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John F. Kennedy is one of the most popular presidents in the history of the United States.  Like every other president, Kennedy affected and impacted the executive office despite only being in the position for two years.  John F. Kennedy is responsible for the introduction of the “personal presidency”. Kennedy’s stance on foreign policy and the decisions he made in regard to other nations greatly impacted the presidency.  Another impact that Kennedy had on the office of the presidency, as well as society as a whole, was his public assassination.

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Kennedy’s use of television, the way he handled his campaign and his governing style were all aspects of his personalization of the office.  Although Kennedy was not the first president to appear on television, “it was under and because of Kennedy that television became an essential determinant-probably the essential determinant-of a president’s ability to lead the nation” (Milkis & Nelson, 2007).  Kennedy’s principal forum for reaching the public was the press conference.  He was the first president to allow the press conferences to be televised live and without restriction, realizing that the live interview process could be a good way ...

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