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University Degree: Other Religion

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  1. The Quran and Genesis report similar events in history. However, through the difference in teaching of interpretation, historical events, and cultural context the overall ideas are slightly altered.

    However, through the difference in teaching of interpretation, historical events, and cultural context the overall ideas are slightly altered. The two texts share the idea of Revelation. It is considered to be the Theory of Knowledge in which God posses all knowledge and humans know nothing without him. The Theory of Revelation states that God gives knowledge to humanity through prophets. The causes of prophets occur in response to a crisis or problem. There have been considered to be over 20,000 prophets through human history. The Qur'an and Genesis share these similar stories of Adam, Noah, and Joseph. The cultural context is a main linkage in both stories.

    • Word count: 1403
  2. Canada Fur Trade

    According to R. M. MacIver, the fur trade was a primary industry whose growth was a vital factor in the expansion of Canada (Innis Foreword).It had begun since the White colonists settled down North America East Coast. The existence of New France was basic to it; also, the fur trade was the key factor of the powers conquering and penetrating into the interior of North America. By the 1870's, the fur trade had ranged from Gulf of Mexico to Hudson's Bay and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

    • Word count: 2786
  3. Orthodoxy, Nationality, Autocracy?

    Under this law, Russia is a secular state, however Russian Orthodoxy takes priority if required. The law was created in 1990 by Gorbachev, though it took several years to pass as Yeltsin was in fact against it. Under this law, many say religions are almost as regulated as during the Soviet era, with several stringent rules restricting their actions. I believe this shows the Orthodox Church is not as separate from the state as the government wants it to appear.

    • Word count: 523
  4. What is the importance of Zionism in modern Jewish life and religion, why

    Even amongst the Jews themselves there were differing view points about how they should worship and how they would be accepted, until that is they started to realise that no matter how much they changed their Jewish identity they were never going to be accepted as the equals to Christians. This is when the Jews started to want to establish and see their own homeland where they could be free from persecution, if they were able to accomplish this then the Jews could develop into an independent nation like every other nation.

    • Word count: 1958

    A pesar del surgimiento de elementos religiosos en la conducta de los ate�stas, es importante resaltar que el ate�smo no es una religi�n por s� mismo, sino una postura filos�fica respecto a la existencia de uno o m�s dioses. La moralidad te�sta emana de la autoridad divina, mientras que en la ate�sta es el producto de reflexiones personales o de la simple obediencia de las normas sociales. Algunos te�stas consideran al ate�sta incapaz de integrarse correctamente a la sociedad, por no someterse a los mismos principios morales que comparte la mayor�a te�sta, o incluso por el hecho de no creer; y en algunos casos, los ate�stas afirman que la moralidad te�sta no fue correctamente razonada.

    • Word count: 1814
  6. Bob Marley's "Redemption Song": The Rhetoric of Reggae and Rastafari

    By 1988, Barrett conservatively calculated the membership of the worldwide movement to be 300,000 (2). Forsythe observed that Rastafarianism "represents a growing force wherever sizable West Indian communities are found--in Britain, Canada, the USA and in the Caribbean" (63). There are several possible explanations for the rapid growth of Rastafari. One major factor in its expansion was the emergence in the late 1960s of reggae music, a derivative of American rhythm and blues and Jamaican ska. Reggae helped spread the philosophy of Rastafari to the wider Jamaican audience and the world. During that period of time, Bob Marley and the Wailers were the principal popularizers of reggae.

    • Word count: 7677
  7. During Bob Marley's life he found many influences in many different aspects of life. Some of these influences include other artists, political oppression, family life, homeland, and senseless acts of violence directed towards him.

    It was also in Trenchtown that young Bob was exposed to bebop and modern jazz for the first time. In Marley's younger years he first began to take part in the evening music sessions held by Joe Higgs in his Third Street yard. Higgs was one of the area's most famous residents, having been one of Jamaica's first popular recording artists. (White, timothy. Cath the Fire: The Life of Bob Marley.) The musical seminars Higgs conducted often were rigorous affairs; emphasis would be placed on breath control and melody, and in addition to guitar lessons, he would instruct Bob in the art of writing lyrics that could carry clear ideas to people.

    • Word count: 1782
  8. The film Martha Marcy May Marln looks at fragility of th human mind and how it can b manipulatd by cults, and in th procss contorting prsonality and individual idntity.

    Thе relationship of the members is еxtrеmеly rеminiscеnt of thе cult formеd by Charlеs Manson who wеnt on to commit, among othеrs, horrible crimes. Manson usеd a numbеr of tеchniquеs to crеatе his cult of followеrs that arе protrayеd and replicated in thе charactеr of Patrick. Hе would rеcruit young imprеssionablе girls who had lеft homе and had no family, and convincе thеm of his own outspokеn worldviеw in a procеss of rе-idеntification that would oftеn bеgin with rеnaming. Whilst thе film is not focusеd primarily on Patrick, his influеncе on thе group is undoubtеd, which makеs itsеlf apparеnt in thе bеliеfs and codеs thе women livе by.

    • Word count: 1025

"All the religions of the world, while they may differ in other respects, unitedly proclaim that nothing lives in this world but Truth."

-Mahatma Gandhi

If you love nothing more than a good debate about the old testament, and you find your daily thoughts taken up with pilgrimages, prayer rugs, and different conceptions of paradise, then a university degree in religious studies might be the best path for you to follow.

Like most subjects within historical and philosophical studies, religious studies is a heavily essay-based degree, so be prepared to lay out argument after persuasive argument in clear, concise prose. If you need some help, visit Marked by Teachers' collection of religious studies essays. Studying the real worked examples will accelerate your learning process, teaching you to criticise and refine your writing until it meets your professor's high expectations.

Students of religious studies might draw directly upon their knowledge for an academic or religious career, take higher degrees in a related subject like history, or choose other careers such asteaching, consulting, and management.


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