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University Degree: Classical Studies

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  1. Poetics

    This is a mouthful but can be understood within the context of literature. Take fictional novels, for example. They allow their readers to experience life as it is perceived-- romantic, adventurous, surprising-- and not as it is known. Everything around us is a "dizzying variety of phenomena" that cannot be perfectly explained (Freeland 139). The only thing that we can make sense of is what we perceive. Therefore, it is not the life around us that maintains a stable ground.

    • Word count: 1500
  2. Asian American term paper

    Army and was sent behind the bars for two years. Once released, he faced challenges not only in society but also within his inner self. To him, he was neither Japanese nor American. He was born biologically as Japanese by his parents but living in American. By answering "no" to the loyalty questions, a part of him wanted to respect his mother but another part of him was scared and felt weak. He felt regret and contradicted against himself. While many people happened to look down on the No-No boys, there were few that felt sympathy for the treatment of the Japanese.

    • Word count: 1554
  3. Macbeth - Witches Induce Evil

    (1.3; 60-64) Banquo wants the witches to state his future. This is evil, for Banquo is telling the witches to disregard Macbeth and pay more attention to him. He is being selfish and not thinking of others, not even thinking of his best friend: Macbeth. Since Banquo told the witches to ignore his best friend, it comes to no surprise when in Act three, Scene one, Banquo suspects Macbeth of murdering King Duncan. In his soliloquy, Banquo affirms his suspicions: "Thou hast it now: King, Cawdor, Glamis, all.

    • Word count: 1472
  4. The Candidates: Who is best for me?

    In one of the three debates with senator Obama senator McCain stated that NCLB was a great thing but quickly went down hill when the government failed to provide the funding needed to make the organization run properly. Senator McCain feels that in order to better education it is going to require that more qualified teacher be hired for each position, that the teachers that we are hiring have the dedication and heart that it takes to push these students as far as possible.

    • Word count: 1171
  5. anthony and cleopatra

    In the text by Plutarch, Life of Antony and the text Civil War by Appain we will see how these historians demonstrate the relationship between Cleopatra and Antony to be to a certain extent bizarre. Plutarch passage shows the first time Antony and Cleopatra spent a great deal of time together during the winter of 41-40 BC. He describes that during the time when they were aimlessly having fun while Fluvia was stuck back at home in Rome trying to keep Antony endeavors alive.

    • Word count: 1432
  6. Phaedo Presents Arguments Both For and Against the Immortality of Soul.

    as sex, because the body only has a negative effect on the soul's gaining of wisdom: "Because the body affords us countless distractions, owing to the nurture it must have; and again, if any illness befall it, they hamper our pursuit of reality." Later in the text a criticism arises from Simmias which contradicts the immortality of the soul by saying that the soul could perish when the body perishes due to the notion that the soul could just be an attunement of the body.

    • Word count: 1228
  7. Thesmophoria in Athens

    This essay will address both the paradox of a woman's position in Ancient Athens and address its more tangible aspects. As well, it will also attempt to answer the questions of why men tolerated such a festival and why women never used the festival as an opportunity to speak out against the restrictions placed upon the by the polis. The only detailed source of what actually took place during the festival is a scholion to Lucian's Dialogues of Hetaerae, which is essentially the "marginal notes to the work of a later scholar in a manuscript produced in the thirteenth century AD"4.

    • Word count: 2781
  8. The Syllable: Comparison of English and Japanese

    Problems also occur when we try to identify the boundaries of these units. How, for example, are we to divide a word such as 'athlete' /�?li?t/? Should the thl /?l/ be put with the first or second syllable? What rules can we apply for stress placement on words like abstract - '�bstr�ct (adjective) and �b'str�kt (verb)? Put simply, the syllable, whilst easily recognisable is one that is hard to define (Kreidler 1989) and in the case of English comprises of a syllable structure more complex than most languages (Roach 2004:79).

    • Word count: 5526
  9. Language Testing Practical Task

    Following this a discussion for improvements for the test will be given. 1. Analysis of the test items1 1.1 Item Difficulty The item facility index allows us to measure the difficulty of a question for the tester and is useful for ordering tests, with the easier items at the beginning. Questions 1,7,11, 15 and 17 all have a very low item difficulty ranking of 1 or close to 1 which mean that almost 100 per cent of the students answered correctly.

    • Word count: 4424
  10. The the role of the social environment in bilingual development

    These illustrate the way in which the social environment, particularly the family, can exert great influence on bilingual development. Part of the aim of this paper is to consider what constitutes the 'social environment' of a bilingual and to explain how this can affect bilingual development. This paper will consider the effect of social environment through the lenses of Language Socialisation (LS) and Group Socialisation Theory (GS). While noting the importance of parents we will also discuss the social environment outside of the family such as the role of peers and school on the social environment and stress that a bilingual's development cannot be envisaged independently from society.

    • Word count: 3684
  11. Translation problems-does translation always betrays the original?

    Methodology and Procedures According to Nida and Taber (1974) in their book The Theory and Practice of Translation, believe that the focus of translation has shifted and that the focus is not on reproducing the form of a message, but evoking the correct response from the receptor. This Challenges my proposed title, 'Translating is inevitably betraying the original. There is no such a thing as a faithful translation' by saying that as long as the translator evokes the intended response from the receptor, the translation is successful.

    • Word count: 2183
  12. Odysseus(TM) Cretan Tales as the Homecoming Tales of Other Heroes

    This is hardly an easy predicament to explain, but he claims to be a Cretan exile, having killed Orsilochus, the son of Idomeneus of Crete, "because he tried to deprive me of all my share of the plunder from Troy."2 Phoenician sailors conveyed him to Ithaca, having gotten lost on their way to Elis or Pylos. The Phoenicians, he says, set the wanderer and all of his treasure onto the land while he was sleeping and sailed off in the night.3 It might seem strange to lie to a goddess, as someone who clearly knows the truth and indeed has had some influence in shaping the truth Odysseus experienced.

    • Word count: 3527
  13. Romeo and Juliet

    The word 'my' is a first person pronoun that illustrates the fact that Juliet is Capulet's possession and that he does not want her to be taken away from him. It also would have reminded audiences in Shakespearean times that children - especially women - are the properties of their father's until after marriage. It was their father's responsibility to choose when and whom their daughter would marry. Capulet continues to illustrate how much he cares for Juliet as Act One Scene Two continues.

    • Word count: 3067
  14. How does Dickens inform the reader of his negative view on education in the opening chapters of Hard Times?

    He also believes that without 'Facts' the children will just remain young and hopeless for the rest of their lives. At the start of the second paragraph Dickens turns his description to the actual room in which the children are taught. He describes it with a metaphor, calling it a 'plain, bare, monotonous vault'. This gives the image of a large room in which the children are locked up. It is described as a 'vault' because Gradgrind considers the children valuable to the future of the country and he doesn't want them to get any romanticist ideas from the outside world.

    • Word count: 2422
  15. Arthur Miller - Death of a Salesman

    and Willy's support has a negative effect on him because he is not allowed to focus on the life that he wants to live, he is living a life which Willy wants him to live, he is not allowed to live his own life. Happy is the second Loman son and he is two years younger than Biff and he is the son that does not receive attention form Willy. He is living a life that is free from pressure from his father and he is allowed to fulfil his dream and without the attention.

    • Word count: 1671
  16. Dracula - Good vs Bad

    However, it is believed that the main reason Dracula was written, is due to the fact that Stoker was subjected to a seriously bad dream, of which he could not let slip from his memory, and had to write the book to release the tension he was under. In the early 19th Century Stoker focused the novel based on a real fifteenth century family, which inspired him to write `Dracula` (reference from spark notes on `Dracula`). Stoker's dream impacted on the novel, which enriched the novel, making it more realistic and alive.

    • Word count: 2108
  17. Discuss the music education programme laid out by Plato in the Republic.

    poses questions not just about the importance of Greek music and how it should be taught to the young Athenian scholars, but also about the nature of the Republic itself. What does the system entail, what does Socrates hope to achieve through the censorship of what is taught as part of music education, and (consequently) what does Plato wish to achieve in the Republic (in a more general context)? It is acknowledged right from the start of the discussion on music education that music is deeply entwined with other disciplines, and that they must be dealt with as a whole as well as being dealt with separately.

    • Word count: 3721
  18. What is metatheatricality? Does it have a significant function in Old Comedy?

    Some critics go further and into more detail: Schmeling, for example, addresses the issue of the play within the play: "The term 'th��tre dans le th��tre' has several equivalents in the majority of languages: play within a play in English, Theater auf dem Theater and Spiel im Spiel in German, Teatro nel Teatro or commedia nella commedia in Italian, etc. All these terms do not correspond exactly; for example, the English notion of the play within a play does not make the same distinction that French and German do between "th��tre dans le th��tre" et "jeu dans le jeu", the

    • Word count: 2679
  19. incepctor calls

    In Britain at that time there was many different types of socialism, Marxism, Christian socialism, Ethical socialism, Fabianism and Cooperatism. All the different branches of British socialism had slightly different opinions but one thing that remained throughout is that they wanted to bring equality and redistribute wealth. Mr Birling's character is a "heavy looking and rather pretentious looking man in his middle fifties" according to the stage directions. In the play he has an arrogant and self-righteous manner; like many upper class men he thinks he can get away with anything either through influence or money, and being upper class he has plenty of both.

    • Word count: 2929
  20. Analyse & fortolkning af Lnningsdag

    p� hotellet. F�rst undskylder han sig med ikke at have penge nok. Han bliver dog overtalt af s�nnen til at vente nogle dage med udbetalingen af arbejdernes l�n, for dermed at f� r�d til at tage til L'hombreparti. Her vil han have revanche over den lidt anl�bne slagter, dvs. en person, der snyder lidt. V�rkarbejderne f�r ikke lov at indf�re et ord, og v�rkejeren k�rer v�k uden at give dem deres penge. P� linje 53-55 f�r vi fortalt at v�rket producerer brosten, sk�rver og trappesten. Det fort�ller en hel del om den undertrykkelse, der foregik p� det p�g�ldende tidspunkt (1896).

    • Word count: 849
  21. To what extent do the archaeological discoveries made at Troy, Mycenae and other sites support the view that the places, people, material objects and values depicted in the Homeric poems are those of a society that actually existed?

    By placing the archaeological site of Troy in its geographical and topographical context using aerial shots, maps and site plans, recognizable features on are identified. The massive curved walls at the site entrance, stone-built theatre, large paved ramp and Troy's first excavator, Schliemann's north/south excavation trench demonstrates the site's complexity (LG 2, p. 25). Unfortunately, major problems arose in interpreting Troy. The long period of habitation resulted in numerous different archaeological layers. Another problem is related to the way in which later settlements used earlier material.

    • Word count: 1981
  22. Midsummernight's Dream

    However, Hermia's father intends to give her to Demetrius, who is adored by Helena, though her love for him is unreturned. Hermia believes that if she and Lysander are meant to be together it will happen, therefore indicating the possibility that love is a matter of destiny: "If then true lovers have ever been crossed, / It stands as an edict in destiny" (1.1, 150-151). This being so, Puck takes destiny into his own hands when he enters the confusion.

    • Word count: 800
  23. The Odyssey: Penelope

    She masks her cleverness behind femininity, and therefore enables herself to maintain control of her own destiny as well as that of Telemakhos. Countless suitors bombard Penelope with hopes of winning her hand in marriage. Determined to postpone these proposals, she tells them, "Young men, my suitors, now my lord is dead, / let me finish my weaving before I marry, / or else my thread will have been spun in vain" (II: 104-6). Penelope has to humor the suitors for the sake of Telemakhos, while in reality she has no intention of marrying any of them.

    • Word count: 570
  24. El Romanticismo en El Matadero, de Esteban Echeverra

    Este hecho no es tan parad�jico si tenemos en cuenta que dichas corrientes constituyen una especie de marco cronol�gico del Romanticismo, es decir, o bien lo preceden o bien lo suceden, por lo tanto es inevitable encontrar semejanzas, paralelismos e influencias entre movimientos, ya que casi nunca un tr�nsito de una corriente a otra supone una ruptura definitiva de los c�nones establecidos. Echeverr�a es un autor de la corriente literaria argentina llamada Generaci�n del 37, integrada tambi�n por los escritores latinoamericanos Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, Juan Bautista Alberdi y Jos� M�rmol.

    • Word count: 3771
  25. Imagine that you are writing a study of Paris during the Terror. In an essay of no more than 800 words:

    It is strong because it represents the personal views of Roux and his colleagues in the �nrag�s, at the time of the event. Its main weakness would be that it is only the view of one section of the population. Further research into differing opinions at the time of the Terror would be needed to represent alternative views, these could be, for example documents from the 'femmes sans-coulettes' (Resource Book 2, A21, p71) that could support this source, or a statement from the Convention expressing the reasons they disagreed with Roux's views.

    • Word count: 1010

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