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Old Testament Summaries

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Genesis The first book of the Old Testament, often refered to as "The book of Beginnings" because of its accounts of the worlds creation and the early history of the Hebrew people. Major events and subjects covered in the book include: 1. God's great creation of the physical world and also Adam and Eve's life in the Garden of Eden; where Adam and Eve's sin and introduction of sin to humankind is mentioned (chap. 1-3). 2. Adam's descendants and the great flood (chaps.4-9); 3. The tower of Babel and the scattering ofhumankind (chap.11); and 4. The life stories of the Hebrew patriarchs: Abraham and Isaac (chaps. 12-27),Jacob (chaps. 25-35), and Joseph (chaps. ...read more.


the plagues on the Egyptians (chaps.7-12); 3. the release of the Israelites and the crossing of the Red Sea (chap.14); 4. God's miraculousprovision for His people in the wilderness (16:1-17:7); 5. Moses' reception of the Ten Commandments and other parts of the law (chaps.20-23); 6. the building of the tabnacle for worship at God's command (chaps. 36-40). Leviticus An Old Testament book that is filled with instructions about sanctification of the priests,regulations for worship and ceremonial offerings, and personal purification and dietary laws. The theme of the book is holiness.Because God is a holy God. ...read more.


1,26); their numerous rebellions and complaints in the wilderness (chaps. 15-25); and their final preparation for entering the Land of Promise (chaps. 26-36) Deuteronomy A book of the Old Testament containing a series of speeches that Moses delivered to the Hebrew people as they prepared to enter and conquer the land of Canaan. This book repeats many of the laws of God revealed to Moses on Mt. Sanai about two generations earlier. In these speeches (chaps. 1-33), Moses cautioned the people to remain faithful to God in the midst of the pagen Canaanite culture they were about to enter. The final chapter ( 34) recounts the death of Moses in the succession of Joshua as the leader of Hebew people. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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