The British Empire was made by war because if Britain won a battle they controlled the land there as well. In 1763 India and Canada were controlled by Britain after they won a war against France, so The British Empire was created to control these lands and defend them from any kind of invasion.

By the end of Queen Victoria’s reign, Britain had gained more overseas lands than any other nation in history. These lands were known collectively as The British Empire. If you do not know what Empire means, it means supreme political dominion, government of which the sovereign is called Emperor.

Britain’s Empire included countries in every continent and islands in every ocean including colonies in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Australasia and the Pacific. If you do not know what colonies mean, they are settlements founded by emigrants.

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At this time British Naval strength was unbeatable and Britannia really did “Rule The Waves.” Vital trading routs such as the Suez cannel were also controlled by Britain. This made the imports and exports industries grow. Import means something that is going from somewhere to Britain and Export means something that is from us going somewhere else.

The British Empire grew a lot in India because Robert Clive signed a treaty with the French saying that the French were not allowed in India. During the later 1800’s many people went to live and work at India as traders, ...

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