nightmare. Linda ran out of the bank; gun in hand towards a back alley.

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                   There was a knock at the door at the door. "Come in". Good morning Noel. Noel I called you because there seems to be a problem. It is written here in the register that you have been late for the whole of last week. Know whatever the problem you have to get it sorted, because this is not doing any good to your studies. If you have any problems at home talk to us. Me or any of the teachers, it's no good keeping it to your self. "Well then Noel do you want to tell me what’s wrong”.”? Well you see sir". All of a sudden Noel throws up all over the teachers’ desk and register. Mr Kipling jumped up in disgust and Noel ran out of the office and through the main doors were he ran into Linda his knew neighbour. "Wow!  What’s the hurry Noel"? Noel said nothing and continued to run on. Linda decided to follow him as she was going back home herself.

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                Linda had followed Noel all the way back to his garden. Linda peered over her fence and saw Noel go into his shed. After a short while she heard a bang. Linda leapt over her fence and looked through the small garage window. Noel lay on the floor quiet still with some pills around him. Linda dashed towards the garage door and swung it open. Noel lay on the ground with a pool of blood around his head. Linda saw a gun next to him; she bent over and picked it up. ...

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