Why did the USSR collapse?

At one time the USSR was the greatest state in the world. Historians argue till now about why it has disappeared. Was the USSR’s collapse intentionally arranged or it should have happened? Did the USSR collapse because it was disorganized or did the USSR destroy itself? Everyone has an opinion in this case, but the fact remains, the USSR remains only in memory of people.

We can allocate many reasons of formation and disintegration of the USSR. First of all we should know what was happening with the USSR in the 1990. It was the most difficult period of time in the history of the USSR is the 1990.  The government has been entering a country to the state of emergency for a period of 6 months in that time, meetings and strikes were forbidden. The prices on food started to go up and salaries went to down, the curfew was established. And government opened the State Committee on State of Emergency in the USSR. This committee declared their own problem to overcome economic and political crisis, international and civil confrontation and anarchy.

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But what the population of the USSR thought about government and their actions at that time? People were really shocked what was happening in the country, they did not know whom they could believe, what they could do and what to expect from government. They lost any hope for the future. But why they kept silence? Because there were people in the government who needed collapsing of the USSR and they used mass-media to manipulate public opinion about the situation in the country. Besides performances in streets, the press has been filled directly up by the negative information. The press ...

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