suggestion that German history was characterised by 'authoritarian' or 'hierarchical' social relationships. In late rural medieval Germany the 'commune' acted as the primary locus for both urban and rural social organisation. Burds identifies similar roles for the Russian 'community' or mir, in late nineteenth and early twentieth century Russia: 1) functioned as an extension of the state apparatus, collection of taxes and obligations; 2) organization based around kinship, religious, economic and cultural bonds protecting the interest of villagers from external actors and processes; 3)

    • Word count: 3279
  12. Is there such thing as a Peasant Community

    arguing that 'questions' have to be asked of evidence retains a large role for the creative influence of the historian.10 In this respect, a 'critical method' to source analysis allows historical scholarship to exist in a dialectical relationship with 'reality'. In the second half of the twentieth century the critique of 'reconstructionist' history grew louder with the publication of T. Kunh's, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions in which he argued that 'scientific' research was undertaken within theoretical paradigms; rather than being a simple reconstruction of 'reality'.11 In the field of history, E.H.

    • Word count: 3276
  13. Resignation of US Attorney's

    The position of the United States Attorney was established in the Judiciary Act of 1789. The Act allowed for an appointment of a "Person learned in the law to act as attorney for the United States...whose duty it shall be to prosecute in each district all delinquents for crimes and offenses cognizable under the authority of the United States, and all civil actions in which the United States shall be concerned...."1 Since this Act was enforced, 93 judicial districts have been created in the United States and throughout its territories which included Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam and North Mariana Islands.

    • Word count: 2174
  14. The Nuclear Arms race between the USA and the USSR

    As Norman Lowe put it, "the need for self preservation against Germany... caused the USA, the USSR and Britain to forget their differences and work together in a 'marriage of convenience'."1 Indeed, once it ended, the conflicts between the US and the Soviet Union were bound to surface again; with the entrance of atomic and nuclear weapons, a totally new "trump card" came into play - the magnitude and potential of nuclear weapons made it a powerful factor in the strategic and political balance of the Cold War.

    • Word count: 2884
  15. Why, if at all, is History important to society?

    The historians repeat one another.?[3] Some argue that history is losing its importance after having been ?shaken down right down to its scientific and cultural foundations?[4] as questions about its reliability and the historians who write it arise. That history, if still important, is being manipulated to suit individual agendas. History, argues Elton, is a necessity as ?The desire to know what went before, the desire to understand the passage down time, these are common human attributes.?[5] It is natural human curiosity to understand what once happened, just as it is natural human curiosity understand what is and will be.

    • Word count: 2097
  16. What does the celebration of heroes reveal about attitudes to the past?

    During the Neolithic period of prehistory, hero celebration took the form of ancestor worship. For the first time people became connected to the land that they farmed and felt an intrinsic attachment to it. This is because of dropping nomadic hunter-gather to agrarianism due to environmental at the end of the Mesolithic. Dedicated to the dead and akin to churches burial chambers, megaliths and stone circles were immense feats of engineering, that took an immense effort to construct for something immensely important (Pryor 2003).

    • Word count: 2733
  17. What is the purpose of a museum? Answer with reference to at least three examples

    In addition to the exhibits and aesthetics of the place, there are usually other activities that should be pleasurable. Properties owned by the National Trust are a prime example of this and host seasonal events like at Halloween and Easter, days out for kids and have little or nothing to do with history (What?s on around the country, The National Trust Website). Sutton Hoo in Suffolk is an excellent example of where a prominent archaeological site and museum have become a family attraction too with children?s activities, playgrounds and ?adventure trails? in wooded areas. Needless to say; the vast majority of Sutton Hoo?s visitors are not archaeologists.

    • Word count: 1345

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