Willy returns to the past on several occasions. Look at each of these ‘visits’ and say what they tell the reader about Willy.

As Willy has grown older he has trouble distinguishing between past and present, between illusion and reality an is often lead through flashbacks where much of the story is told. The flashbacks usually show the summer after Biffs senior year of high school when all of the family problems began.

Willy has many encounters with his past. The first one we come across is when Willy has returned home, talking to Linda about his day, when he says something about the car, “I was thinking of the Chevvy” the Chevvy that he drove was of happy memories however it makes the reader feel that Willy is a bit confused at first because he says he could not open the car window. Also it states that the car is of high importance to Willy. There are many encounters with the car later on.

When Willy is describing his journey he mentions the scenery too, “ but it is so beautiful up there, Linda, the trees are so thick and the sun is so warm” it is the scenery that has made Willy so happy and thinking of the Chevvy. This refers back to the stage directions when Willy returns back for another visit to the past, it is said that “ The apartment houses are fading out and the entire house and surroundings become covered with leaves” this may be that the pas has something to hide, and sets a scene of a better more happier life, a change in mood and the coming of the past.

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This is where the hope of the American Dream comes into the play. Willy is ambitious in wanting Biff to succeed, in the way that he know he did not but does not want to come to terms with. Will seems to be proud of what he does, even though it does not pay a lot of money, and when he knows that Biff is not doing so well he returns back to the past where he remembers the good football days. It is as if Willy returns to the past in times of trouble, where he seeks for ...

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