Critical Evaluation of Friel's presentation of Owen (Page 78- 88).

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Danielle de Bruin                                                12RS

English Literature- Translations                        15.10.03  


 - Critical Evaluation of Friel’s presentation of Owen (Page 78- 88)          

   Owen is a rounded character in the play. His disposition changes, and at the end of the play he has a completely different attitude to the way he started out. The section of the play that this evaluation covers (Pages 78-88) highlights these changes which are catalysed by the disappearance of Yolland, and the departure of Manus.

     Owen seems to evolve into the role of responsibility previously held by Manus. He gets his father’s tea, and shows concern for Hugh and Jimmy Jack’s drunkard state. He shows genuine compassion for Sarah. On page 83, after Sarah is frightened by Captain Lancey, he comforts and reassures her.

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     There is a subtle change in Owen’s attitude towards Manus. When Doalty refers to Manus as a “stupid bloody fool” for running away, Own says, “I told him that.” This shows his concern for his brother, since he advised him to stay and defend himself. Also, when Lancey asks about Manus’ whereabouts, Owen blatantly lies saying that he is at a wake. He directly defies the English in order to protect his brother, and hopefully buy him some more time.    

     When Captain Lancey enters to inform them on the course of action in response to ...

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