Discuss the ways in which Chaucer introduces the character of The Knight to the reader in "Cantebury Tales"

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Remind yourself of the portrait of The Knight. Discuss the ways Chaucer introduces the character to the reader

The first Character in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales is portrayed in a way that invokes respect in the reader. The first line, ‘a worthy man’ is the epitome of Chaucer’s positive description for the Knight; it is also the most basic form of praise Chaucer uses in the passage.

  Rather than basing most of the Knight’s description on his exterior (not one line is spared to describe the Knight’s attire and physical appearance) Chaucer explains his internal workings: his motives and inhibitions. The Knight is not consumed with greed of material wealth in contrast with characters brought into the Prologue later e.g. the Friar. In the Canterbury Tales the Knight is highest in social status, although he does not seem to be as rich as other character in the Prologue. He was considered in high regard because of his personal attributes. The Knight was modest and courteous. The description of battles he fought in (the Knight’s modesty stops him from boasting) show the Knight to be brave and loyal.

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   The Imagery used adds to our impression of the Knights persona. All imagery used gives us glimpses of the Knight’s triumphs in the battlefield and the Christian conquests that he played a part in. This creates an image of the Knight being not only a great warrior but also a warrior of virtue (a true Christian, putting his religion before his life). Each image in the Knight’s passage is set in foreign lands, this shows how much the Pilgrimage to Canterbury means to him. He comes on the pilgrimage with complete sincerity. He does not have any inclination whatsoever ...

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