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Implementation of Enterprise system at Dyson

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Individual Report On Effective Implementation of Enterprise system At Dyson To: board of Directors Dyson limited. MODULE: INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT DATE: 24TH APRIL 2009 CODE: BSNM1M001 LECTURER: SHUAIB MASTERS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Dyson is based on unique and innovative concept. It's presence across the globe and containing the image as British brand makes it unique. Dyson's objective is to share data, information and knowledge within its branches across the globe. In recent times Dyson measured the procurement of enterprise resource planning software to get competitive edge, which causes fundamental change in technical behaviour of the employees. Key sensitising issues are as follows: Current data, information and knowledge management * Core processes and high level information needs. * Feasibility of implementing and Enterprise system. * Methodologies in implementing an ERP system. * Change management issues focusing on Business Process Reengineering and EIS. * Potential implications of supply chain management. It is worth to consider the flexibility of an enterprise system which offers information management and in line with the future information needs. Dyson having presence across the globe and being manufacturing organization, its enterprise system contains some benefits like automation and globalization of company. Although it is highly expensive but still its benefits are more than as compare to its cost. Enterprise resource planning system has played vital role to improve Dyson's supply chain. ERP integrated the supplier, distributor, retailers and customers. This enables Dyson to take immediate decisions. ERP system allows maximizing the value of the product by adopting the measures like improved quality, customer's satisfaction and decreased cost. ...read more.


Core processes at Dyson: At Dyson core processes means HR, finance and operations. To maintain innovation and quality of its products, Dyson always try to find out the ways to develop and enhance the performance. Top management should have solid grip on all core processes (Despres, 2000). High level information needs: Dyson needs high level information in future. Higher level information needs leads to change (Albers, 2005 ). The high level information needs means that Dyson have to focus on following key areas: * Improved functions of core processes. * Better transformed model to improve the employees understanding * An automated system which enables them to operate across the world for its business process. Feasibility of implementing an Enterprise resource planning system To implement ERP at Dyson can lead to higher cost. But Dyson are committed to develop global ERP software for their company. It will help them to take immediate decisions about their business activity. Due to new ERP system it will help Dyson to operate at low cost and enables them to remain competitive in the market. While implementing feasibility of ERP in an organization there are several issues which should be tackled systematically (Bruch and Vinnichenko, 2007 ). Different stages of implementing ERP system are as follows: * Pre evaluation screening * Evaluation * Project planning * Gap analysis * Reengineering * Training to be conducted * Testing * Post implementation Following are the four main stages of feasibility study: Technical feasibility: At Dyson their technical centres technical staff, implementation of ERP system requires knowledge about its specific life cycle stages. ...read more.


It is one of the key roles of change management to provide proper training. And build broad based communication for the successful implementation of enterprise system. Supply chain management: Supply chain management is the implementation of a supply chain orientation across suppliers and customers (Mentzer, 2001). Dyson are required to focus on developing the mechanism to address key business issues like customer demand, cost issues, globalization and technology. Customers has raised their expectations for value added services and expecting more efficient and reliable services in a short period of time. The implementation of ERP system will allow Dyson to meet customers demand in short period of time by following just in time (JIT) delivery of production when its needed by eliminating waste ( Baily et al., 2005). A flexible set of services offering which is according to current business practices are required to meet dynamic international customers. Conclusions: Dyson being large scale manufacturing organization and operating across the globe need a strong enterprise system. Although the implementation of ES is highly expensive but the benefit which includes automation and globalizations activities in supply chain are more than the expenditures. It is worth considering the flexibility it offers in information management and fulfilling its future needs. However communication can be a problem in functional and cross functional process, which can result in failure of ES implementation. At Dyson they needs some one technically experienced and continually monitor the activity and noting the requirements for change. An efficient cost based analysis effective MIS, implementation of an ERP would help Dyson to remain competitive and to achieve its objectives across the globe. ...read more.

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