Using the patent specification obtained from patent number GB2419438, briefly describe the nature of the actual invention in the specification and relate this to the requirement for novelty in a patentable invention.

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UK Patent No. GB2419438 is related to computer software used in electric power generation and distribution systems. The invention is based on prior art and makes use of (1) known electric power networks comprising electric power generation and distribution systems, whereas multiple energy sources are used by said power generators in accordance to Fig. 1, (2) various known pollution control strategies at power plants for those sources to meet emission allowances and (3) various known power production level determination and forecasting criteria, i.e. economic dispatch programs to determine load according to demand.

The invention allocates a load demand and an emission allowance among various power plants to determine the operational and the pollution control set-points of each of the various power plants in a manner that minimizes the total operating cost for the power generation system, including the pollution control cost by an inventive economic dispatch program that uses said known pollution control and load set-points of various power plants as decision criteria for a consideration of pollution control costs throughout the power plants in the power grid, whereas the inventive allocation of the load demand is conducted by considering pollution credits available to the various power plants during operation for allocating the load demand and pollution control strategies.

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In general, novelty can be interpreted like a boat in a pond, whereas the boat stands for the essential features and the pond marks the technical field whereas the water level of the pond represents the known state of the art. If the boat floats in the pond, novelty is perfectly aligned with the know state of the art and it is proper appreciated. If it is not, the boat either sinks or it is not in the water; and thus, there either is no novelty at all because the boat becomes a part of the pond or it has ...

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