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Explain and give examples of how employees are safeguarded by employment law.

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M2 Explain and give examples of how employees are safeguarded by employment law Employees in a business like Boots need to be safeguarded. If they were not safeguarded then the employees may think it is not a good work place. In this case they would leave the business. Therefore Boots has a leaflet showing to the employees what kind of things they don't accept. For example: Race relation Act Disability discrimination Act Sex discrimination Act Employment Rights Act The Race relations act is to protect all the different races and cultures. For example if Boots called two different races to an interview, people cannot be treated differently or favorably because of their background or religion. ...read more.


The sex discrimination act is also important in all types of businesses. It has been said that in all kinds of businesses you cannot show favorable treatments to men or women because of their sex. For example: - If there was a man and a women working at Boots. The Boots employees needs to make sure that they treat them the same way and not differently for example if a employee asked for help from an employer but on the other hand a women wanted help at the same time from the same employer. The employer should firstly help the male employee first due to he asked first and secondly help the female employee as well. ...read more.


It would also be illegal if the statement did not include: * Names of the employee and employer * Date when employment began * Rate of pay * When pay is due - weekly, monthly, yearly Another example: - If their was a women who come to take an interview at Boots and another man who come to take an interview. Boots interviewers cannot allow the man to get higher pay then her when they have started at the same time. They are supposed to be paid the same level. On the other hand you can have the man working there for about 10 years of time. And the women starting just now. This would not be classed as sex discrimination because the man who has been working in Boots for 10 years has got more experience then the women. Waseem Hussain ...read more.

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