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Creating a Leaflet for the local Scout Group

Extracts from this document...


Identify The problem I intend to solve is the local scout group will close unless they get more members so he approached me to organize a leaflet to promote the scout group. The leaflet will be down on the computer so it looks professional as doing it manually will be time consuming and expensive with photocopying. I will be doing a leaflet for my local scout group to boost their attendance. I will include simple information about the group and what they do on scout nights and how to join. This will be technically an advertising campaign to make people join. Using DTP as this provides me with all the software I need to make this leaflet successful for the scout group will make this. ...read more.


The leaflet will contain pictures of past activities and points of views from ex-scouts and current scouts to get an insiders view. I will make a prototype of the leaflet and ask my friends and the person involved to see if it does indeed have the potential to boost the attendance of the scout group. If it does not then I will ask for pointers to see where improvement is needed. After I have gathered the required information I will have to find out how to distribute them among the public. The leaflet will have contacts so you know how to join and a form so if you want to join you can straight away. I will include a map as requested from the scout leader so they know where it is in location to them. ...read more.


These pictures give the reader an overview of what type of activities the scouts do. The actual leaflet will fold like so: The pictures I have used are all in the form of jpeg as these files are small in size and save up memory. Implement My design has been improved, as I had to change the layout of my leaflet as it was in portrait but now it is in landscape. My personal opinion of my leaflet is that it looks attractive. When I first printed off my leaflet the text was unclear so I surrounded the text with a text box and this made the text stand out more and more visible. I took the final design, which is included to the scout leader, and he thought it looked very promising. ?? ?? ?? ?? James Anderson Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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