Patrizia Cocca  -  Id 652011                                          9th October, 2003

Cultural Interpretation of Advertisement

The advertisement we are analyzing is taken by O, The Oprah Magazine and it's made by Nissan to launch one of its latest models Altima and. This car is designed only in a four-door version. Its size makes it a suitable family car.

The scene where the advertisement takes place is the bedroom. A father and his little baby are lying near a large bed reading the car owner's manual.

 The characters used for the ad are seen as father and son. The baby is very young but we know that he is a boy from the sky-blue color of his pacifier and his little blanket that is on the floor. I see them as becoming entities: the man is learning how to become a good father and the baby is learning how to become adult.

 The ad has a clear allusion to an ideal family scene. The father is spending time with his child to teach him, to show him what things are important to reach happiness.

Most car ads are very masculine. They usually relate the car to an idea of a strong, competitive man, who enjoy speed, risks etc…

Instead, here we have a very feminine point of view: he is taking care of the family; he protects his beloved in a warm, clean, comfortable environment (childish object in parents' bedroom as one of the pillow, the little blanket), in which the father is the one who has the power (the way he holds his baby with his arm and the fact he is holding the manual, which is at the center of the scene and is the focal point of this ad).

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The ad emphasizes the values of cooperation and uncertainty avoidance. It wants to suggest the idea that buying that car means that the consumer cares for his/her beloved and (s) he wants to offer him/her all the best and by taking the right choice he makes their environment as stable and secure as possible.

The man here is in harmony with the nature. The nature represented here is fatherhood:  he is not scared of this role.  

The ad also shows an interesting reversal of gender roles.

On one side we have masculine values: the ad shows the idea ...

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