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                                                                                                       Assignment 1:Narration

The Cycle of Karma


Buddhism has many teachings. The Buddha teached people to believe in the fact.

The Buddha’s teaching is really true and never out-of-date. It’s always true every era

especially the cycle of karma, which is the heart of the teaching. Karma or deed can be

either good or bad. Everyone has karma. Some people have sins more than merits but

some groups of people do not. In the past, I never realized the story about merit and sin

until one day I heard an amazing and unbelievable story from my uncle. It is a true story

that happened with my uncle 29 years ago. My uncle’s experience is like the cycle of

karma. The cycle of karma is believed that what you do is what you will deserve.    

My uncle was the first lieutenant in 1974. He worked for the government as a

commander in Ubonrajchathanee. One day, he got an order to take the army about one

hundred people in order to suppressed the terrorists who were the communists at

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Phoophannoi in Nakornpanom. His army had walked for 2 days to get there. On the way,

there was a villager’s dog that followed his army. Every soldier had the compassion and

took care of this dog according to fate. It became a part of army implicitly. It not only

followed everywhere the army went but also liked to walked in front of the army like the

leader. When the army got the destination, which located in the jungle, they took hold of

that area for setting the military base. ...

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