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University Degree: Creative Writing

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  1. Reflective Essay. Why do I write? There are actually many answers to this question. Writing is very important to me because it connects every phase of my life

    When not busy working or tidying up the house, I often saw my parents lying on the bed or on the sofa, reading. Most of the books I read as a kid, however, belonged to my older sister. Before Harry Potter, I was enchanted by another series: the fantastic stories of The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. I suppose the moment I fell in love with reading happened throughout my childhood. Reading and those stories of fantastic and funny lands found atop a magical tree in the middle of an Enchanted Wood, and many other stories, was the highlight of my childhood.

    • Word count: 2213
  2. Free essay

    Is The Educational System Really Providing an Education?

    He basically declares that the U.S educational system is joke and that if a person is to achieve something in life, he or she must educate themselves. Gatto's essay expounds in many other works that shows that students in American schools are being schooled and not educated. The system makes all Americans to just want to be average and conform to being a copy of that of a fellow classmate. Americans have concluded that all they care about is grades and thus have developed an obsession for evaluation and that of being of a higher status in society.

    • Word count: 1377
  3. The first reference to speech personality was made by L.Weisgerber. In Russian linguistics the term was introduced in the early 30s by V.V.Vinogradov.

    degree of linguo-structural complexity; b) depth and accuracy of reproducing reality; c) certain purposeful direction." (Tr. V.T.) [1; p.3] He worked out the structure of speech personality which consists of three levels: 1) Zero level - verbally semantic level or lexicon. This level represents : - units: readiness to nomination, word choice, using another language's lexis, having working knowledge of special terminology; - verbal grid: ability to perceive grammar structures, oral and written speech, right spelling; - stereotypes: everyday speech, readiness to monolog, patterns and cliches.

    • Word count: 694
  4. Verbal communicative behaviour is one of two major communication code systems, associated with the transmission of messages using spoken words typically labelled as "language". Taking into consideration that man shows his or her personality and temper whi

    what we say and the way we say it, since any personality displays itself and his or her essence through subjective activity and communication, which is impossible without language and speaking. No other personality factor counts so much for or against us as does our speech, because it reflects person's social experience, status (age, education, profession, place of residence, etc.) individual way of thinking, intellect, inner condition, attitude to life. Thus it is obvious that nobody can be understood beyond his or her speech, because it is difficult to make any suggestions about a certain man without hearing what and how he speaks.

    • Word count: 725
  5. Defenition of a Soldier. Before I joined the Army I imagined millions of highly trained professionals in combat doing their specific jobs while simultaneously destroying all enemies foreign or domestic

    Army in many ways. Before I joined the Army I imagined millions of highly trained professionals in combat doing their specific jobs while simultaneously destroying all enemies foreign or domestic. Now I see lazy men, women, and young adults who have figured out how to do just enough in the Army to live comfortably without doing any real work. It seems now that soldiers are even coming Depner, J 2 from Basic Training undertrained, less willing to follow orders, and softer than any before them. Which to me is no big surprise because of the new nicer Army's training standards.

    • Word count: 898
  6. Free essay

    Buying a house

    The first thing that you may ask yourself is, how long do you plan to stay in that location? For example if you have just moved to New York to fulfill a two year long working contract with a new company, and you are not particularly in favor of the hectic city life and have dreams of living the peaceful, carefree life of a small town, then investing a huge amount on an expensive condominium with all the paraphernalia may not be the right decision for you.

    • Word count: 518
  7. Upbringing Children

    Today's world is a world of competition and there is cut throat competition in every sphere of life. The theory of "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" applies to each and every walk of the society. A question that arises in our mind is how to bring up our children in order to face competitive world and emerge successful. Let us first analyze the mindset of parents, or rather should I say, parenting styles. The styles of parental responses and interactions with their children can be classified into three types; the styles followed by parents may not fit into any one -category, as parents combine the styles depending on the situation, age and s*x of the child.

    • Word count: 1033
  8. Creative Writing Piece - Obsession

    I was sitting at the back of the room; a whole row to myself. For a single moment, I felt as though he could see right into the back of my mind. His eyes were dark, intelligent and imposing. Paranoia washed with embarrassment and inferiority crept into my cheeks in the form of a deep red blush. My heart thudded, an ocean of adrenaline raced past my ears so loudly that I swear he could hear it. For the remainder of the chemistry lecture, I scrutinized him intently, and wondered if he was aware of the effect that he had on me.

    • Word count: 2063
  9. Free essay

    Creative Writing Piece - Synesthesia

    The rest of the girls in my year seven PE class were sniggering amongst each other, and quickly formed cliques. I, however, spent the rest of the hour with the girls who didn't form any groups - what the politically incorrect called the FOFs, which meant "foreign or fatties", although there was a slim red haired girl who supposedly belonged to this group, and I wasn't sure how she was meant to be foreign. It's strange how quickly the female social hierarchy is established.

    • Word count: 1239
  10. National ID Card

    This supports her claim that an ID card would not increase security, nor protect the United States any further (para. 3). She goes on to say, even standard ID cards are expensive and creating an ID on a grander scale would increase the already large costs (para. 4). I agree with Woellert in that there would have to be an advanced identification system to enable one to obtain an ID card. Social security cards and birth certificates can easily be forged, so people who present these forged documents would be able to appear less harmful under a false identification card.

    • Word count: 1462
  11. Making Paradise Now

    THE CHALLENGE OF EDUCATION In many ways I am probably a very lucky student because I have been able to study in three different countries: America (Walla Walla College), Singapore (Southeast Asia Union College), and South Africa (Helderberg College)1 To compare them is not really possible in my opinion. Helderberg has every right to claim an equal level of education as Walla Walla or SAUC. I have worked hard as a student each of these places and been challenged by the teachers(one of them at Helderberg challenged me so much that I didn't take showers a couple times because of so much reading)

    • Word count: 6473
  12. Hoffman

    • Word count: 1403
  13. Spanisch Hausarbeit

    El objetivo de este trabajo es conocer las diferentes barreras comerciales existentes a las importaciones tanto como la documentaci�n requerida a los importadores. II. Tramitaci�n aduanal (ej.) Se entiende por una importaci�n a la Uni�n Europea la introducci�n de mercanc�as de un pa�s no perteneciente a esta regi�n. Esta mercanc�a no goza de un libre comercio debido a que no ha sido producida en la Uni�n Europea, por lo cual tiene que cumplir y respetar las disposiciones aduanales existentes. El procedimiento para introducir mercanc�as a la Uni�n Europea es llevado a cabo en la mayor�a de los casos por las oficinas aduanales internas.

    • Word count: 2289
  14. I stared at him for a second and turned away until his eyes met mine. My face grew hot red like chili peppers.

    He was like an older brother to me, always looking out and cleaning up after my mistakes. He had promised to bring me out to have fun while I was on my winter escape from New York and tonight was supposed to be one of those nights. Entering Phoenix Pub, earsplitting music and cigarette smoke thickened the air, causing me to cough occasionally as I inhaled. Eddie waved to a couple of guys. I sat with Eddie and across from me sat an unfamiliar face.

    • Word count: 1386
  15. The peculiarity of English spoken language and Chinese spoken language

    On the contrast, there are usually not such tones changing in English pronunciation, but only stresses. In general, the intonation of Chinese is much more changeable than is English. Scientists have discovered that Chinese speakers use both of the semi-spheres of their brains, while at the same time English speaking people use only one side. This piece of evidence accounts for the reason that English speaking people are having hard times in learning oral Chinese and vice versa.

    • Word count: 474
  16. Australians fighting for Britain in World War I

    They declared themselves Australian but a lack of foresight and motivation deterred them from breaking away from the firm grip of Britain. In 1888, James Bilkington described a "strong Australian sentiment" and noted that the people were "more Australian than English". But at the same time, he also found that issues such as "differences of policy" and "conflicting interests" between the states stood in the way of a united country (67). Furthermore, the wealthy echelons of society during this time disparaged most aspects of Australian life by unfavourably comparing it to that in Britain. As an example, in 1892 W.

    • Word count: 1281
  17. The Miller Brewery

    After the invention of TV, the newest form of advertising became the commercial. With so many ways to portray your message, the styles of commercials have changed drastically over the past 60 years while still managing to maintain the same message. From the 40's to the 50's, the style of commercials for the Miller commercials was primarily musical. Looking back, the style of entertainment of the "era" was more of a musical. The 40's and 50's musical genre changed from a jazz to the rock 'n' roll of Elvis Presley, and the commercials transitioned with the changing times.

    • Word count: 838
  18. Magic Realism

    Hispanic culture blends the history of Mexico with Spain and any other country that was colonized by the Spanish. Although many immigrants who migrated to the United States were looking for new beginnings, their culture has managed to stay solid all throughout daily living. One of the traditions that most Latinos are known for is their use of curanderos. A curandera is a traditional folk healer customary in Latin America, and especially in Mexico and in Chicano communities in the southwestern United States.

    • Word count: 1738
  19. A Fathers Abuse

    This clearly points out his fathers abuse of the substance and how he tried to hide it from his children. Even though he was a good father he was a deceitful man that lied to himself and his family when he was drinking. When sober on the other hand he would he was a man you could count and depend on. Someone who was helpful and solved math problems with Sanders when he didn't know how. His personality was completely altered though with a drop of alcohol.

    • Word count: 662
  20. Education aid

    + State grants: Many states in the United States have grant programs that are provided to resident students and are based on merit, need and area of study. Oklahoma provides need-based grants and specialized grant programs. The grant programs of the Michigan state are designed for a variety of students like undergraduates, academically gifted, low income and adult students. Florida also provides grants and has programs similar to that of Michigan. - Non governmental grants: are provided by educational institutions such as colleges and universities, etc.

    • Word count: 3573
  21. corpus and concordance in comparing grammar in both speech and writing

    Speech 10 the 9 a 5 of 3 at 6 school 3 time 3 yeah 3 the Written 7 a 4 of 3 for 3 ' 3 and 20 the 4 of 4 into 3 a 3 fair 6 and 5 ' 3 for 3 's 8 the d) Five concordance lines for both nouns and verbs in both corpora to illustrate (play) and its collocates 1- Five concordance lines for noun in Speech corpora (1st and 2nd right): press press record automatic and you press record and the play button ...

    • Word count: 2549
  22. Free essay

    Morphological structure variation - Italian, English, Swahili and Chinese the languages considered

    The case of agglutinative languages, instead, is the opposite: in Swahili, one of the most widely spread languages of Africa, for example, a single word is characterized by more morphemes, which can be easily separated. Italian, as well as other Indo-European languages, belongs to the category of fusional languages, where a single morpheme can express more than only one meaning and where there are plenty of examples of allomorphs, (two or more complementary morphs which manifest a morpheme in its different phonological or morphological environments). 2. Nouns According to Gibbon, English nouns are composed by a stem and an inflection.

    • Word count: 1708
  23. Social Capita

    Combining 1 This paper is based on research conducted towards fulfillment of the requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Comparative and International Education, at Teachers College, Columbia University. The research was partially supported by a Teachers College President's Grant for Student Research in Diversity, a Teachers College Dean's Grant for Student Research, a Columbia University Interdisciplinary PhD Conflict Resolution Award, and a Spencer Foundation Research Training Grant. discourse analytic, in-depth interviewing and observational techniques, I explore and analyze how knowledge about the Irish nation and what it means to be Irish is constructed, and how this intersects with the production of curricular knowledge about "race," r****m, anti-r****m, and racialized minorities.

    • Word count: 8942
  24. Curriculum Design

    Campbell, C. (1990) adds, "By extension the development process focuses on the dynamics of material to be used in the entirety of the learning process while entailing an assessment of the language programme culminating from the arrayed processes". At the same breadth, Abbott, G, (1978) concurs that practice of curriculum development must be reflective of the needs examination and ideologies on the English language on its own, its teaching and its learning and acquisition. Gaps in current curriculum design In the development of English language curriculum models, curriculum planners must take into cognisance various theories and conceptual frameworks pertaining to the art and science of language learning.

    • Word count: 1931
  25. lost hearts

    When Stephan enters the house the first thing Mr.Abney asks him is "how old are you?" he repeats himself twice to make sure. This tells us that Mr.Abney needs to know Stephan's age or a reason. Mr.Abney makes sure that Stephan is twelve by saying "sure it's twelve? Certain." This indicates to us that the author is trying to confuse the reader to show that Mr.Abney has bought Stephan for a reason. In the story there is little known about Mr.Abneys background and where he came from and what he did.

    • Word count: 4161

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