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Land Registration Act 2002 and the repeal of the Land Registration Act 1925, the system of registration was substantially reformed.

Property is not merely ‘things’ but things which somebody claims to own. A landowner “owns” no more than a space, though he may also claim to own anything which is contained within that space.

Rose is a beneficiary as she has contributed to half of the purchase price, this constitutes as an implied trust where you rely upon the statement made by the trustee. Since the land was registered in Major Thorns name as a sole proprietary, Rose will argue that her interest is overriding and bind Mr Hay. Overriding interests are rights which bind the registered proprietor but is not protected on the land registration.

In the case of Williams & Glyn the bank was bound by Mrs, Boland’s interest because she was in actual occupation and no enquiry was made by the purchaser. Court Of Appeal stated ‘a wife who has a share in the house had an equitable interest in the land and actual occupation is a matter of fact and not law’.

In addition, Mr Hay would be binding upon the beneficiary interest as Rose was not in occupation at the time of the sale and assume she is the wife of Major Thorn, actual occupation was a ‘matter of fact and not law’.

 Lease over 7 years is binding; however a lease under 7 years can still be protected as it is capable of being registered onto the register as a notice or restriction if the registrar is informed under the s.37.

Overriding interest were first listed in the s70 (1), but the list is now provided by schedules 1- first registration and 3- disposition of already registered title of the 2002.

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Mr Hay can only claim to be free from notice if he made all reasonable enquiries. Under constructive notice he must have inspected all deeds, and then he may be free from Mr Wood’s interest. Mr Wood also has an option to buy the property from Major Thorn if he ever decides to sell the property.

An easement is considered to be legal when it is express or implied in a deed and statute. It can be argued that Mr Plant has used the right of way for many years, this is implied. We can assume if ...

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