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University Degree: Miscellaneous

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  1. Exegesis on Job 42:1-17 In the passage of Job 42:1-6 there appears to be an interpretation of a divine speech to be supported by Jobs response.

    Job feigns submission and accepts that he will never get a straight answer from God. Source criticism is being used as the verses in three and four, Job quotes the Lord's words which were also used previously in Job 38:2-3 and uses them to make his surrender appear to be in defence to God's power. Job's true attitude however is revealed in verse six "therefore I despise myself, and repent in dust and ashes." In the NRSV translation of this verse reflects the traditional view that Job is confessing to his sin in challenging God's justice.

    • Word count: 2170
  2. Source and Form Criticism of the Bible. Both types of criticisms are helpful by trying to understand the biblical content of the Bible and where it originated. By raising questions such as, are the stories that are told in the bible just parables or did

    Hence Gunkel originated questions to ask when analysing a biblical text. The questions a Form critic should ask themselves (according to Gunkel) are, "Who is speaking? Who are the listeners? What is the setting on the stage at the time? What Effect is aimed at?" (Soulen, R.N. Handbook of Biblical criticism, 3rd ed. Minneapolis: John Knox, 2001, page 61-63). An example of form criticism is in 2 Samuel 12:1-4 where it is a prose with a genre known as a parable. It could have a life setting to be retold at coronation ceremonies to remind the king to be humble.

    • Word count: 2953
  3. Describe the visit in the Quaker Meeting House and assess the relevance of visiting religious communities for the study of religions.

    Two large patio doors on one side and several high windows supplied ample light. An upright piano rested in one corner of the room which comfortably held fifty. On arrival we were directed to the "Worship Room" and firstly welcomed and given a brief safety talk. A two minute silence followed, furthered by an introduction of the speakers and the agenda for the visit. Our host and first speaker Keith, was to give an explanation of Quakerism, our second Barbara, was to give an account of business and third and final speaker Humphrey (a retired scientist)

    • Word count: 1428
  4. Ethics in Religion

    The largest religious influence in Nick's life and the one who took him to church is his mother, who still attends church services on holidays. The only tradition is she gives Nick and his brother one present on Christmas. The gift exchange is one sided he tells me as his brother and him do not give a gift back for Christmas although they do give their mother things throughout the year. Nick enjoys the presents he gets from his mother at Christmas but he never had much interest in the Christian aspect.

    • Word count: 1093
  5. Ethics in Communication

    -Me: "Hmm. Ok, So what does Bill bring in since he retired and started working for the church"? The conversation continues, keeping on an even peaceful level instead of my firing off comments on my views and opinions that although I believe correct would most likely lead to an argument and fruitless discussion. Showing respect by being attentive is a skill I am always trying to perfect due to the fact that not all discussions are really that interesting and sometimes you zone out, but it is something I believe myself to be good at.

    • Word count: 1528
  6. Philosophical Taoism

    Tao Te Ching translates into English as "The Way and It's Power". It is a compilation of "poetry, philosophical reflection and mystical speculation" (Zhao). Taoists follow this text as "a testament to humanity's at-home-ness in the universe" (Smith). This book is one of the most translated texts of all time, second only to the Bible but it is also said that it is translated differently each time (Zhao). While scholars also believe that it was most likely not written by just one person and that a large portion of it came from older texts, the story of Lau Tzu is the popular and accepted origin of the sacred text by Taoist believers (Smith).

    • Word count: 1765
  7. Old Testament Summaries

    Exodus The book of the Old Testament that recounts the release of the Hebrew people from Egyptian enslavement and the early years of their history as a nation in the wilderness. Important events covered in the book include the following; 1. God's call of Moses lead the people out of slavery (chaps.3-4); 2.

    • Word count: 502
  8. Religion. Dreaming influenced the Land Rights Movement as it depicts the importance of Land in Aboriginal culture, rituals and beliefs. Through the Dreamtime stories we can establish that Indigenous Australians believe that people are a part of and conne

    Mabo and Wik are identified as two of the most significant cases regarding the Aboriginal land rights movement. In 1982 Eddie Mabo led Torres Strait and Murray Island residents on a fight against the state of Queensland, in respect to the use of the Islands land. Indigenous Australians believed that the state was not free to extinguish the title of Meriam people. Finally after the Mabo case was failed in the state court it was then taken to the High Court of Australia. In June 1992 the Mabo case was won, the High Court declared that the Meriam people were free to possess and occupy the land of the Murray Islands.

    • Word count: 1101
  9. Compare and contrast the human condition as it relates to Muslims and Christians. The author will examine the teachings of these religions as it relates to the improvement of the human condition and will look at the public stance

    "Zakaat functions as a social security for all. Those who have enough money today pay for what they have. If they need money tomorrow they will get what is necessary to help them live decently." "Zakaat payer pays his dues to Allah as an act of worship, a token of submission and an acknowledgement of gratitude. The receiver of Zakaat receives it as a grant from Allah out of His bounty, a favor for which he is thankful to Allah."

    • Word count: 1176
  10. What conclusions does More want his 16th century readers to draw about the Christian beliefs and practices in Europe

    It has been definitively conceded that Utopia is not entirely fictional in this sense. However, it is whether or not Utopia is an attack on Christian beliefs and practices that is to be the primary concern from here on. Nevertheless, the context of the work remains extremely important, especially concerning the "Christian humanist" movement, if it can be classed as such. Erasmus, whom More met initially in 1499, concerned himself with the question which he "believed was paramount in those years [and which was] at once great and simple: "what is it to be Christian?""

    • Word count: 1743
  11. Many have thought about the meaning of abortion. The argument is that every child born should be wanted, and others who believe that every child conceived should be born. This has been a controversial topic for years.

    Because of this 1in 3 babies ever conceived in the U.S. is killed by abortion. Many countries have followed the United States decision on the abortion issue. But other countries still believe abortion should be illegal, they include Germany, Ireland, and New Zealand. Although some believe that abortion is a women's choice. Abortion is the choice of a woman. Under the 14th Amendment's personal liberty women are given the right to receive an abortion. The state can't get involved in the private lives of a citizen.

    • Word count: 1013
  12. Jesus appointed only men to succeed him therefore women should be excluded from priesthood'.

    All inheritance would pass to the son and his descendants before anything would pass to his daughter. A father could marry his daughter to anyone he liked until she came to the age of twelve, she had no right to protest. He could even sell his daughter into slavery, which was often done, as this would be of profit to him. But after the age of twelve the girl would become independent and the father would have no right to betrothe her against her will. A woman didn't have the right to divorce her husband, but he could divorce her.

    • Word count: 2470
  13. This paper will examine the perspectives of both sides; outsider and insider, and will critically analyze their material on the subject of Scientology. By utilizing both perspectives there is a hope to achieve a broad understanding

    As an outsider Watcher does not try and maintain a neutral perspective on Scientology policies and beliefs, but rather aggressively challenges the religion and its members. The first claim brought forward against Scientology is that the church has since the 1970's held individuals against their will. These illegal acts, Watcher claims were not committed by radical or rogue members of the Church, but were done in accordance with Scientology policies. The names and statements made by those held by the Church are given in the article, along with precise detail (dates, locations)

    • Word count: 3136
  14. What makes the martyr?

    In bible, martyr was described as the one who bears witness of the truth and suffers death in the cause of Christ. The bible also went on to say that Stephen was the first martyr. In 978 King of England was murdered by his stepmother. Miracles were reported at his grave and he was popularly regarded as a martyr. During the next few years the definition of the word underwent a sea-change. In 1340 a martyr was described as someone who dies in an evil cause, or in a cause perceived as opposed to right, usually with modifying word such as devil.

    • Word count: 940
  15. 'Few Historians think no progress is being made towards truth, but even history's keenest devotees know objectivity is unattainable' (Lowenthal) Discuss.

    History is a constantly moving process, historians are in constant debate with each other and with what they have written. This is progressive because no one idea is accepted as authority over another. We can constantly produce newly interpreted versions of events that we may or may not agree with - there is value in that. However we must recognise that we cannot be objective about anything in history and therefore cannot come to a definite answer. There are philosophical and religious ideas that create the desire for attaining the truth.

    • Word count: 2164
  16. Pro-Abortion.

    In our society, the church plays a big role in our beliefs and the way we think. It also has a great impact when it comes to law making. Some believe abortion is wrong because they believe that it is blatant murder of a life. Many of the propagators of this idea are usually associated with the belief system. They believe that every human has the right to life. The church says that fetus is considered human the very instance that it is conceived. However, the Bible never actually mentions the term abortion or that it is wrong in any way.

    • Word count: 597
  17. Describe several heuristics that you might use when deciding whether you should a) Study especially hard for an exam OR b) ask someone for (or accept) a date.Under what circumstances are these heuristics likely to contribute to poor decision making?

    There are too many variables to calculate. Often, also, we are provided with information which is not complete. A rational decision needs symmetric information in order to be truly rational, by analysing all inputs, and as a result possible outcomes. This is where humans begin to use heuristics as a method of making the decision. These heuristics are often the cause of irrational behaviour, however, as they do not always help us make the right decision. There are three heuristic that should be mentioned. Representativeness heuristics are those based on general past experiences. Essentially these heuristics are based on stereo types.

    • Word count: 1679
  18. The ethics of abortion.

    Thus prohibiting abortion may itself be morally unjust. Helen Evans However, objections to her argument are strong and anti-abortion protesters argue that having the right to control your own body does not mean you have the right to destroy a fetus, as all human beings have the right to life. Warren challenges this argument, using the basis of Judith Jarvis Thomson's claim that even if all human beings have a right to life, and a fetus is considered a human being, than a woman may still be morally entitled to have an abortion.

    • Word count: 1996

"All the religions of the world, while they may differ in other respects, unitedly proclaim that nothing lives in this world but Truth."

-Mahatma Gandhi

If you love nothing more than a good debate about the old testament, and you find your daily thoughts taken up with pilgrimages, prayer rugs, and different conceptions of paradise, then a university degree in religious studies might be the best path for you to follow.

Like most subjects within historical and philosophical studies, religious studies is a heavily essay-based degree, so be prepared to lay out argument after persuasive argument in clear, concise prose. If you need some help, visit Marked by Teachers' collection of religious studies essays. Studying the real worked examples will accelerate your learning process, teaching you to criticise and refine your writing until it meets your professor's high expectations.

Students of religious studies might draw directly upon their knowledge for an academic or religious career, take higher degrees in a related subject like history, or choose other careers such asteaching, consulting, and management.


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