The “Big Three” Did Not Get the Treaty They Wanted Because, “the Leaders Were Too Different- They Couldn’T Have Got All They Wanted and Someone Was Bound To Be Disappointed.

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The "Big Three" did not get the treaty they wanted because, "the leaders were too different- they couldn't have got all they wanted and someone was bound to be disappointed."

I chose this option because I have learn and read that, Clemenceau (Prime Minster of France), did not get on well with Wilson (President of USA) and Lloyd George (Prime Minster of Britain.) Also Wilson and Lloyd George did not agree on some matters.

Evidence to support my choice is that, Clemenceau did not agree with Wilson on many issues. For example: Wilson's more generous attitude towards Germany. Wilson had this view because he was worried that if the treaty was too harsh on Germany, some day she would recover and want revenge. He believed that nations should co-operate to achieve world peace. He also proposed the setting up of the "League Of Nations." Other evidence is that Clemenceau partially clashed with Lloyd George over Lloyd George's desire not to treat Germany to harshly. For example: Clemenceau said, "if the British are so anxious to appease Germany they should look overseas and make colonial, naval or commercial concessions." Wilson and Lloyd George did not agree because Lloyd George was partially unhappy about point number two of the fourteen points. Point number two was, "free access to the sea in peace and wartime." Similarly Wilson's view on people ruling themselves was somewhat threatening the British Government whose British Empire ruled millions of people across the world from London.
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There is also evidence that supports options "Clemenceau bullied Wilson and Lloyd George into agreeing a harsh treaty" and "Public opinion in their home countries affected the leader's decisions.

Evidence that supports "Clemenceau bullied Wilson and Lloyd George into agreeing a harsh treaty" is that, Clemenceau always demanded what he wanted, and he kept pressuring Wilson and Lloyd George into agreeing to a harsh treaty, because he was under a lot of pressure from the French government. Also Clemenceau had got most of his aims, so this could have meant that Clemenceau had bullied Wilson and ...

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