Creating a Leaflet for the local Scout Group

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The problem I intend to solve is the local scout group will close unless they get more members so he approached me to organize a leaflet to promote the scout group. The leaflet will be down on the computer so it looks professional as doing it manually will be time consuming and expensive with photocopying.

I will be doing a leaflet for my local scout group to boost their attendance. I will include simple information about the group and what they do on scout nights and how to join. This will be technically an advertising campaign to make people join. Using DTP as this provides me with all the software I need to make this leaflet successful for the scout group will make this. I will be targeting 13-14 year olds and will be using Microsoft publisher as I can add borders to make it look attractive or Word as this contains clipart and word art.
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Doing it on the computer is an advantage as it produces leaflets quickly and excellent quality. I will use colourful scheme to make it look interesting to young boys.

I could use Microsoft word but Publisher specializes in DTP and has additional features or word as this is also a DTP package and has many extras, which I can download from the Internet eg. New clipart pictures.

I intend to:

a) Boost attendance

b) Give the boys and girls in the local community something to do on Friday evenings.


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