roman medical ideas were the same as the greeks

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‘Roman medical ideas were the same as the Greeks’

Roman ideas were a lot like the Greeks however there were still differences.

The Greeks believed that gods cured illness and injuries, the Romans also used this idea. For instants the Greeks used the gods as a first choice rather than a last resort; there was a lot of evidence around the Roman Empire that gods were seen as important.

Greeks doctors observed patients and recorded their symptoms. Galen agreed with Hippocrates and told his doctors to watch and record his patient’s symptoms so that he would have a medical journal of the illness and could predict what would happen to someone else with the same symptoms. This shows that the Romans kept most of the same methods.

Herbs were commonly used as treatments by both Romans and Greeks. Galen used herbs and vegetables as opposites for example he used pepper when patients had colds because it is seen as hot. Roman families used vegetables in medical treatments at home. The idea of herbs was seen as one of the most important methods for the Romans and the Greeks.

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Greeks frequently recommended exercise and changes in the diet there is also evidence for this method by the Romans. The Romans were a great fan of public baths and those who could afford it had personal trainers.

Greek doctors were successfully able to carry out simple operations. The Romans built on this idea as they were able to perform caesareans, named after Julia Caesar, and experiments on animals so that they could understand more about the human body. By this time simple anaesthetics had been invented.

Romans didn’t really look for new ideas, they were ...

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