Daddy-Long-Legs (p.13 – 36)


To recall from where we left off last time, here are some of the interesting facts about the story.

Jerusha Abbott

  • the oldest orphan (p. 1)
  • seventeen years-old (p. 3)
  • not only a student but also a helper in the orphanage. (p. 6)
  • wrote an essay titled, “the Blue Wednesday” (p. 7)
  • needs to write a letter of acknowledgement to Mr. John Smith once a month (p. 8)

Asylum / Orphanage House

  • 97 orphans (p. 1)
  • Mrs. Lippett is the matron of the asylum
  • The name of the asylum is “John Grier Home” (p. 9)

Mr. John Smith (Daddy Long-Legs)

  • Visits the asylum on the first Wednesday of every month (p. 1)
  • Affluential trustee of the asylum (p. 5)
  • Plans to educate Jerusha at college for young ladies with the hope that she may become a writer (p. 8)
  • Might write to Jerusha if she gets expelled from college.  (p. 9)
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New Adventure

I gave you a question yesterday asking you to find out the new things that Jerusha encountered after she left the asylum.  What have you got?

Q: Why did college life so strange to Jerusha? What new things did she discover?

After she left the asylum, what was the first new thing that she discovered?

A train.  (p. 13: “… I travelled yesterday for four hours in a train. … I never rode in one before.)

Then, she came to the college.  What was her first impression about the college?


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