The film Closer takes a in depth sight into destiny, relationships and falling in love.  Although some critics may disagree with the film being a convention of  a traditional love story and more of a drama, I disagree. I feel that the film Closer has opted for a conventional love story genre and has shown the vices of being in a relationship and being in love through a unconventional theme which may have caused controversy.

Closer is a film in which I truly feel in love with the characters. We automatically make a bond with the two main characters Dan and Alice from the scene in the beginning where we see them fall into the arms of fate as they walk towards each other on the crowded paths on London. The intensity in the first scene makes us focus so much on the characters in question that we are invited to feel the strength of them falling in love at first sight. The middle of the film opts for a approach that shows the strength of temptation. We are introduced to Larry and Anna, who slowly change the dynamics of the film in a unconventional way. Anna and Larry symbolise how sometimes we are tricked into believing that we are destined to be with more than one person, even though our heart lies with one love. The film’s last scene is with the two focus characters. We are taken back to the beginning, by them remembering the first time they met. We are tricked once again into thinking that they are going to live happily ever after, however the film adapts a unconventional root and it ends in a blast, we are then introduced to the characters true colours. We are left with three themes which make up the whole of the film: love at first sight, temptation and lies.

The extract I have chosen is on the last scene in the film, where we are introduced to the characters true colours. The scene I have chosen is a scene which is straight after Dan and Alice in the film have finally found each other, it’s the couples anniversary and its been four years since they first met. The scene ties into the traditional conventions of a love story genre, we see the couple back together and happy, ready for a future until the past creeps up and a struggle begins.  The couple are reminiscing about the first time in a hotel room which was provided by Alice’s stripping. They talk about the first time they met, however the uneasy Alice tries to leave out the past and just focuses on the future. Dan doesn’t like this and he wants to have a clean slate, he knows what Alice has done but he wants the truth from her, for him the past only makes a future. We feel as the audience that these couples are ready to move on and live a happy life and that there conversation on the future will only lead to a beginning. This conversation however turns into a argument and Dan leaves the room to cool down, he comes back and finds he’s lost what he had in the space of thirty seconds. Both Alice and Dan loose control of what they have and the love story of the two ends with a depressing, distraught unconventional ending. Dan reverts to violence and slaps Alice, Alice leaves and the two part. The last shot of the film ends with the music from the beginning, for the first time in the film we see each character alone at the end. Although each of them are in love with each other none of them end up together and those who do end up together only have the strength of practicality.

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To begin, I will start to explain the extract from the point of where Dan and Alice start to argue. The first extract that I will be explaining is from the point of when the couple start to argue until the point of when Dan leaves the room frustrated. The scene continues shortly after we see the couple fall in love again and get excited about the new challenges that are to come in the future. The future however is what leads the couple to the massive  argument .Dan wants a clean slate and to him the future only ...

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