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“Equal In Law? The Case of The Female Lawyer”.

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An Article Analysis With Reference To Relevant Laws For Haze Management Consultancy By Christine Shaw Word count = 1696 "Equal In Law? The Case of the Female Lawyer" The article "Equal In Law? The Case of The Female Lawyer", provides in insight into the issues that have arisen in respect to equal opportunities. It also enables an overview of the law associated and how these are put into practice. A number of problems for females practising in law are evident from the article and I have structured my analysis by discussing the problems, with the appropriate legal issues followed by a conclusion of implications that this area of law could have for the company or its clients and recommendations. A fundamental problem highlighted in the article is that throughout the years, women have been discovering great difficulties entering a career in law. This is mainly due to the fact that although there are laws protecting the rights of women, they are not sufficient. There is also, a lack of enforcement, negative attitudes towards these laws and attitudes towards female lawyers and barristers in general. Historical context of discrimination Initially women had little or no laws protecting them at work, as it was not socially expected for a woman to work. Over the decades there has been a dramatic change in social attitude, which has resulted in laws being enforced. ...read more.


The SDA makes discrimination unlawful in "employment, education, advertising, or when providing housing, goods, services, or facilities". There are two forms of discrimination these are direct discrimination, and indirect discrimination. On the 5th November 1998, the Equal Opportunities Commission submitted recommendations for a new sex equality law to the government. This aims to provide more clarity in the present law, including suggestions such as clarifying "the EOC's jurisdiction in the context of the EC law", "a reduction in the current exceptions", they also request an examination of "positive discrimination" which is described as "preferential treatment to a previously disadvantaged group". and "monitoring by law" of companies. Also recommended is that the "respondent of a victim is to prove that discrimination has not taken place". The equal pay act covers all workplaces and Article 119 of the equal pay act deals with obligations of states to do certain things regarding equal pay and provides a definition of equal pay. It states that Men and Women should receive "Equal pay for equal work". However an employer is allowed to treat women differently in respect to maternity leave and according to EC legislation, a Directive adopted on 19 October 1992 employers should provide women with 14 weeks maternity leave. The EOC recommends changing this to 18 weeks and simplifying the procedures. There are many other careers that have been affected by sex discrimination. ...read more.


The article highlighted the slow process of law enforcement being formed into reality and therefore more enforcement and encouragement should be made for the companies to address such problems, which would catalyse laws becoming reality. Recommending clients of Haze Management Consultancy to have a code of practice incorporating equal opportunities would be highly advisable, although the content and size should vary according to the size of the company. This would help to promote equality of opportunity and create awareness in this area of concern. By creating a company policy in this field, it is recommended to highlight that it is in the interests of both the organisation and employees. It is also important to have appropriate contracts with employees that comply with the relevant laws and integrate with the changing attitudes towards women at work. This should be done by a review of the client's contracts, which they issue to employees. Haze Management Consultants need to keep close records of changes in the adopted directives of the EC as these are usually converted into a national legislation within two years. This information is collected by the commission and held on the CELEX database and can be obtained by contacting the local EuroInfoCentre. This I would highly recommend, as Haze Management Consultants need to be able to advise clients of changes and have a good insight into the future. ...read more.

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